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2015  Characterization and Exhaust Emission Analysis of Biodiesel at Different Temperatures and Pressures: Laboratory Study

2015  Economic Analysis of Energy Upgrades Based on Tolerable Capital Cost

2015  Impacts of the Renewable Portfolio Standard on Regional Electricity Markets

2015  In-Stream Hydrokinetic Power: Review and Appraisal

2015  Optimal Planning and Learning in Uncertain Environments for the Management of Wind Farms

2015  Stochastic, Multiobjective, Mixed-Integer Optimization Model for Wastewater-Derived Energy

2014  Capture Zone Comparison for Photovoltaic Microgrid-Powered Pump and Treat Remediation

2014  Cuphea Oil as a Potential Biodiesel Feedstock to Improve Fuel Properties

2014  Developing Anti-Icing Airfield Runways Using Conductive Concrete with Renewable Energy

2014  Dissolution of Cotton Cellulose with Ionic Liquids 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride and 1-Allyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride to Prepare Reducing Sugar

2014  Effects of Soybean and Canola Oil-Based Biodiesel Blends on Spray, Combustion, and Emission Characteristics in a Diesel Engine

2014  Experimental Study of Steady Quasi-Cone-Jet Electrostatic Sprays of Biobutanol for Engine Applications

2014  Extensible Electricity System Model for High Penetration Rate Renewable Integration Impact Analysis

2014  Go Green, Get Healthy: An Agencywide Effort to Reduce Energy Use and Move the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention toward Sustainability

2014  Innovative Energy Storage for Off-Grid RES-Based Power Systems: Integration of Flywheels with Hydrogen Utilization in Fuel Cells

2014  Local Scour around a Model Hydrokinetic Turbine in an Erodible Channel

2014  News2Note

2014  On the Web (

2014  On the Web (

2014  Optimal Operating Strategies and Management for Smart Microgrid Systems

2014  Performance Evaluation of PV-Powered Pump and Treat Systems Using Typical Meteorological Year Three Data

2014  Role of a Hybrid Energy System Comprising a Small/Medium-Sized Nuclear Reactor and a Biomass Processing Plant in a Scenario with a High Deployment of Onshore Wind Farms

2014  Vapor Pressure and Octane Numbers of Ternary Gasoline-Ethanol-ETBE Blends

2013  Can a Carbon Tax Push the Australian Construction Sector toward Self-Regulation? Lessons Learned from European Union Experiences

2013  Converting Waste Disposal Sites to Renewable Energy Sites Using MSE Berms

2013  Engineers and the Renewable Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities

2013  Examining the Feasibility of Hydropower Generation in Irrigation Canals: Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

2013  Expanding the Options

2013  Flow Due to Multiple Jets Downstream of a Barrage: Experiments, 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Depth-Averaged Modeling

2013  The Geotechnics of Converting Waste Sites to Renewable Energy Sites

2013  Installation Aspects of Smart Grid

2013  Integrated Regional Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Policies Identified through Interval Stochastic Semi-Infinite Programming

2013  Life-Cycle Costs and Emissions of Pareto-Optimal Residential Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems

2013  NASA Glenn Combustion Research for Aeronautical Propulsion

2013  NiSO4/SiO2 Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Free Fatty Acids in Brown Grease

2013  Optimization of the Hybrid Energy Harvest Systems Sizing for Net-Zero Site-Energy Houses

2013  An Overview of Large-Scale Small Hydropower in Yunnan Power Grid: Situations, Challenges, and Measures

2013  Performance Analysis of PEM Fuel Cell with Varying Oxidant Supply Rates

2013  Savings to Sustainability: Application of a Novel Approach to Delivering a Sustainable Built Environment

2013  Sustainable Integration of Water Supply Projects with Renewable Energy

2013  Using Conditional Probability to Predict Solar-Powered Pump-and-Treat Performance

2013  Wind Loads on Solar Collectors and PV Panels on Roofs

2012  Curbing it at the Source: Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project—Segments 4-11

2012  Developing a Transnational Biofuels Refueling Infrastructure: EU Biofuels Corridors

2012  ETT/CREZ Direct Embedded Pole Foundation Load Tests

2012  Experimental Study on Hydrogen Production by Spark Discharge Plasma Reforming of Dimethyl Ether

2012  Feasibility Study of Compressed Air Energy Storage Using Steel Pipe Piles

2012  Implementing Lean Construction Theory into Construction Processes’ Waste Management

2012  Long-Term Performance and Sustainable Operation of Energy Piles

2012  Low-Cost Bioenergy Options for Rural India

2012  Moisture Susceptibility of Subgrade Soils Stabilized by Lignin-Based Renewable Energy Coproduct

2012  New Storage Technology Could Aid Renewable Energy

2012  NewsBrief: Microorganisms May Produce Clean, Renewable Methane Fuel (Stanford University)

2012  NewsBriefs: Public and Private Agencies Design Tools to Promote Renewable Energy Projects (Businessweek)

2012  On the Extractable Power from a Tidal Channel

2012  Performance Risk Associated with Renewable Energy CDM Projects

2012  Photovoltaic Power Generation in China: Development Potential, Benefits of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

2012  Project Management Strategies to Maximize Performance in Exploratory Research: Case Study in Solar Thermal Energy Storage Technology Development

2012  Shake Table Testing of a Utility-Scale Wind Turbine

2012  Using a PV-Powered Pump to Remediate Contaminated Ground Water at a Dry Cleaning Site

2012  What a Transmission Line Design Engineer Needs to Know About HVDC

2011  Can We Rely on Renewable Energy Sources to Overcome Global Warming?

2011  Economic Viability of Water Pumping Systems Supplied by Wind Energy Conversion and Diesel Generator Systems in North Central Anatolia, Turkey

2011  Energy Foundations—Potential for Ireland

2011  The Geotechnical Challenges Facing the Offshore Wind Sector

2011  Geothermal Energy in a Central European Perspective—Challenges and Opportunities

2011  Life-Cycle Assessment of Urban Water Provision: Tool and Case Study in California

2011  Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Generation Systems and Their Performance Indicators

2011  Part Load Performance Characteristics of a Low-Heat Rejection Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel

2011  Preliminary Observations from Laboratory Scale Model Geothermal Pile Subjected to Thermal-Mechanical Loading

2011  Renewable Energy in Abu Dhabi: Opportunities and Challenges

2011  Role of Water-Energy Storage in PV-PSH Power Plant Development

2010  The Author Replies

2010  Bioenergy and Biofuel from Biowastes and Biomass

2010  Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources: Willingness to Pay for Geothermal Energy in Yozgat Province, Turkey

2010  Energy generated by wind, water, and the sun will power the Alpha Project, a mixed-use development planned for Doha, Qatar ...

2010  Field Test of a Geothermal System in Hafen City, Hamburg

2010  Greening the Structural Steel Process: A Case Study of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

2010  An innovative canopy structure referred to as an energy roof that would use both the sun and the wind to generate electric power has been designed by the Austrian architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au, of Vienna...

2010  NewsBriefs: Report Projects Growth in Global ’Green’ Market

2010  Overland Tidal Power Generation Using Modular Tidal Prism

2010  Structural Integrity Evaluation of Offshore Wind Turbines

2010  Supporting the Winds of Change

2010  Sustainable Water Supply Development with Use of Brackish Supplies and Carbon Neutral Energy

2010  Upgrades to Missouri Facility Will Cut Demand for Energy from Nonrenewable Sources

2010  Why Three Blades?

2009  California Energy Commission Approves San Francisco .Green Ordinance

2009  Distributed Power Generation at State Facilities: Economic Analysis of Savings and Carbon Credits

2009  Drive for Zero Net Carbon Impact

2009  Evaluation and Optimization of Public Transport Subsidies for Alternative Energy

2009  Feasibility Study for Implementing Renewable Energy to Power a Groundwater Pump in Rural Guatemala

2009  ICCTP 2009, Critical Issues In Transportation Systems Planning, Development, and Management

2009  Infrastructure Risk Management in Renewable Energy Projects Using Risk Flexibility Theory

2009  An Investigation of Real Option Theory to Evaluate Design, Procurement, and Construction of Renewable Energy Facilities

2009  Life-Cycle Analysis of Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Anaerobic Biodegradation of Municipal Solid Waste

2009  Microalgal Biomass for Greenhouse Gas Reductions: Potential for Replacement of Fossil Fuels and Animal Feeds

2009  A Mobile Emergency Drinking Water System Powered by Renewable Energy

2009  NewsBriefs: California Seeks to Obtain Its Energy from Renewable Sources

2009  NewsBriefs: Food Scraps a Renewable Source of Energy

2009  The Research of Control Strategy of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicles