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Found 75 Records with the keyword term of "Remote control"

2012  NewsBriefs: Caravan of Autonomous Vehicles Travels Public Road (Agence France-Presse and Volvo Car Corporation)

2002  Technology: Array Will Monitor Earthquakes from the Sea

2000  Advances in Flooded Tunnel Inspections by ROV

2000  Another Direction

2000  The Exploration of Mars: Crew Surface Activities

2000  Field Test Results of the Remotely Controlled Drilled Shaft Inspection System (DSIS)

2000  Mission Support Role of a Planetary Rover for Lunar Surface Analysis

2000  Performance Evaluation of the ”Pipe Man”: An Innovative Robotic Pipe-Laying Technology

2000  Position and Orientation Tracking System

2000  Teleoperated System for Visual Monitoring of Surgery

1999  NIST Research Toward Construction Site Integration and Automation

1998  Advanced Life Support Automated Remote Manipulator (ALSARM)

1998  All Purpose Remote Transport System (ARTS) for Active Range Clearance, Force Protection, and Remediation

1998  Construction Manipulators for Transmission Towers

1998  The Development of a Highly Maneuverable Underwater Vehicle

1998  Distributed Tele-Operation Using Gestures

1998  Evolution of a Satellite Service Facility in Earth Orbit

1998  Interactive User Interface for Programming Robots

1998  Long Delay Telecontrol of Lunar Mining Equipment

1998  Long Reach Manipulator Demonstrations for Tank Waste Retrieval

1998  MFD Robot Arm and Its Flight Experiment

1998  A Modular Robotic Vehicle Control System Using the DeviceNet® Controller Area Network

1998  Remote Area Disassembly Vehicle (RADV) System

1998  A Robotic Internet Workstation Design Paradigm

1998  Siting the Millennial Time Capsule and Presidential Library

1998  A Teleoperated Microhand for Operation in Small Insulation Chambers

1998  Teleoperated Pipe Manipulation

1998  The Use of Submersible Remotely Operated Vehicles for the Inspection of Water-Filled Pipelines and Tunnels

1997  Control Automation of NIPSCO Hydroelectric Plants

1997  Integrating Sensing Technologies for Underground Utility Assessment

1997  Proposed Remote-Control, Solar-Powered Concrete Production Experiment on the Moon

1997  Teleoperation for Construction Equipment

1996  Canal Control and Automation for the Central District System

1996  CISC-Computer Integrated Spatial Control for Autonomous Trenching and Pipe-Laying

1996  Considerations for Realistic Lunar Excavation

1996  Control of Construction Robots using Camera-Space Manipulation

1996  Demonstration of the Smart Crane Ammunition Transfer System

1996  Faster, Cheaper, Better: Teleoperated Space Robots

1996  The Gaudi-Marseille Experiment: An Example of a Multiservice Remote Payment System

1996  Lunar Base Scenario for Middle School with RC Rover

1996  Mobile Robots for Security

1996  Overview of International Space Station Extra Vehicular Robotics

1996  Overview of the ISS Large Manipulator Operations

1996  The Ranger Telerobotic Flight Experiment: Mission, Technologies, and Programmatics

1996  Remotely Controlled Salvage Machines

1996  Telerobotic Servicing with Virtual Reality Calibration and Semi-Automatic Intermittent Model Updates

1995  Experimental Verification of Hydraulic Robot for Remote Handling of HLNW

1995  Inspection of a Hydropower Tunnel Using Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) A 5-year Case Study

1995  Rh-Tru Transportation to the WIPP: Some Unresolved Issues

1995  Steady-State Analysis of Underwater Cables

1994  Automated Post Irradiation Handling of Spent Nuclear Fuel In PNC’s FMF-2 Facility Test Hot Cell

1994  Autonomous Navigation for Structured Exterior Environments

1994  Bubba, A Teleoperated Countermine Vehicle

1994  Computer-Assisted Coal Mining — An Overview

1994  Early Detection of Rock Movement with Time Domain Reflectometry

1994  The Engineer Vehicle Tele-operation Capability

1994  Goals and Requirements for Scientific Lunar Rovers

1994  A Mobile System for the Remote Assembly of Planetary Structures

1994  Onika: A Multilevel Human-Machine Interface for Real-Time Sensor-Based Systems

1994  An Overview of the Accident Response Mobile Manipulation System (ARMMS)

1994  Recent Developments in the Robotic All Terrain Lunar Exploration Rover (RATLER) Program

1994  The Role of Computer Graphics in Teleoperation

1994  A Surface Exploration Vehicle Testbed for Real-Time Control Exerimentation

1993  Conceptual Design of a Monitored Retrievable Storage Facility

1993  Installation and Routing of Critical Embedments at the Hanford Waste Vitrification Plant

1993  Performance of Remotely Controlled Fiberglass Pipe Jacking System

1993  Tolerance Requirements for Remote Handling at the Hanford Vitrification Project

1993  Unit 1 and 2 Rehabilitation at Crescent and Vischer Ferry

1992  Modular Robot Testbed

1992  Supervision and Automatic Control of Robotic Systems in Nuclear Environments

1992  Use of Manned Submersibles to Investigate Slumps in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico

1991  Cameras Monitor Caisson Excavations

1991  Distant Eyes

1988  Animation Tools for Extraterrestrial Construction

1970  Development of Automation on Salt River Project