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Found 57 Records with the keyword term of "Relaxation (mechanics)"

2015  Determination of Prestressing Force in Railway Concrete Sleepers Using Dynamic Relaxation Technique

2014  Relaxation of ASTM A325 Bolted Assemblies

2013  Cyclic Hardening-Relaxation Viscoplasticity Model for Asphalt Concrete Materials

2013  Experimental and Constitutive Modeling of Relaxation Behaviors of Three Clayey Soils

2013  Improved Estimation of Long-Term Relaxation Function from Compliance Function of Aging Concrete

2013  Mechanical Behavior of Water Deionizing Granular Material Bed for Space Life Support Systems

2013  Relaxation of Prestressing Steel at Varying Strain and Temperature: Viscoplastic Constitutive Relation

2013  Viscoplastic Constitutive Relation for Relaxation of Prestressing Steel at Varying Strain and Temperature

2012   K0 Compression and Stress Relaxation of Pumice Sand

2012  Alternative Function to Represent Relaxation Modulus of Viscoelastic Materials

2012  Analysis for Long-Term Response of Pipes Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Energy Dissipation in Nearly Saturated Poroviscoelastic Soil Columns during Quasi-Static Compressional Excitations

2012  Mechanism-Based Approach for the Deployment of a Tensegrity-Ring Module

2011  Axial Stress-Strain Response of HDPE from Whole Pipes and Coupons

2011  Comparative Study on Temperature Stresses in Asphalt Material Using Nonlinear Viscoelastic Approach

2011  Experimental Study on Stress Relaxation Characteristics under Shearing Condition for Nanning Unsaturated Expansive Soil

2011  Long-Term Behavior of Prestressed LVL Members. I: Experimental Tests

2011  Long-Term Behavior of Prestressed LVL Members. II: Analytical Approach

2011  Maxwell Model Analysis of Bitumen Rheological Data

2011  Micromechanics-Based Relaxation Property Analysis of Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt Concrete

2011  Temperature Aging, Compression Recovery, Creep, and Weathering of a Foam Silicone Sealant for Bridge Expansion Joints

2010  Effects of Particle Crushing in Stress Drop-Relaxation Experiments on Crushed Coral Sand

2009  UL Formulation for Corrosion Effect on Cable State

2008  Determination of Accurate Creep Compliance and Relaxation Modulus at a Single Temperature for Viscoelastic Solids

2003  Combining Dynamic Relaxation Method with Artificial Neural Networks to Enhance Simulation of Tensegrity Structures

2003  Formulation of L1 Norm Minimization in Gauss-Markov Models

2003  Long-Term Properties and Transfer Length of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

2001  Fitting Prony-Series Viscoelastic Models with Power-Law Presmoothing

2000  Relaxation in High-Strength Bolted Connections Using Galvanized Steel

1999  Interconversion between Relaxation Modulus and Creep Compliance for Viscoelastic Solids

1999  Mathematical Model for Relaxation in High-Strength Bolted Connections

1998  Application of a Relaxation Scheme to Wave-Propagation Simulation in Open-Channel Networks

1996  Age, Deformation, and Temperature Effects of Viscoelastic Materials Under Large Deformations

1996  Theory and Simulations of Relaxation and Cyclic Granular Flows

1995  Application of the Material Point Method to Localization Problems

1995  Experimental Study of Mechanical Behavior of Composite Cables for Prestress

1995  Tendon Relaxation in FRP Tendons

1994  Setup and Relaxation in Glacial Sand

1993  Time-Dependent Losses in Prestressed, Continuous Composite Beams

1993  Uniaxial Model for Concrete Under Variable Temperature and Stress

1990  Analysis of Cast-in-Place Concrete Segmental Cantilever Bridges

1990  Direct Analysis of Prestressed Concrete Members

1989  Viscoelastic Approach to Modeling Performance of Buried Pipes

1985  Real and Apparent Relaxation of Driven Piles

1984  On Creep and Relaxation of the Viscoelastic Materials

1982  Assessment of Relaxation Loss Estimates for Strands

1981  On Relaxation Spectra in Hard Polymers

1980  Settlement-Induced Forces in Concrete Bridges

1979  Thermodynamics of Solidifying or Melting Viscoelastic Material

1978  Large Deflection of Tapered Annular Plates by Dynamic Relaxation

1977  Time-Dependent Analysis of Composite Frames

1976  Time-Dependent Stresses in Continuous Precast Bridges

1975  Bounds and Convergence of Relaxation and Iteration Procedures

1975  Form Pressure and Relaxation in Formwork

1974  Nonlinear Bending of Elastic Plates of Variable Profile

1974  Thermoviscoelasticity of Aging Concrete

1972  Large Deflection of Elastic Plates under Patch Loading