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2015  Bond of Reinforcement in Concrete Incorporating Recycled Concrete Aggregates

2015  Comparison of Predictive Cost Models for Bridge Replacement Projects

2015  Leadership in Civil Engineering: Effects of Project Managers’ Leadership Styles on Project Performance

2014  Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Model for Determining Optimum Tender Price in Multifamily Housing Projects

2014  Comparative Analysis of Idaho and Micro-Deval Aggregate Degradation Test Methods

2014  Condition Prediction Models for Oil and Gas Pipelines Using Regression Analysis

2014  Displacement of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Estimating Mixed-Mode Urban Trail Traffic Using Negative Binomial Regression Models

2014  Improving Accuracy of Early Stage Cost Estimation by Revising Categorical Variables in a Case-Based Reasoning Model

2014  Predicting Seismic Retrofit Construction Cost for Buildings with Framed Structures Using Multilinear Regression Analysis

2014  Railroad Energy Efficiency in the United States: Analytical and Statistical Analysis

2013  Application and Validation of Regression Analysis in the Prediction of Discharge in Asymmetric Compound Channels

2013  Applying Regression Analysis to Predict and Classify Construction Cycle Time

2013  Combined Model-Free Data-Interpretation Methodologies for Damage Detection during Continuous Monitoring of Structures

2013  Cross-Section Designs for the Safety Performance of Buffer-Separated High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes

2013  Determining Viable Sizes for Indiana Communities Based on Essential Establishments and Services

2013  Effects of Visual Indicators on Landscape Preferences

2013  Modeling Probability of Blockage at Culvert Trash Screens Using Bayesian Approach

2013  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Buckling Capacity of Pretwisted Steel Bars

2013  Risk and Value in Privately Financed Health Care Projects

2012  Approach to Reduce the Limitations of Modal Identification in Damage Detection Using Limited Field Data for Nondestructive Structural Health Monitoring of a Cable-Stayed Concrete Bridge

2012  Daily Work Reports–Based Production Rate Estimation for Highway Projects

2012  Estimating Selected Parameters for the XAJ Model under Multicollinearity among Watershed Characteristics

2012  Frost Action Mechanisms of Clay Roofing Tiles: Case Study

2012  Intelligent Transportation Systems and NO2 Emissions: Predictive Modeling Approach Using Artificial Neural Networks

2012  Participation in the Community Rating System of NFIP: Empirical Analysis of North Carolina Counties

2012  Pavement Treatment Short-Term Effectiveness in IRI Change Using Long-Term Pavement Program Data

2012  Public Financing into Build-Operate-Transfer Hospital Projects in Italy

2012  Regression Analysis of 3D Initial Geostress Field for Deep and Super-long Highway Tunnel

2012  Revised Case-Based Reasoning Model Development Based on Multiple Regression Analysis for Railroad Bridge Construction

2012  Study on Regression Analysis and Simulation Feedback-Prediction Methods of Super High Arch Dam during Construction and First Impounding Process

2012  Treatment of P-Δ Effects in Displacement-Based Seismic Design for SDOF Systems

2011  Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Permeability Data Using Representative Pore Size

2011  Comparative Study of Activity-Based Construction Labor Productivity in the United States and China

2011  Effect of Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene on the Properties of Asphalt and Stone-Matrix-Asphalt Mixture

2011  Empirical Analysis of Construction Enterprise Information Systems: Assessing System Integration, Critical Factors, and Benefits

2011  Evaluating Water Demands under Climate Change and Transitions in the Urban Environment

2011  Evaluation of Load Distribution Factor by Series Solution for Orthotropic Bridge Decks

2011  Gene-Expression Programming for Sediment Transport in Sewer Pipe Systems

2011  Info-Gap Approach to Regression

2011  Modeling the Residual Market Value of Construction Equipment under Changed Economic Conditions

2011  Multiple Linear Regression-Based Approach to the Analysis of Multi-Anticipative Car-Following Behavior

2011  Nonexistence of Rigorous Tests for Multiple Outlier Detection in Least-Squares Adjustment

2011  Parametric Model for Conceptual Cost Estimation of Concrete Bridge Foundations

2011  Prediction of Short-Term Operational Water Levels Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

2011  Urban Spatial Decision Support System for Municipal Solid Waste Management of Nagpur Urban Area Using High-Resolution Satellite Data and Geographic Information System

2010  Average Treatment Effect for Modeling Maintenance Work

2010  Comparison of Multivariate Regression and Artificial Neural Networks for Peak Urban Water-Demand Forecasting: Evaluation of Different ANN Learning Algorithms

2010  Constitutive Models for Tuff Masonry under Uniaxial Compression

2010  Evaluating Watershed Experiments through Recursive Residual Analysis

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Axial Capacity of Inelastically Pretwisted Steel Bars

2010  Interactive Process of Microsimulation and Logistic Regression for Short-Term Work Zone Traffic Diversion

2010  Modeling Pavement Fragility

2010  Modeling Strength of High-Performance Concrete Using an Improved Grammatical Evolution Combined with Macrogenetic Algorithm

2010  Modeling the Temperature Dependence of Adsorption Equilibriums of VOC(s) onto Activated Carbons

2010  Regional Regression Analysis for Small Watersheds in Southwestern Utah

2010  Relationship between Access Management and Other Physical Roadway Characteristics and Safety

2010  Sensitivity of Model Parameter on Dynamic Behavior Simulation of HPC

2010  Shear-Wave Velocity Correlations for Puyallup River Alluvium

2010  Shield Tunneling Rate Prediction Model for Complex Rock Stratum

2010  Statistical Analysis on the Cost and Duration of Public Building Projects

2009  Asphalt Parking Lot Runoff Nutrient Characterization for Eight Sites in North Carolina, USA

2009  Current Forecast for Tunnel-Element Immersion in the Bosphorus Strait, Turkey

2009  Efficient Use of Regional Transport Infrastructure, Communication Networks, and Human Capital

2009  Factors That Influence a Jurisdiction’s Probability of Charging Impact Fees

2009  Highway Construction Data Collection and Treatment in Preparation for Statistical Regression Analysis

2009  Influential Factors of China Railway Financing Structure Analysis

2009  Measuring Safety Climate of a Construction Company

2009  New Approach for Stage–Discharge Relationship: Gene-Expression Programming

2009  New Method for Outlier Diagnostics in Linear Regression

2009  Optimal Strategy Modeling for Price-Time Biparameter Construction Bidding

2009  Predicting Suspended Sediment Loads and Missing Data for Gediz River, Turkey

2009  Preparation of Incongruous Economic Datasets for Regression Analysis

2009  Regional Regression Analysis and the Rational Method

2009  Relationship between Changes in Material Technology and Construction Productivity

2009  The Research of Company Freight Traffic Generation Prediction Models in High-Tech Park

2009  Sampling Issues in Urban Runoff Monitoring Programs: Composite versus Grab

2009  Sensitivity Analysis for Hydraulic Models

2009  Swelling Characteristic of Bentonite on Pelletization and Properties of Fly Ash Aggregates

2009  Time Prediction for Highway Pavement Projects Using Regression Analysis

2009  Toe Scour of Seawall on a Steep Seabed by Breaking Waves

2009  Why Contracts: Evidence

2008  Analysis of Level of Service at Airport Departure Lounges: User Perception Approach

2008  Application of ANN-Based Response Surface Method to Prediction of Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels

2008  Design Safer Alignment at Tunnel Entrance and Exit Zone

2008  Development of an Empirical Lag Time Equation

2008  Estimating the Willingness to Pay for a Flood Control Project in Brazil Using the Contingent Valuation Method

2008  Genetic Programming Approach for Prediction of Local Scour Downstream of Hydraulic Structures

2008  Impact of Transportation and Other Jurisdictional-Level Infrastructure and Services on Housing Prices

2008  Influences of Longitudinal Gradient on Traffic Accident Rate Considering Length of Downgrade

2008  Modeling and Analysis of Concrete Slump Using Artificial Neural Networks

2008  Multiple Regression Analysis on the Safety of Transportation and Social Economic Development

2008  Nitrification Modeling in Pilot-Scale Chloraminated Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2008  Parametric Range Estimating of Building Costs Using Regression Models and Bootstrap

2008  Peak Daily Water Demand Forecast Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks

2008  pH and Acid Anion Time Trends in Different Elevation Ranges in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

2008  Pressure-Flow Scour: A Reexamination of the HEC-18 Equation

2008  Seepage Velocity and Piping Resistance of Coir Fiber Mixed Soils

2008  Spatial Distribution of the Average Air Temperatures in Italy: Quantitative Analysis

2008  Surface- and Air-Temperature Studies in Relation to Land Use/Land Cover of Nagpur Urban Area Using Landsat 5 TM Data