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2015  Cluster Analysis of Interregional Migration in Turkey

2015  Convergence of China’s Urbanization

2015  Do Megaregions Produce Greater Regional Convergence or Divergence? Implications for Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Investment

2014  Experiment in Megaregional Road Pricing Using Advanced Commuter Behavior Analysis

2013  Analysis on the Influence of Logistics Park Development to Regional Economic

2013  Dynamics of Transport Systems and Regional Balance: A Package of Policy Strategies for the Eastern Asian Region

2013  Evaluation of Regional Transportation Industry Competitiveness in China

2013  Sustainable Development Planning of Protected Areas near Cities: Case Study in China

2013  Urban Transformation and Institutional Policies: Case Study of Mega-Region Development in China’s Pearl River Delta

2012  Accessibility Distribution Impact of Intercity Rail Transit Development on Pearl River Delta Region in China

2012  The Application of Grey GM(1,1) Model in Forecast of Regional Logistics Scale

2012  Coordination between Comprehensive Transportation and Social Development at the Regional Level in China

2012  Evaluation Index System Design of Comprehensive Transportation Using Balanced Scorecard

2012  Regional O-D Survey Method by Vehicle License Plate Recognition Technology

2012  Research of Parking Demand Forecast Model Based on Regional Development

2012  Survival Strategies of Regional Airports: Enhancing Non-Aeronautical Activities

2011  Analysis of China’s Regional Aviation Development and Strategies

2011  Bayesian WLS/GLS Regression for Regional Skewness Analysis for Regions with Large Cross-Correlations among Flood Flows

2011  Comprehensive Benefit Evaluation of Regional Express Railway

2011  The Evaluation of Port Investment Effect on Regional Economic Development Using DEA Method

2011  The Impact of Yichang-Wanzhou Railway on Regional Development

2011  Impacts of Future Climate Conditions and Forecasted Population Growth on Water Supply Systems in the Puget Sound Region

2011  Modality of Competition-Cooperation among Freight Transportation Modes

2011  Rationality Evaluation on Regional Integrated Transport Network

2011  The Regional Economic Benefit of Sichuan Province from the High-Speed Railway

2011  Region-Specific Estimates of the Determinants of Residential Investment

2011  Socioeconomic Impact of the Roads: Case Study of the "Eix Transversal" in Catalonia, Spain

2011  Travel Speeds for Intercity and Intracity Rails under Regional Transportation Integration

2010  Analysis on the Butt Joint of Receive Industrial Transfer in the Midwest of China

2010  Appraisal of Regional Logistics Development in China

2010  An Approach to Estimating Hydropower Impacts of Climate Change from a Regional Perspective

2010  Challenges and Opportunities in Modelling a Regional Water System with Interchangeable Sources

2010  Does a Technology Incubator Work in the Regional Economy? Evidence from South Korea

2010  Effect Analysis of Regional Logistics Industry to Regional Economy Growth

2010  Evaluation about Regional Logistics Efficiency—A Case Study of 31 Regions in Eastern China

2010  Evaluation Index System of Regional Ecological Supply Chain’s Impact on the Environment

2010  Evaluation of Resource-Saving and Environment-Friendly Agriculture Development Status Based on Hybrid Clustering

2010  Evolution Process Analysis of Synergetic Development of Regional Logistics Supply and Demand Coupling System

2010  Forecasting Model of Regional Logistics Volume Based on GSA-SVR

2010  Infra-Marginal Analysis of Logistics Economy in Urban Agglomeration Economies

2010  A Model of Regional Logistics System with Multi-Level Hub-and-Spoke Network Based on Regional Economy

2010  Multi-Agent Based Regional Logistics Transport Mode Subsidiary Decision System under Comprehensive Transportation Environment

2010  Optimal Planning of Regional Water Distribution Systems: A Case Study

2010  The Relationship between Regional Logistics and Economic Growth Based on Panel Data

2010  Research on Regional Logistics Competitiveness Stage Recognition Based on Life Cycle

2010  Research on Regional Logistics Input-Output Co-Integration Relationship and Cause and Effect Interaction Mechanism

2010  Research on the Regional Logistics Development in Henan Province

2010  Research the Key Logistics Capability on Embedding Regional Trade Service Profit Chain

2010  Simulation of Urban Regional Traffic Organization Based on GIS

2010  Study of Coordination Development between Logistics Industry and Regional Economy Based on DEAHP Model

2010  A Study on the Determinants of Regional Growth Differences in China’s Circulation Industry—Empirical Analysis Based on Stochastic Frontier Model

2010  Symbiotic Effect of Regional Logistics and Industry Clusters

2009  Analysis on the Development Planning of Regional Logistics — As an Example to the Logistics of Huizhou

2009  Analyzing the Effects of the Growth of Maritime Industries on the Regional Economy with Dynamic Inverse Matrix

2009  Asymptotic Variance of Regional Growth Curve for Generalized Logistic Distribution

2009  The Cluster Analysis and Evaluation of the Regional Logistics Industry Competitiveness

2009  The Coordinated Development of Port and City Based on DEA Model

2009  Economic Industry Zone Model of Expressway Based on the Electromagnetic Theory

2009  High-Speed Railways’ Influence on Regional Economic Development

2009  Interactive Development of Port Industry and Regional Economy Based on Green Idea

2009  Optimization of Regional Traffic Structure from the Perspective of Sustainable Development

2009  Research on the Differences in Regional Economy and Transportation among the Three Regions in China

2009  The Role of Logistics Industry to Regional Economic Development

2009  Strategy for Protecting Aqueducts in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

2009  Transport Strategy for Sustainable Development of Jiao Dong Economic Region

2008  Detailed Distribution System Modeling for a Regional Water Master Plan

2008  An Implementation Framework for Integrating Regional Planning Model with Microscopic Traffic Simulation

2008  Integrated Impacts of Regional Development, Land Use Strategies, and Transportation Planning on Future Air Pollution Emissions

2008  Linking Transportation Planning to Program Implementation

2008  Retracted: Alam, Bhuiyan M. (2008). "Trans.Boundary Water Sharing of the Ganges River: A Regional Planning Approach." World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008: Ahupua’a., doi: 10.1061/40976(316)261.

2008  Study into Coordination Development of Regional Logistics System

2008  A Study of the Evaluation Method of Regional Logistics Performance Based on DEA

2008  Visioning versus Modeling: Analyzing the Land-Use-Transportation Futures of Urban Regions

2008  Water Distribution System Design and Environmental Impact: Balancing Local Interests with Broader Regional Concerns

2007  Application of Principle of Regional Coordination in Economy and Social Development Plan

2007  Consideration of Climate Variability and Change in Agricultural Water Resources Planning

2007  Decision Optimization of Pavement Maintenance Management for Regional Expressway Network

2007  Method for Comparative Performance Assessment and Evaluation of Consolidating Community Water Systems as a Regional Water System

2007  Optimization and Assessment of Agricultural Water-Sharing Scenarios under Multiple Socioeconomic Objectives

2007  Study on the Application of Dissipative Structure and Entropy Change Theory in Regional Transportation System

2006  Development of Depth-Duration-Frequency Relationships Using Homogeneous Region Concept

2006  Modeling Regional Faults for Land Subsidence Prediction

2005  Assessment on Water Safety Degree of China’s Regional Development

2005  Development of a Multi-Resolution Large-Scale Vehicular Traffic Simulation and Assignment Model to Assess Impact of Port-of-Entry on Regional Infrastructure

2005  Multi-Purpose Regional BMPs: Coordinating Watershed Protection and Smart Growth

2005  Regional Stormwater Management Planning in Southern New Jersey

2005  Sustainable Transport Planning: Estimating the Ecological Footprint of Vehicle Travel in Future Years

2004  Chicago’s Regional Transportation Authority: Sustaining Transit in the 21st Century

2004  Develoment of an Areal Elderly Migration Model Considering Spatial Interaction

2004  Highways, People, and Places: Past, Present, and Future

2004  Integrated Utility Planning: Combining Greenways and Utility Corridors

2004  Near-Term Forecasting of Surface Water Supplies for a Regional Water Utility

2004  The Organization of Public Transport in Paris Metropolitan Area and the Ile de France Region

2004  Public and Private Built Investment in the New Economy: Exploring Regional Differences, 1990-2000

2004  The RATP - European Public Transport for the 21st Century

2004  Regional Performance of NOAA/CPC Seasonal Climate Temperature Forecasts

2004  Regional Transportation Authority and Metra Parking Management Guidance System Demonstration Project

2004  Research into Optimization Control of Regional Logistics System

2004  Sustainable Transportation Strategy for Mumbai (Bombay) Region Using an Integrated Mass Transit Systems Approach

2004  Texas Statewide Water Planning: The Regional Water Planning Concept