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2015  Discriminatory Power of Heterogeneity Statistics with Respect to Error of Precipitation Quantile Estimation

2014  Characteristics of Ephemeral Hydrographs in the Southwestern United States

2014  Impact of Climate Variability on Runoff in the North-Central United States

2014  Regression Models of Discharge and Mean Velocity Associated with Near-Median Streamflow Conditions in Texas: Utility of the U.S. Geological Survey Discharge Measurement Database

2013  Bilevel Optimization of Regional Water Resources Allocation Problem under Fuzzy Random Environment

2013  Generalized Additive Regression Models of Discharge and Mean Velocity Associated with Direct-Runoff Conditions in Texas: Utility of the U.S. Geological Survey Discharge Measurement Database

2013  Optimization-Based Regional Hurricane Mitigation Planning

2013  Understanding a Contractor’s Regional Variations in Safety Performance

2012  Application of Clustering Techniques Using Prioritized Variables in Regional Flood Frequency Analysis—Case Study of Mahanadi Basin

2011  Economic Losses from a Hypothetical Hurricane Event in the Houston-Galveston Area

2010  The Impact of Jiangxi Regional Industries on Local Logistics Demand Using Grey Relational Analysis

2010  Regional Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Meteorological Droughts

2009  Efficient Use of Regional Transport Infrastructure, Communication Networks, and Human Capital

2009  Regional Flood Estimations in Red River Using L-Moment-Based Index-Flood and Bulletin 17B Procedures

2008  Flood Frequency Analysis in the United States: Time to Update

2008  Impact of Anthropogenic Modifications of a River Basin on Neighboring Coasts: Case Study

2008  Integrated Frequency Analysis of Extreme Flood Peaks and Flood Volumes Using the Regionalized Quantiles of Rainfall Depths as Auxiliary Variables

2008  Visioning versus Modeling: Analyzing the Land-Use-Transportation Futures of Urban Regions

2007  Evolution of Flood Frequency Analysis with Bulletin 17

2007  Flood Regionalization: A Hybrid Geographic and Predictor-Variable Region-of-Influence Regression Method

2005  Inoperability Input-Output Model for Interdependent Infrastructure Sectors. II: Case Studies

2005  Regional Streamflow Estimation by Standard Regional Dependence Function Approach

2004  Linkages between Regional Trends in Monthly Maximum Flows and Selected Climatic Variables

2004  Trends in Precipitation, Streamflow, and Evapotranspiration in the Great Plains of the United States

2003  Cold Regions: Scientists Plan Surface Route to South Pole

2002  Hydrologic Regionalization of Watersheds. I: Methodology Development

2002  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation in Northeastern Colorado and Fort Collins Flood of 1997

2000  Optimization of Regional Water Distribution System with Blending Requirements

2000  Potential Benefits of Water Supply Regionalization: A Case Study the Seattle and Everett Water Systems

2000  Regional Drought Analysis Based on Neural Networks

1999  Adjusting Temperature Parameters to Reflect Well-Watered Conditions

1999  Indicators of Impacts of Global Climate Change on U.S. Water Resources

1999  Regional Analysis of Convective Storms in Arid Zone of Southern Hemisphere

1999  Regional Analysis of Rainfall-Depth-Duration Equation for South Italy

1999  Regional Flood Formulas for Seven Subzones of Zone 3 of India

1999  Regional Regression Models of Annual Streamflow for the United States

1999  Stochastic Optimal and Suboptimal Control of Irrigation Canals

1998  Airport and Airline Competition in a Multiple Airport Region: An Analysis Based on the Nested Logit Model

1998  Assessment of Scaling Behavior of Regional Floods

1998  Design Gust Wind Speeds in the United States

1998  Development of Model-Based Regional Nowcasting/Forecasting Systems

1998  Risk of Regional Drought Influenced by ENSO

1998  Spatial and Temporal Errors in Estimating Regional Evapotranspiration

1998  Stochastic Rainfall Synthesis Using Regionalized Model Parameters

1998  The Use of Indicators to Evaluate Impacts of Global Warming on Water Resources in the United States

1997  Optimal Operation of Regional System with Diverse Water Quality Sources

1997  Regional Comparison of Indonesian Construction Productivity

1997  Regional Frequency Analysis of Wabash River Flood Data by L-Moments

1997  Regional Versus Site Specific Spatial Hazard Analysis

1997  Regionalization of Catchments for Regional Flood Frequency Analysis

1997  Spatial Ground-Motion Amplification Analysis

1997  Study of Potential Flash Floods by Kriging Method

1997  Use of Partial Duration Series for Single-Station and Regional Analysis of Floods

1996  Rainfall Depth—Duration Relationship for South Italy

1996  Salary Growth Slows for Civils; Location a Major Factor, Says New ASCE Survey

1996  Water Use “Recession” in San Diego Region

1995  Analysis of Trends Underlying Urban/Regional Impacts of Traffic Growth

1995  Boston’s Regional Water Supply in 2020

1995  Generalized Network Algorithm for Water-Supply-System Optimization

1995  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation in Louisiana

1995  A Regional Model of Potential Evaporation for the Northeast United States

1995  Seismic Reliability Assessment of Water Systems

1994  Breakout Session 5C: Regional Modeling

1994  An Interactive Regional Regression Approach to Estimating Flood Quantiles

1994  Modeling Regional Flow and Flow to Drains

1994  A Regional Model of Daily Streamflow for the Northeast United States

1994  Report Recommends ‘Tailored’ Infrastructure

1993  GIS for Regional Seismic Hazard and Risk Analyses

1993  Hydrologic Regionalization Using a Homogeneity Test

1993  Mean Areal Precipitation Estimation Using Radar

1993  Movement of Ground Water in Converging Aquifer

1993  Overcoming Permitting and Licensing Inconsistencies While Developing and Operating Projects in Different Western States

1993  Probabilistic Calculation of Design Floods—SPEED

1993  Probable Maximum Precipitation Study for Michigan and Wisconsin: Procedures and Results

1993  Regional Irrigation Water Demand

1993  Regionalized Partial-Duration Balanced-Hydrograph Model

1993  Regularities of the Abrasive Coast Development of the Ukrainian Black Sea

1993  Sea-Level Rise in Senegal: Impacts and Responses

1993  Seismic Hazard Analysis for Dams in the Southeastern United States

1993  Sensitivity Analysis of Design and Operational Characteristics of Reservoirs

1993  Susceptibility of Reservoirs to Drought Using Palmer Index

1993  Vulnerability of West Africa to Accelerated Sea-Level Rise

1992  Comprehensive Regional Socioeconomic Simulation System

1992  Global Change and Regional Water Resources

1992  Integrated Software for Transportation Emissions Analysis

1992  A Markov Chain Approach for Analyzing Palmer Drought Index

1992  Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Formula for India

1992  Regional Evaluation of Transportation Lifelines in New York State with the Aid of GIS Technology

1992  Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Using Maps

1992  Regional Frequency Analysis Using L-Moments

1992  A Software Utility for Regional Evacuation (SURE)

1992  Station Selection for Pooling Flood Data in a Densely Gauged Region of the UK

1991  Erosion and Accretion Along the Arctic Coast of Alaska: The Influence of Ice and Climate

1991  Large-Scale Coastal Evolution of Louisiana’s Barrier Islands

1991  Regional Sediment Transport in the Coastal Boundary Layer of the Central Alaskan Beaufort Sea

1991  Sea-Cliff Erosion Along the Oregon Coast

1991  Thoughts on Large Scale Coastal Behavior

1990  Capacity Expansion for Regional Wastewater Systems

1990  The Development of Small Area Socioeconomic Data to be Utilized for Impact Analysis: Rural Southern Nevada

1990  Largest and Characteristic Earthquakes in the U.S. East of the Rocky Mountains