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2015  Before Wallenda Walked Tightropes, Engineers Studied Chicago Skyscrapers

2015  Importance of Free-Flowing Rivers for Recreation: Case Study of the River Mur in Styria, Austria

2015  Nonlinear Reservoir Optimization Model with Stochastic Inflows: Case Study of Lake Tenkiller

2014  Designing a Roman Fort for Historical Recreation and Reenactment Purposes

2014  Designing TV’s UTOPIA Meant Coping With Real-World Rules

2014  Elevated ’Bridge Park’ Design Selected for Washington, D.C.

2014  Florida Park Provides Flood Control, Recreation, and Entertainment

2014  Green Machine

2014  ’Islands’ Project Will Bring Southeast Asian Habitats to U.K.’s Chester Zoo

2013  Crystal Lake Site Rehabilitation Project

2013  Design and Construction Of Alaskan Recreation Area Overcome Difficult Site

2013  Evolving Clark County Amusement and Transportation System (ATS) Code Requirements

2013  Mirage/Treasure Island Automated People Mover: Safe Operations for 19+ Years

2013  Vegas High Roller 3D Modeling and Integration

2013  Vegas High Roller: Giant Observation Wheel Design

2013  Vibrations in Neighborhood Buildings due to Rock Concerts in Stadiums

2013  Wind Comfort Studies for the Vegas High Roller Observation Wheel

2012  Bull Market

2012  Development Countermeasures for Waterfront Public Space in Tropical Cities in South Asia— A Case Study on Nanning City

2012  Forest Recreation Opportunity Spectrum in the Suburban Mountainous Region of Beijing

2012  The Indiana State Fair Collapse Incident: Anatomy of a Failure

2012  Investigation of a Chlorine Gas Release Caused by the Mixing of Incompatible Chemicals

2012  Multiuse Trails: Benefits and Concerns of Residents and Property Owners

2012  A new roadside stop and picnic area located on a sheltered bay near Haveysund, Norway, along a tourist road that borders the Arctic Ocean features a series of circular and semicircular concrete-framed spaces linked by a curving concrete ramp that descends approximately 5 m from the roadway to the beach.

2012  Playing Architecture: A Prototype of a Coloured Primary School in Sichuan, China

2012  Tactics Research on the System Planning of a Public Open Place in the Center of Hulan Based on Experience Perspective

2011  The Experience and Enlightenment on Traffic Organization of the 11th National Games Opening Ceremony

2011  Increased Recreation on Chicago Waterways Prompts Move toward Disinfection

2011  More to the Canals Story

2011  Touring Stages for Outdoor Concert Productions

2010  Design and Implementation of Network Marketing Platform for Sports Products Based on Web Service

2010  The Disney Story

2010  High Rolling Steel

2010  Istanbul Arts Facility Features Steel ’Box’ Inside a Preserved Shell

2009  Biphasic Decay Kinetics of Fecal Bacteria in Surface Water Not a Density Effect

2009  Evaluating Temporal Variability in Bacterial Indicator Samples for an Urban Watershed

2009  Management System of Modern Great Sport Events Transportation Based on GIS

2008  Application of Surface Geophysics for Providing a Detailed Geotechnical Assessment of a Large Resort Development Site in Anguilla, BWI

2008  Combining Real-Time Bacteria Models and Uncertainty Analysis for Establishing Health Advisories for Recreational Waters

2008  Irrigation Management Considerations When Using Reuse Water on Golfcourses in the Arid Southwest

2008  Nutrient Losses in Runoff from a New Golf Course

2008  Operational Analysis of Water Applications of a Sprinkler Irrigation System Installed in a Golf Course: Case Study

2008  Reducing Stormwater Bacteria Loads to North Carolina Ocean Recreational Areas Using a Dune Infiltration System

2008  Small Multiorder BOD Reactions in Oxygen Sag Models

2008  Use of CFD Modeling for Creating Recreational Opportunities at the Calgary Bow River Weir

2007  New York City Cruise Terminal Developments

2007  Strategic Implementation of Cruise Facility Improvements in Ketchikan, Alaska

2007  Structures: World’s Largest Observation Wheel Planned for Las Vegas

2006  Determining Free Flight Performance by Surveying Engineering Techniques

2006  Evaluation of Bacteria Impacts on Beaches in Milwaukee: The Bacteria Source, Transport, and Fate Study

2006  Value of Instream Recreation in the Sonoran Desert

2005  The California Coastal Trail Project: Plans for Completion of the CCT

2005  California Department of Fish and Game Marine Region GIS Developments – 2002

2005  California’s Beaches – Where the Tourists Are

2005  California’s Efforts to Protect the Health of Beach Visitors

2005  California’s New Marine Managed Areas System: The Role and Vision of the California Department of Parks and Recreation

2005  Characterization of Lead Dust Emissions at a Recreational Firing Ranges

2005  A Comparative Study of the Development of Coastal Resources in Jiangsu, China and California with Special Reference to Landscape Ecology and Tourism

2005  Developing Environmentally and Economically Sustainable, Regional Policies for Managing Fouling Growth on Boats

2005  Economic Burden from Illnesses Associated with Recreational Coastal Waters

2005  Geosynthetic Bunker Liners: A Proposed Design Methodology for Golf Course Improvement

2005  Rapid Calculation of Oxygen in Streams: Approximate Delta Method

2005  SWMM and SMADA Model Predictions VS. Field Data

2004  Regeneration of Harbor Areas For Sport and Pleasure Navigation

2004  Reuse Experience Indicates a Modification in Golf Course Practices

2004  Weekend Water Releases for Downstream Recreation

2003  Fountains, Golf Courses and Music: Design Projects in Water Resources Engineering Education

2003  Integrated Watershed Management in Chi-Tou Forest Ecological Area

2003  Millcreek Superfund Site Re-Use

2002  A Market Based Approach to Commercializing the International Space Station through the Creation of an ISS Development Corporation

2002  A Study on the Recreational Travel Considering Accommodation and Travel Costs in the Temporal Domain

2000  Environmental Advisor

2000  Valuing Beach Recreation Lost in Environmental Accidents

1999  On the Wild Side

1999  Putting Snow Research into Practice for Better Snowmobile Trails and Ski Slopes

1999  The Role of User Fees in Licensed Project Recreational Resource Development

1999  Subterranean System Supports Millennium Park

1998  California Underwater Parks and Reserves Planning and Management

1998  A Coastal Monitor/Forecast System

1998  The Economic Benefits of a Major Urban Beach: A Case Study of Broward County, Florida

1998  An Epidemiological Study of Possible Adverse Health Effects of Swimming in Santa Monica Bay

1998  Functional Considerations for Restoration: A User’s Guide for Streambank Stabilization

1998  Managing Cumulative Impacts to Public Access

1998  World Fisheries and California Fisheries Management

1997  Aesthetics in the Constructed Environment

1997  City of Palm Desert Golf Cart Transportation Program

1997  An Entertaining Alliance

1997  Ground Water Recharge at Green Valley Park, Payson, Arizona

1997  Integrating Flood Control and Recreation in Denver Area Projects

1997  Planning for Recreation at Wolford Mountain Reservoir

1997  Sony Entertainment Center Built Over Ballroom

1996  Picacho Reservoir Enhancement Study for Water Recharge, Reparian Enhancement, and Water-Based Recreation Purposes

1996  Upper Mississippi River System Environmental Management Program (EMP)

1995  Stability and Management of an Artificial Beach

1995  Whitewater Investigation of Existing and Proposed Flood Control Reservoirs

1994  “A Comparison of Characteristics and Economic Expenditures of Boat Show Patrons At Two Types of Boat Shows”

1994  Balancing Environmental Issues when Developing the Marina Project Scope

1994  A California First: Engineered

1994  Community Greenways are Linear Recreationways

1994  Current Trends in Waterpark Development