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2015  Comparative Study on the Key Issues of Postearthquake Recovery and Reconstruction Planning: Lessons from the United States, Japan, Iran, and China

2015  Modeling the Effect of Building Stakeholder Interactions on Value Perception of Sustainable Retrofits

2015  Reconstructing the Manhattan Bridge

2015  Segmentation and Recognition of Highway Assets Using Image-Based 3D Point Clouds and Semantic Texton Forests

2015  Three-Dimensional Thermography-Based Method for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Energy Efficiency Building Envelope Retrofits

2014  Automated Diagnostics and Visualization of Potential Energy Performance Problems in Existing Buildings Using Energy Performance Augmented Reality Models

2014  Developing Cost Estimation Models for Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Projects in Europe and Central Asia

2014  Time Series Separation and Reconstruction Technique to Estimate Daily Suspended Sediment Concentrations

2014  Tree Ring-Based Reconstruction of October to November Runoffs in the Jiaolai River since 1826

2013  Efficient Analysis and Optimization of Reconstruction Plans for Damaged Transportation Networks Following Disasters

2013  Reconstruction of Runway 16L-34R at Seattle - Tacoma International Airport

2013  Storm Surge to Demand Surge: Exploratory Study of Hurricanes, Labor Wages, and Material Prices

2013  A Transformational Approach to Explicit Stereo Camera Calibration for Improved Euclidean Accuracy of Infrastructure 3D Reconstruction

2012  550-Year Reconstruction of Streamflow Variability in Spring Valley, Nevada

2012  Bull Market

2012  Congress Street Bascule Bridge Reconstruction

2012  Effect of Reconstruction and Expansion of Tourist Highway Circumscribing Changbai Mountain on Landscape Pattern

2012  High-Capacity Pipe Piles for the Marquette Interchange Reconstruction

2012  Housing Design and Long-Term Recovery Processes in the Aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

2012  Nested Markov Decision Framework for Coordinating Pavement Improvement with Capacity Expansion

2012  Spatial and Temporal Downscaling of Atmospheric Components from GCMs for Historical Reconstruction and/or for Future Climate Change Study

2012  Subway Station Reopened in Time for September 11 Anniversary

2012  Systematic Plan for Re-Constructing the TVA Transmission System, April 27, 2011

2012  Urban Village Reconstruction in a Transformation Period: An Empirical Study on Residential Choice of the Migrant Worker

2011  Coastline Change from Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction to Future Scenarios: A Case Study from the Baltic

2011  The Development Tendency Analysis and Forecasting Method of Urban Freight Volume Based on the Industrial Reconstructing

2011  Graceful Gateway

2011  Hot Tapping and Plugging in New York City: A Method to Maintain Service and Protect the Marine Environment during Reconstruction of a Major Sewage Pumping Station and Treatment Plant

2011  Reasonable Gradation of Asphalt Mixture of Reconstructed Highway in Longnan Region of Gansu Province

2011  Seismic Investigation for the Temple of Antioch Reconstruction

2011  Study of Diversion Point Settings Based on Tolerance and Satisfaction in Freeway Reconstruction and Expansion Project

2011  A Study of Implementation of IP-S2 Mobile Mapping Technology for Highway Asset Condition Assessment

2011  Traffic Organization of Freeway Trumpet Interchange Reconstruction and Expansion with All Ramps Unimpeded

2010  Considering Attitudes in Strategic Negotiation over Brownfield Disputes

2010  Former Hong Kong Airport Site to Be Redeveloped

2010  Historical Reconstruction of Groundwater Contamination at Contaminated Sites and Uncertainty Analysis

2010  Optimizing Resource Utilization during the Recovery of Civil Infrastructure Systems

2010  Quality Assurance of Soil Nail Grout for Provo Canyon Reconstruction Project

2010  Reconstruction Method for Damage Detection in Beams Based on Natural Frequency and Antiresonant Frequency Measurements

2010  Reconstruction of Hydro-Climate Data for the Watershed Modeling over Foothills Region, California

2010  Reconstruction of the Temperature Distribution on the Vertical Direction of Tunnel in Fire Accidents

2010  Reconstruction Work on Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, New Zealand, Marine Oil and Gas Terminal Utilising an Innovative Cable Stayed Fender System

2010  The Research on the Failure Mode Classification Based on Reconstructed Phase Space and GMM

2010  Risk Analysis in Development of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Programs of Urban Water Infrastructures

2010  Upper Green River Basin (United States) Streamflow Reconstructions

2009  Enabling More Human-Oriented Exploration of Complex Building Information Models

2009  Historical Reconstruction of Hydroclimatic Data Based on the Control Runs of GCMs over Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia

2009  In Situ Dynamic Compaction Tests on Subgrade for Reconstruction of Old Road to Expressway

2009  A Methodology to Reconstruct Groundwater Contamination History with Limited Field Data

2009  A New Roller Model for Traffic Accident Reconstruction

2009  Optimizing Postdisaster Reconstruction Planning for Damaged Transportation Networks

2009  Planning Post-Disaster Reconstruction Efforts of Damaged Transportation Networks

2009  Reinforced Soil Slope (RSS) Failure and Reconstruction: US 70 Design-Build Project, Ruidoso to Riverside, New Mexico

2009  Research on the Mechanism for Preventing Reflective Cracks in Old Cement Concrete Pavement Reconstruction

2009  Road Construction Patterns Based on Rural Settlements Spatial Reconstruction of Mountainous Regions in Western Sichuan, China

2009  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York — Reconstructing Existing Buildings for New Station Entrances

2009  Virtual Reconstruction of Medieval Monastery Using Computer-Aided Design Model

2008  Building Reuse Assessment for Sustainable Urban Reconstruction

2008  Design and Testing of Prestressed Square Concrete Piles: A Case History

2008  Fiber Reinforced Mortar Mixtures for the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Existing Masonry Structures

2008  Geological and Microtremor Survey, Damage Distribution, and Reconstruction of Muzaffarabad and Surroundings after the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake

2008  Historical Reconstruction of PCE-Contaminated Drinking Water Using Probabilistic Analysis at U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

2008  Infrastructure: Detroit Reconstructs Interstate 75

2008  Pioneer Square Areaways

2008  Reconstruction of Historical Atmospheric Data for Mekong River Basin by a Hydroclimate Model

2008  System of Multiple ANNs for Online Planning of Numerous Building Improvements

2008  Weighted Scoring Model for Resource Allocation in Postconflict Reconstruction

2007  Chuanjiu Highway Reconstruction and Landscape Design

2007  Cozumel’s International Cruise Terminal: Hurricane Wilma Recovery and Reconstruction

2007  Lake Street Lessons

2007  Productivity Aspects of Urban Freeway Rehabilitation with Accelerated Construction

2007  Reconstruction of Maher Terminals, Elizabeth, New Jersey

2007  Reconstruction of Runway 10–28 and Taxiway "H" at Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport, Carolina, Puerto Rico

2007  Response of Historic Structure to Long-Term Environmental and Construction Vibration Effects

2007  State-of-Practice Technologies on Accelerated Urban Highway Rehabilitation: I-15 California Experience

2006  90 Feet — The Difference an Avenue Makes: Protection of Existing Historic Structures during Adjacent Construction

2006  Catastrophe-Induced Destruction and Reconstruction

2006  Characterizing Early-Age Properties of Lithium-Treated Concrete Mixtures

2006  Completing the Circle

2006  Design and Acceptance Testing during Reconstruction of Terminal Apron Taxi Lanes at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

2006  Eads Bridge Highway Deck Reconstruction

2006  Fast-Track Urban Freeway Rehabilitation with 55-H Weekend Closures: I-710 Long Beach Case Study

2006  Impact of Tunnel Reconstruction on Stream Water Quality in Great Smoky Mountains Natl. Park

2006  NewsBriefs: Engineers Restore Space Training Tool (CNN)

2006  PENNDOT’s Efforts to Improve Pavement Subgrade during Highway Reconstruction

2006  Problems of House Reconstruction in Severe Climatic Regions

2006  Reconstructing the Bernie King Pavilion

2006  Special Report: The Big Uneasy

2006  Synthesis of Sand Particles from 3D Shape Descriptors Using Tomographic Reconstruction Techniques

2005  The Causes of War

2005  Dispatches from Tsunami Teams in Thailand and Sri Lanka Underscore Catastrophic Damage and Loss of Critical Infrastructure

2005  Implementation of a Pile Load Test Program in the Design Phase: Marquette Interchange Project

2005  In the Field: Engineering Groups Donated $35,000 for Tsunami Recovery Efforts

2005  Integrated Design/Construction/Operations Analysis for Fast-Track Urban Freeway Reconstruction

2005  Less Opaque, Please

2005  Marina Post Storm Damage Assessment and Prioritization of Reconstruction and Repair Activities

2005  Minimizing Total Cost for Urban Freeway Reconstruction with Integrated Construction/Traffic Analysis

2005  A New Beginning

2005  On Computer Planning and Management of Reconstruction of Historical Buildings

2005  Planning Urban Highway Reconstruction with Traffic Demand Affected by Construction Schedule