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Found 65 Records with the keyword term of "Recirculation"

2013  Saltwater Intrusion and Recirculation of Seawater at a Coastal Boundary

2012  Abiotic and Biotic Compression of Municipal Solid Waste

2012  Characteristics of Recirculation Zone Structure behind an Impulsively Started Circular Cylinder

2011  Cooling Water Recirculation in the Ocean

2010  Large Eddy Simulation of Flow and Tracer Transport in Multichamber Ozone Contactors

2010  Understanding the Mixing Pattern in an Anaerobic Expanded Granular Sludge Bed Reactor: Effect of Liquid Recirculation

2008  Geotechnical Properties of Municipal Solid Waste Subjected to Leachate Recirculation

2008  The Influence of Leachate Recirculation and Air Flow on Aerobic Bioreactor Performance

2007  Layer Integrated Modeling of Three-Dimensional Recirculating Flows in Model Tidal Basins

2007  Leachate Recirculation in Bioreactor Landfills Using Geocomposite Drainage Material

2007  Nitrogen Removal in Recirculating Sand Filter Systems with Upflow Anaerobic Components

2005  Leachate Recirculation using Horizontal Trenches in Bioreactor Landfills

2005  Pollutant Trapping at a Coastal Headland

2004  Hydraulics of Rectangular Dropshafts

2001  Effect of Leachate Recirculation on Enhancement of Biological Degradation of Solid Waste: Case Study

2001  Solid Circulation Rate in Recirculating Fluidized Bed

2000  Hydraulic Performance of Fish Bypass-Pools for Irrigation Diversion Channels

2000  In Situ Technique Can Cut Remediation Costs in Half

2000  Performance Prediction of RCFB Incineration System

1998  Hydraulic Design of a Large-Scale Longshore Current Recirculation System

1998  Influence of Hydraulic Loading Rate on UASB Reactor Treating Phenolic Wastewater

1998  Investigation of Velocity Patterns Under a Bridge Deck in a Pressure Flow Condition

1998  Leachate, Bacteria to Eat Up Garbage in Landfill

1998  Plunge Pool Recirculation at Dam Toes

1998  Recirculating Flow Generated by Line-Source Bubble Plumes

1998  Strategies for Simulation, Design, and Management of Solid Wastes Disposal Sites as Landfill Bioreactors

1997  Characteristics of Headland Wakes in Shallow Flow

1997  Computation of Dye Concentration in Shallow Recirculating Flow

1997  Design Capacity of a Longshore Current Recirculation System for a Longshore Sediment Transport Laboratory Facility

1997  Enhancing Landfill Leachate Recirculation System Performance

1997  Oscillatory Shallow-Water Flow Around a Conical Headland

1997  Retention Time in Recirculating Flow

1997  Two-Dimensional Large Eddy Simulation for Shallow Recirculating Flow

1996  Computation of Shallow Recirculating Flow Dominated by Friction

1996  Drainage Recirculation Project for Water Quality

1996  Modeling Two-Dimensional Turbulent Offset Jets

1996  Recreational Impoundments Retrofit of Existing and Design of New Facilities

1995  Computation of Shallow Recirculating Flow

1995  Effect of Dead Zones on Natural Stream Transport

1995  The Impact of Full-Scale Leachate Recirculation on Leachate and Gas Characteristics

1995  In Situ Nitrification in Controlled Landfills

1995  An Integrated System for Leachate Reintroduction and Gas Venting

1995  Why Dry Landfills without Leachate Recirculation are Effective

1995  Why Wet Landfills with Leachate Recirculation are Effective

1994  In Situ Treatment of VOCs by Recirculation Technologies

1993  Anisotropic Effects on Flow from a Recirculation Well

1993  Storage Volume Sizing for Landfill Leachate-Recirculation Systems

1991  Dye-Concentration Distribution in Shallow Recirculating Flows

1991  Recirculation Piping Replacement Project at Dresden Unit 3

1990  Shore Attachment of Buoyant Effluent in Strong Crossflow

1990  Three-Dimensional Modelling of Recirculation Behind a Groyne

1989  Contact Stabilization Process Analysis and Formulation

1989  Experimental Investigation of Shallow Recirculating Flows

1989  The Turbulent Wake of a Recirculating Eddy in Shallow Waters

1987  Cooling Water Recirculation in the Ocean

1986  Evaluation of Landfill Leachate Recirculation

1986  Hydrodynamic Design of Large Cavitation Channel

1985  Circulation Structure in a Stratified Cavity Flow

1985  Finite Element Analysis of Recirculating Flows

1983  Mixing in a Stratified Recirculating Flow

1983  Side Discharges into Open Channels: Mathematical Model

1983  Simulation of Flow in Rectangular Clarifiers

1983  Two-Equation Turbulence Model for Flow in Trenches

1979  Heat Recirculation Induced by Thermal Diffusers

1966  Recirculating Farm Irrigation Systems