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2014  Measuring the Performance of Bus Rapid-Transit Corridors Based on Volume by Capacity Ratio

2014  Optimizing Headways for Mass Rapid Transit Services

2013  Adaptability and Pattern Study of Developing Bus Rapid Transit in Xining City

2013  Automated People Movers and Transit Systems 2013, Half a Century of Automated Transit—Past, Present, and Future

2013  Benefits of Productivity Growth in Rail Transit Construction: The Washington Metro Experience

2013  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Bunching Analysis with Massive GPS Data

2013  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): What Is It and Why Do We Need It for Dhaka?

2013  Conceptual Physical Design of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Dhaka

2013  Designing BRT for Future Rail Conversion: Issues, State of Practice, and Project Considerations

2013  Evaluation of Bus Rapid Transit Implementation in China: Current Performance and Progress

2013  Evolution of a New Generation of Automated Transit Systems: INNOVIA APM 300

2013  Innovative Transit Systems and Practices - Relevant Programs under the Federal Transit Administration

2013  A Modern Mobility Solution for Urban Transit with the Latest Generation of the INNOVIA System

2013  Network Planning Method of Bus Rapid Transit Based on TOD Mode

2013  Opportunities and Operational Difficulties of Introducing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Dhaka

2013  Performance Enhancement and Congestion Reduction at Busy Signalized at-Grade Intersection with Bus Rapid Transit Corridor and Mixed Traffic in India

2013  Personal Rapid Transit Live Applications Challenges

2013  Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) Computer Network Simulation and Analysis of Flow Capacity

2013  Personal Rapid Transit User Interface

2013  Personal Rapid Transit—Computer Simulation Results and General Design Principles

2013  Relationship of Walk Access Distance to Rapid Rail Transit Stations with Personal Characteristics and Station Context

2013  Study of Modal Shifts to Bus Rapid Transit in Chinese Cities

2013  Synchronization Optimization Model of BRT System Based on Max-Plus Algebra Petri Net

2013  Train Control Upgrade for the Morgantown Person Rapid Transit System at West Virginia University

2012  Analysis on Urban Transit Priority Development Level Based on AHP Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

2012  Comparison of BRT Systems in Four Chinese Cities: Beijing, Changzhou, Xiamen, and Jinan

2012  Computational Modeling of Fatigue Performance of an Integrated Crosstie System for Advanced Rapid Transit

2012  GAO Evaluates TIFIA Financing, Bus Rapid Transit Programs

2012  A GIS-Based Model for Land Use and Transit-Integrated Corridor Optimization

2012  Impact of Bus-Only Lane Location on the Development and Performance of the Logic Rule-Based Bus Rapid Transit Signal Priority

2012  Making Public Transport and Housing Match: Accomplishments and Failures of Curitba’s BRT

2012  Measuring Stop Connectivity within a Transit Network

2012  Optimization Method for Train Plan of Urban Rail Transit with Elastic Demands

2012  Passenger Flow Characteristics and Bus Rapid Transit: A Case Study of BRT in Xiamen, China

2012  Path Travel Time Calculation Method of Urban Rail Transit Path Based on Given Time

2012  Relationship between BRT Berthing Time and the Number of Passengers Getting on and off in Jinan City

2011  Analysis of Jinan BRT Speed Characteristics Based on Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

2011  Analytical Capacity Limits of Personal Rapid Transit Stations

2011  Bus Rapid Transit Optimization Network Based on Bi-Level Programming Model

2011  Bus Rapid Transit Scheduling Optimal Model Based on Genetic Algorithm

2011  Computer-Aided Design System of Operation Organization: Urban Rail Transit

2011  CTCS-2I: New Train Control System Suitable for Trains with Speeds up to 350 km/h

2011  Design Considerations for Capacity in PRT Networks

2011  Evaluation under 3E Principle for Urban Rapid Rail Transit Network Planning Based on Grey Incidence Analysis

2011  Flow Prediction Research of Urban Rail Transit Based on Support Vector Machine

2011  Forecasting URT Share Rate Based on MNL Model

2011  Formation of Train Operation Conflict on High-Speed Railways

2011  Horizontal Development Strategy for ITS in Urban Transit System

2011  Implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System in Colombia

2011  Integration of Transit Systems at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

2011  Interface between Vehicles and Stations for Bus Rapid Transit Systems

2011  Layout of BRT Station

2011  Layout Planning of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Network

2011  Mandalay Bay People Mover: Safe Operations for 10+ Years

2011  Newark Airport ATS Circulator System Studies

2011  Planning of Parking Space in Urban TOD District

2011  PRT Vehicle Architecture and Control in Masdar City

2011  PRT-Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of Track and Vehicle

2011  Simulation Analysis of a PRT System in a University Campus Setting

2011  A SUE Assignment Model with Elastic Transit Demand and Bottlenecks for Transit Networks

2011  Synergetic Analysis of Public Transit System and Urban Form

2011  A System Dynamic Model for Coordinated Planning of Bus Rapid Transit and Transit Oriented Development

2011  Urban Rail Transit AFC’s Tendency Referring Telecom BOSS System

2011  Urban Rail Transit Construction and Regional Economic Development in China

2011  Vertical Track Stiffness as a New Parameter Involved in Designing High-Speed Railway Infrastructure

2010  Comparative Analysis of Unconditional and Conditional Priority for Use at Isolated Signalized Intersections

2010  Construction and Management of Transit Stations along Chongqing Circle City Freeway

2010  Design and Implementation of the Platform Screen Doors System for BRT

2010  Evaluation and Recommendation to the Beijing BRT System

2010  Framework of Public Transport System Optimization Based on Mass Rapid Transit Network

2010  Impacts of a High-Speed Passenger Railway on a Regional Transport System

2010  Modular Design Simplifies Rail Station

2010  Multimodal Mass Transit Center to Connect California Bay Area Counties

2010  NewsBriefs: High-Speed Rail Alliance Formed In Western U.S.

2010  Personal Rapid Transit System Begins Test Runs At Heathrow Airport

2010  Real Option Analysis on Investment Decision-Making of Rail Transit Projects Aiming to Ease Congestion

2010  Scheme Choice for Introducing a Passenger Dedicated Line into a Railway Hub

2010  Study on Decision-Making for Operation Mode of Bus Rapid Transit

2009  Advanced Composite Carbody Systems

2009  Analysis about Business Investing and Financing Models of Urban Rail Transit

2009  Analysis on Mechanical Performances of High-Speed Railway Transition Curves

2009  An Analysis on Standardization Management of High-Speed Railway Construction

2009  Application of Preliminary Hazard Analysis in Rapid Transit Systems

2009  Characteristic Analysis of Urban Rail Transit Network Considering Demand and Operation: A Case on Shanghai

2009  Cost Analysis Models for Optimal Frequency of Bus Rapid Transit

2009  Defining the Right Roles for Automated Guideway Transit Systems

2009  Development of Mass Rapid Mode Choice Model Based on the Improved Data Envelopment Analysis Method

2009  Distribution Philosophy on Metropolitan Rail Passenger Terminus

2009  Empirical Research on Urban Rail Transit Operation Performance Based on FCE–AHP

2009  Extending PRT Capabilities

2009  Heathrow PRT Guideway, Lessons Learned

2009  How to Design a PRT Guideway

2009  Impacts of Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway on Urban System Development

2009  Introducing PRT to the Sustainable City

2009  Mass Rapid Transit Scheme Planning Based on Bi-Level Programming Model

2009  A Methodology for Modelling Emergency Evacuation Based on Transit System

2009  The Need for High Capacity PRT Standardization

2009  NewsBriefs: New High-Speed Rail Line in Italy

2009  Objectively Assessing Automatic vs. Manual Control for Transit Systems

2009  Open-Guideway Personal Rapid Transit Station Options