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2013  Numerical Modeling of the Influence of the Beach Profile on Wave Run-Up

2012  Numerical Analysis of the Dynamic Response of an Offshore Platform with a Pile-Soil Foundation System Subjected to Random Waves and Currents

2012  Theoretical Models for Wave Energy Dissipation Caused by Vegetation

2011  Analysis Model of the Dynamic Response of a Large Diameter Cylinder Breakwater (LDCB) under Random Waves

2011  Multihinged Articulated Offshore Tower under Vertical Ground Excitation

2010  Asymmetry in Directional Spreading Function of Random Waves due to Refraction

2008  Estimation of Cumulative Deformation Capacity of Buckling Restrained Braces

2008  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Seaside Perforated Semicircular Breakwaters due to Random Waves

2006  Efficacy of Hilbert and Wavelet Transforms for Time-Frequency Analysis

2006  Prediction of Long Forcing Waves for Harbor Agitation Studie

2005  Slamming Forces due to Random Waves on Horizontal Circular Members in Intertidal Zone

2004  Effect of Time Scale on PRP Random Flows in Pipe Network

2004  Modified Hunt’s Equation Incorporating Wave Setup

2004  On the Use of Directional Wave Criteria

2002  Extended Mild-Slope Equation for Random Waves

2002  Nonlinear Amplitude Dispersion Effects in Extreme Deep-Water Random Waves

2002  Spectral Wave Transformation Model with Wave Diffraction Effect

2002  Theory of Significant Wave Period Based on Spectral Integrals

2001  Boussinesq Wave Model Compared with Field Data

2001  Mach Reflection of Random Waves

2001  On the Predictability of Suspended Sediment Pulses under Non-Breaking Waves Using Groupiness’ Simple Parameters

2001  Regular, Bichromatic and Random Waves on Co-Linear Currents

2001  A Sediment Pickup Rate Formula Based on Energy Dissipation Rate by Random Breaking Waves

2001  Use of Phase-Resolving Wave Models in Bathymetry Deduction

2001  Wave Runup of Random Waves on a Small Circular Pier on Sloping Seabed

1999  Calculation of Velocity Field in 3-D Random Waves

1999  Dispersion of Wave Action

1999  Generation of Double Peak Directional Wave by Dual Mode Snake-Type Wave Maker

1999  On the Statistical Variability of Wave Height and Period Parameters

1999  Profile Development under Storm Conditions as a Function of the Beach Slope

1999  Random Wave Measurements in Front of Reflective Structures

1999  Random Wave Modelling Approach Included in a Beach Deformation Model

1999  Random Waves on a Vertically-Sheared Current

1999  Seasonal Shoreline Variations by Cross-Shore Transport in a One-Line Model under Random Waves

1999  Sediment Suspension by Random Breaking Waves Evaluated from the CERC Formula

1999  Statistical Distribution of Maximum Surface Displacement in Weakly Nonlinear Random Waves

1998  A 3-D Random Breaking Model for Directional Spectral Waves

1998  Advanced Volterra Models for Fluid-Structure Interactions

1998  Breaking Effects on Wave Statistics for Deep-Water Random Wave Train

1998  Discriminating Breaking in Deep Water Waves

1998  Nonlinear Loads and Responses of Ships and Offshore Platforms in Deterministic and Random Waves

1998  On Wave and Force Uncertainty for Steel Structures

1998  Oscillating Tidal Barriers and Random Waves

1998  Probability Distribution of 3-D Irregular Wave Directions

1998  Simultaneous Observations on Irregular Waves, Currents, Suspended Sediment Concentration and Beach Profile Changes in Large Wave Flume

1998  Spectral Model for Wave Transformation and Breaking Over Irregular Bathymetry

1998  Statistical Theory of Wave Crest Heights with New Concept

1997  Beach Evolution Under Random Waves

1997  Computation of the Near-Bottom Kinematics of Shoaling Waves

1997  Conditional Simulation of Laboratory Waves

1997  Development of Underwater Beach Profile by Monochromatic and Random Waves

1997  The Digital Simulation of Non-Linear Random Waves

1997  Edge Wave Excitation by Random Sea Waves

1997  The Effects of Currents on Estimations of Directional Wave Spectra

1997  Effects of Reflective Vertical Structures Permeability on Random Wave Kinematics

1997  Experimental Study of Breaking Waves over a Shoal

1997  Experimental Study on Sediment Transport in Surf and Swash Zones Using Large Wave Flume

1997  Influences of Spectral Shapes on the Statistical Properties of Simulated Random Waves

1997  Mechanism and Calculation of Sand Dune Erosion by Storms

1997  A Method for Estimating Directional Spectra in a Field of Incident and Reflected Waves

1997  A Method for Estimating Standardized Biomodal Directional Spectra

1997  A Parametric Model for Random Wave Deformation by Breaking on Arbitrary Beach Profiles

1997  Probability Distribution of the Maximum Wave Height Along a Sea Wall with Finite Width

1997  Second-Order Interaction Between Random Wave and Surbmerged Obstacle

1997  Spectral Modelling of Current Induced Wave-Blocking

1997  Structure of Frequency Domain Models for Random Wave Breaking

1997  Two-Dimensional Analysis of Wave Transformation by Rational-Approximation-Based, Time-Dependent Mild-Slope Equation for Random Waves

1997  Wave Actions on a Vertical Cylinder in Multi-Directional Random Waves

1997  Weakly Non-Gaussian Model of Wave Height Distribution for Nonlinear Random Waves

1996  Contributions to the Momentum Balance in the Surf Zone

1996  Evaluation of the UK Coastal Research Facility

1996  Experimental Study of the Flow Around a Breakwater

1996  Fatigue Analysis with Random Loads

1996  First Passage Time of Nonlinear Ship Rolling in Nonstationary Random Seas

1996  Model of Beach Profile Change Under Random Waves

1996  Parameterisation of Triad Interactions in Wave Energy Models

1996  Probabilistic Analysis of Complex Nonlinear Motions Under Combined Periodic and Random Excitations

1996  Reproducibility of Beach Profiles and Sand Ripples Generated by Huge Waves

1996  Response Statistics of Moored Floating Structures Subjected to General Nonlinear Random Wave Forces

1996  Simulating Nature Wind Waves in a Wave Flume

1996  Spatial and Temporal Fluctuations of Nearshore Currents Induced by Directional Random Waves

1996  Stochastic Response of Offshore Structures Excited by Drag Forces

1996  Wave Propagation in Shallow Waters: Modelling and Real Data

1996  Wave Run-Up: Recent IBW PAN Investigations

1996  Waves on a 1:100 Slope: Experiments and Numerical Models

1995  Aboveground Pipeline Response to Random Ground Motion

1995  Bottom Shear Stresses Under Random Waves with a Current Superimposed

1995  Collision of Cylinders in Random Seas

1995  Computation of Sea-Wave Direction of Propagation of Random Waves

1995  The Concept of Residence Time for the Description of Wave Run-Up, Wave Set-Up and Wave Run-Down

1995  Cross-Shore Profile Modelling Under Random Waves

1995  Effects from Directionality and Spectral Bandwidth on Non-Linear Spatial Modulations of Deep-Water Surface Gravity Wave Trains

1995  Effects of Free Surface Fluctuations on Total Wave Force on Cylinder

1995  Effects of Wave Intermittency/Nonlinearity on Forces and Responses

1995  False Waves in Wave Records and Numerical Simulations

1995  A Fully-Dispersive Nonlinear Wave Model and its Numerical Solutions

1995  Impacts on Calculated Force and Response Due to Random Wave Intermittency/Nonlinearity

1995  Improved Boundary Conditions to a Time-Dependent Mild-Slope Equation for Random Waves

1995  Laboratory Measurement of Oblique Irregular Wave Reflection on Rubble-Mound Breakwaters

1995  A Model for Cross Shore Sediment Transport