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2012  Curve Numbers for Nine Mountainous Eastern United States Watersheds: Seasonal Variation and Forest Cutting

2012  Observation and Analysis of Rainfall-Runoff Characteristics in a Coastal Granite Catchment in Southern China

2012  Runoff Curve Numbers for 10 Small Forested Watersheds in the Mountains of the Eastern United States

2009  Impacts of Urbanization and Climate Variability on Floods in Northeastern Illinois

2009  New Approach to Calibration of the AWBM for Use on Ungauged Catchments

2009  Sensitivity of Conceptual and Physically Based Hydrologic Models to Temporal and Spatial Rainfall Sampling

2005  Comparison of Kinematic-Wave and Nonlinear Reservoir Routing of Urban Watershed Runoff

2005  Evaluation of Neural Network Streamflow Forecasting on 47 Watersheds

2005  Flood Risk Under Current and Future Climate Scenarios in Auckland City (New Zealand)

2005  Hydraulic Properties of Cementitious Porous Pavement as a Filtration Interface for Rainfall-Runoff Treatment

2005  Influence of Loss Model on Design Discharge of Homogeneous Plane

2005  Perspective on the Synthesis of Unit Operations and Process (UOP) Concepts with Hydrologic Controls for Rainfall-Runoff

2004  Application of Fuzzy Multiobjective Function on Storm-Event Rainfall-Runoff Model Calibration

2004  First Flush Concepts for Suspended and Dissolved Solids in Small Impervious Watersheds

2004  NetSTORM - A Computer Program for Rainfall-Runoff Simulation and Precipitation Analysis

2004  Partitioning Analog for Metal Elements in Urban Rainfall-Runoff Overland Flow using the Soil Conservation Service Curve Number Concept

2004  Performance Evaluation of Physically Based Distributed Hydrologic Models and Lumped Hydrologic Models

2004  Real Time Rainfall-Runoff Modeling on Alluvial Fans, Floodplains, and Watersheds

2004  Selection of a Representative Long-Term Period for Continuous Model Simulation

2004  Simplified Use of Gamma-Distribution/Nash Model for Runoff Modeling

2003  Comparative Analysis of Event-Based Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Techniques—Deterministic, Statistical, and Artificial Neural Networks

2003  Physics-Based Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Modeling of Urbanized Watersheds Revisited with GSSHA

2003  Runoff Curve Number Method: Examination of the Initial Abstraction Ratio

2003  Stormwater Detention and Retention Abilities of Green Roofs

2002  Call for Awakenings in Storm Drainage Design

2001  Alternative Well Calibrated Rainfall-Runoff Model: Genetic Programming Scheme

2001  Derivation of Pareto Front with Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network

2001  The Effects of Uniform Versus Distributed Rainfall Input on Urban Drainage Modelling Results

2001  Flash Flood Forecasting with Coupled Precipitation Model in Mountainous Mediterranean Basin

2001  Improving Runoff Forecasting by Input Variable Selection in Genetic Programming

2001  The Influence of Model Parameters on Catchment Response

2001  Physics-Based Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Modeling of Urbanized Areas with CASC2D

2000  Accuracy of a Distributed Runoff Model Using Weather Radar

2000  Advanced Distributed Runoff Model Calibration and Accuracy

2000  Automatic Calibration and Uncertainty Assessment in Rainfall-Runoff Modelling

2000  Channel Infiltration in Solitario Canyon, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

2000  Comparison of ANNs and Empirical Approaches for Predicting Watershed Runoff

2000  Grid-Size Effects on Surface Runoff Modeling

2000  Integration of Internet-GIS with Real-Time Rainfall-Runoff Prediction

2000  Lumped Conceptual Hydrological Modelling in Combination with GIS for Integrated Watershed Management

2000  Model to Simulate Rainfall Excess Patterns on Randomly Heterogeneous Areas

2000  Progress Report: ASCE Task Committee on State of the Practice in Curve Number Hydrology

2000  Sediment Delivery Distributed (SEDD) Model

2000  Simple Nonlinear Rainfall-Runoff Model

2000  The Watershed Modeling System

2000  Watershed Modeling with State and Local Partners in Illinois

1999  Analysis and Control for Hydrosystems under Uncertainty

1999  Analytical Solution for Channel Routing with Uniform Lateral Inflow

1999  Basin Response Time: Potential Hydrologic Basin Handprint

1999  Determination of Optimal Loss Rate Parameters and Unit Hydrograph

1999  Effect of Input and Parameter Uncertainties in Rainfall-Runoff Simulations

1999  Flood Analysis and Mitigation for Petra Area in Jordan

1999  Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks

1999  Recursive System Identification for Real-Time Sewer Flow Forecasting

1999  Single-Storm Runoff Analysis Using Z-Transform

1999  Tank Model Using Kalman Filter

1998  Arid Region Water Harvest

1998  Calibration of a Semi-Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model Using Global Optimization Strategies

1998  Enhancement of the Virginia Storm Model for Nonpoint Source Pollution Simulation

1998  Evolution of Clark’s Unit Graph Method to Spatially Distributed Runoff

1998  Figuring 7-Day Runoff in Depressional Basins

1998  Hydrological Effects of Land-Use Change in a Zero-Order Catchment

1998  Investigation of DeLaine’s Method

1998  Lag Time Characteristics for Small Watersheds in the U. S.

1998  Operational Modeling System with Dynamic-Wave Routing

1998  Problems in Calibrating Conceptual Rainfall Runoff Models

1998  Stochastic Rainfall Synthesis Using Regionalized Model Parameters

1998  Storage-Outflow Modeling of a Headwater Wetland

1998  Theoretical Justification of SCS Method for Runoff Estimation

1998  Wet Weather Flow Designs for the Future

1997  An Alternative Method to Evaluate Design Storms

1997  Application of a Recurrent Neural Network to Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

1997  Application of Two Direct Runoff Prediction Methods in Puerto Rico

1997  Flash Flood Forecasting

1997  Geomorphology and Kinematic-Wave–Based Hydrograph Derivation

1997  Model to Design Level Terraces

1997  Object-Oriented Software for Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Models

1997  A Simple Extension to the ‘abc’ Watershed Model

1997  Stochastic Evaluation of Rainfall-Runoff Prediction Performance

1997  Unit Hydrograph Derivation for Ungauged Watersheds by Stream-Order Laws

1996  Automated Tools for Spatially Distributed Rainfall/Runoff Modeling

1996  Comparison of Multi-Layer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function Network as Tools for Flood Forecasting

1996  Developing Parameters for a Quasi-Distributed Runoff Model Using GIS

1996  Distributed Hydrologic Modeling of Humid Regions

1996  Field Verification of Dem-Derived Watershed Response

1996  Flood Forecasting Based on Radar Rainfall Measurements

1996  Flood Forecasting Model for an Alpine Drainage Basin - River Drau in Austria

1996  Hydrologic Modeling System

1996  Identifying Trends from Streamflow Records—A Case Study

1996  Performance of a Virtual Runoff Hydrograph System

1996  Rainfall-Runoff Modeling for Watershed Stormwater Management

1996  Runoff Computation Using Spatially Distributed Terrain Parameters

1996  Simulation of Catchment Response Using RC Network

1996  Streamflows Prediction Models for the Colombian Generation System Considering El Niño Effect

1996  Urbanization and Hydrologic Consequences in Simi Valley, California

1996  Water Balance of the Niger Basin

1995  Assigning Weights to Precipitation Stations

1995  Comparison of Distributive vs. Lumped Rainfall-Runoff Models on Goodwin Creek Watershed

1995  Detection of Effect of Urbanization on Storm Runoff

1995  Dimensionless Expression of Peak Flows from an Institutionalized Rainfall-Runoff Model