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2014  Case Study of Applying Multifractal Models for Rainfall IDF Analysis in China

2014  Extreme Rainfall Nonstationarity Investigation and Intensity-Frequency-Duration Relationship

2013  Modeling the Effects of Rainfall Intensity on Traffic Speed, Flow, and Density Relationships for Urban Roads

2013  Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Relationships for Andhra Pradesh, India: Changing Rainfall Patterns and Implications for Runoff and Groundwater Recharge

2013  Runoff Curve Numbers for Simulated Highway Slopes under Different Slope, Soil-Turf, and Rainfall Conditions

2013  Synthesis of Rainfall Characteristics for Predicting the Erosivity Pattern of Wakavali Region in Maharashtra, India

2012  Raindrop Size Distribution and Soil Erosion

2011  Laboratory Simulation of Urban Runoff and Estimation of Runoff Hydrographs with Experimental Curve Numbers Implemented in USEPA SWMM

2011  NRCS Overland Flow Travel Time Calculation

2011  Optimal Extension of Rain Gauge Monitoring Network for Rainfall Intensity and Erosivity Index Interpolation

2011  Rainfall and Water Resources of a Coastal Basin of Ghana

2011  Regional Flood Estimation in New South Wales Australia Using Generalized Least Squares Quantile Regression

2011  Testing and Sensitivity of a Simple Method for Predicting Urban Pollutant Loads

2010  Effects of Groundwater Table Position and Soil Properties on Stability of Slope during Rainfall

2010  Generalized Method for Storm-Water Pumping Station Design

2010  Short-Duration Rainfall Intensity Equations for Urban Drainage Design

2009  Application of Northeast Regional Climate Center Research Results for the Purpose of Evaluating and Updating Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Curves — Case Study: Rochester, New York

2009  Centrifuge Modeling of Slope Instability

2009  Estimations of Soil Conservation Service Curve Numbers for Concrete and Asphalt

2009  Rain Loads and Flow Attenuation on Roofs

2009  Storm Identification and Tracking Algorithm for Modeling of Rainfall Fields Using 1-h NEXRAD Rainfall Data in Texas

2008  Estimation of Average Rainfall Areal Reduction Factors in Texas Using NEXRAD Data

2008  Hourly Disaggregation of Daily Rainfall in Texas Using Measured Hourly Precipitation at Other Locations

2008  Laboratory-Scale Simulation of Runoff Response from Pervious-Impervious Systems

2005  Areal Reduction Factors for Two Eastern United States Regions with High Rain-Gauge Density

2005  Regional Rainfall Frequency Analysis for the State of Michigan

2005  Short Duration Rainfall Frequency Analysis in Michigan using Scale-Invariance Assumptions

2004  Generalized Rainfall-Duration-Frequency Relationships: Applicability in Different Climatic Regions of Argentina

2004  Statistics of Recent Updates to NOAA/NWS Rainfall Frequency Atlases

2003  Simple Estimation of Prevalence of Hortonian Flow in New York City Watersheds

2002  Accuracy of Siphoning Rain Gauges

2001  New Perspective on Rainfall Frequency Curves

2001  Rain Catch under Wind and Vegetal Cover Effects

2001  Usage of Radar Measured Rainfall Intensity Distributions in Urban Runoff Modelling

2000  Development of Regional Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Estimates for the State of Michigan

2000  Mapping Spatial Variation in Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Estimates Using a Geographical Information System

2000  Regional Analysis of Intensity-Duration-Frequency of Heavy Storms Over the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro

2000  A Study of the Properties of Scale Invariance as Applied to Intensity-Duration-Frequency Relationships of Heavy Storms

2000  Variation of Wind-Driven Rain Intensity with Building Orientation

1999  Redefining Rainfall Classification

1997  ’96 Extraordinary Flood in the Middle Reach of the Yangtze River

1997  Changes in Heavy Rainfall in Midwestern United States

1997  Characteristics of Soil Water Flow Processes

1997  Debris-Flow Initiation Experiments Using Diverse Hydrologic Triggers

1997  Glacial Debris-Flows Mitigation in Kazakstan: Assessment, Prediction and Control

1997  Identification of Coastal British Columbia Terrain Susceptible to Debris Flows

1997  Incorporation of Time-Intensity and Spatial Variability Into Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) Estimates

1997  Initiation of Debris Flows in Tributaries of the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, Arizona

1997  Precipitation Variability and Curve Numbers

1997  A Quantitative Risk Assessment and Risk Management Methodology for Natural Terrain in Hong Kong

1997  Relationship of Rainfall Induced Erosion to Shear Strength and Compressive Strength

1996  The Analysis of the Failure of the Minte Stream Culvert

1996  Flood Destruction and Abatement in China

1995  Estimating Soil Losses in a Colombian Watershed

1995  Flood Warning System Product Usage Patterns

1995  Flooding in Southeastern United States from Tropical Storm Alberto, July 1994

1995  Intermediate-Duration-Rainfall Intensity Equations

1995  The Kinetic Energy Field Under a Rainfall Simulator

1995  Long-Duration – Rainfall Intensity Equations

1995  Observations on the Rational Method C Value

1995  Rainfall Intensity Equations for Durations from One to 24 Hours

1994  Efficacy of ARC/INFO GIS Application to Hydrologic Modeling

1994  Hydraulic Properties of Surface Runoff on Ash-Mixed Concrete Pavement

1994  Joint Probability Distribution of Rainfall Intensity and Duration

1994  Nonlinear Regression Applied to Hydrologic Data

1993  Critical Rainfall Duration for Maximum Discharge from Overland Plane

1993  Real Time Forecast of Landfill Leachate Flow

1993  Short-Duration-Rainfall Intensity Equations for Drainage Design

1992  Design Discharge for Urban Stormwater Drainage

1992  A Frequency Surface for Rainfall Intensity and Duration

1992  Horton Infiltration Equation Revisited

1992  Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Formula for India

1991  Evaluation of Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves by Point Precipitation Models

1991  Integration of an ARC/INFO GIS with HEC-1

1991  Rainfall-Reaeration Effects

1991  Runoff Volume Frequency Estimation

1990  The Dallas Floodway—Past and Present Successes in Flood Protection Benefits

1990  Design Cloudburst and Flash Flood Methodology for the Western Mojave Desert, California

1990  Experimental and Numerical Study of Overland Flow Induced by Rainfall on the Loess Slope

1990  A Multi-Level Contour Method for Tracking and Forecasting Rain Fields of Severe Storms by Weather Radars

1990  Precipitation on Arid or Semi-Arid Regions of the Southwestern United States: Research Needs from a Consultant’s Perspective

1990  Rainfall-Reaeration Effects

1990  Temporal Characteristics of Aridland Rainfall Events

1989  Estimating Probabilities of Extreme Rainfalls

1989  Movement of Sediment Mixtures in a Parabolic Flume with Simulated Rainfall

1989  Two-Dimensional Inter-Rill Flow Model for the Analysis of Agricultural Runoff

1989  Urban Watershed Data for the United States

1988  Extreme Rainfall for Africa and Other Developing Areas

1988  Rainfall Intensities for Southeastern Arizona

1988  Rainfall Intensity-Duration Equations

1988  Upland Erosion Estimates Based on Rainfall Depth

1987  Design Rainfall for Pennsylvania

1987  Effect of Rainfall Intensity Distribution on Excess Precipitation

1987  Role of Surficial Aquifer in Barrier Island Streamflow Generation

1987  Uncertainty Analysis of National Weather Service Rainfall Frequency Atlas

1986  On Frequency Distribution of Raindrop Sizes

1986  Short-Duration Precipitation for Billings, Montana

1986  Time of Concentration of Overland Flow

1985  Overland Flow Hydrographs for SCS Type II Rainfall

1984  Estimating Urban Time of Concentration