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Found 67 Records with the keyword term of "Rainfall duration"

2014  Developing Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves for Alabama under Future Climate Scenarios Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Statistical Properties of Partial Duration Series: Case Study of North Island, New Zealand

2012  Improved SCS-CN-Inspired Model

2012  Improved Storm Duration and Antecedent Moisture Condition Coupled SCS-CN Concept-Based Model

2011  Entropy-Based Probability Distribution for IDF Curves

2011  Is Precipitation in Northern New England Becoming More Extreme? Statistical Analysis of Extreme Rainfall in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine and Updated Estimates of the 100-Year Storm

2011  Rainfall and Water Resources of a Coastal Basin of Ghana

2010  Generalized Method for Storm-Water Pumping Station Design

2010  Short-Duration Rainfall Intensity Equations for Urban Drainage Design

2009  Application of Northeast Regional Climate Center Research Results for the Purpose of Evaluating and Updating Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Curves — Case Study: Rochester, New York

2009  Rain Loads and Flow Attenuation on Roofs

2008  Experimental System for Real-Time Discharge Estimation Using an Image-Based Method

2007  Dimensionless Rainfall Patterns for South Carolina

2006  Enhanced Runoff Curve Number Model Incorporating Storm Duration and a Nonlinear Ia-S Relation

2006  Impact of New Rainfall Patterns on the Design of Hydraulic Structures

2006  Stochastic Point Rainfall Modeling for Correlated Rain Cell Intensity and Duration

2005  Frequency Characteristics of Long-Duration Rainfall Events

2005  Influence of Loss Model on Design Discharge of Homogeneous Plane

2005  Regional Rainfall Frequency Analysis for the State of Michigan

2005  Short Duration Rainfall Frequency Analysis in Michigan using Scale-Invariance Assumptions

2004  Generalized Rainfall-Duration-Frequency Relationships: Applicability in Different Climatic Regions of Argentina

2004  Statistics of Recent Updates to NOAA/NWS Rainfall Frequency Atlases

2003  Duration of Probable Maximum Precipitation on Lake Catchments: Alternative Analysis

2003  Sampling Adjustment Factors for Rainfall Recorded at Fixed Time Intervals

2001  Critical Rainfall Duration for Maximum Discharge from a Small Drainage Basin

2001  Critical Rainfall Duration for Maximum Discharge from a Small Drainage Basin

2001  Frequency Analysis of Short Duration Rainfall for Central and South Florida

2001  New Perspective on Rainfall Frequency Curves

2000  Development of Regional Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Estimates for the State of Michigan

2000  Mapping Spatial Variation in Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Estimates Using a Geographical Information System

2000  Rainfall Disaggregation Using Artificial Neural Networks

2000  Unit Hydrograph Theory: A 60-Year Unfulfilled Promise

1999  Assessment of Storm Duration for Hydrologic Design

1999  Redefining Rainfall Classification

1999  Regional Analysis of Rainfall-Depth-Duration Equation for South Italy

1997  Looking Back At The Great Flood of 1993

1997  Precipitation Variability and Curve Numbers

1997  Two Debris Flows with Anomalously High Magnitude

1996  Nonhomogeneous Markov Model for Daily Precipitation

1996  Rainfall Depth—Duration Relationship for South Italy

1995  Intermediate-Duration-Rainfall Intensity Equations

1995  Issues in the Estimation of IDF Curves

1995  Long-Duration – Rainfall Intensity Equations

1995  Mean Annual Flood Estimation

1995  Rainfall Intensity Equations for Durations from One to 24 Hours

1995  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation in Louisiana

1994  Nonlinear Regression Applied to Hydrologic Data

1993  Critical Rainfall Duration for Maximum Discharge from Overland Plane

1993  Extreme Rainfall Probabilities

1993  A Log-Triangular Design Hyetograph for Stormwater Management

1993  Probable Maximum Precipitation Study for Michigan and Wisconsin: Procedures and Results

1993  Rainfall Depth-Duration-Frequency Analysis for Major Cities in Taiwan

1993  Short-Duration-Rainfall Intensity Equations for Drainage Design

1992  A Frequency Surface for Rainfall Intensity and Duration

1992  Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Formula for India

1990  Design Storms and Sizing of Flood Control Facilities

1990  Short-Duration Rainfalls in Sicily

1990  Temporal Characteristics of Aridland Rainfall Events

1990  Towards a Rainfall Estimation Using Meteosat Over Africa

1989  Sensitivity of Non-Point Source Models to Net Rainfall

1988  Extreme Rainfall for Africa and Other Developing Areas

1988  Rainfall Intensities for Southeastern Arizona

1988  Rainfall Intensity-Duration Equations

1988  Upland Erosion Estimates Based on Rainfall Depth

1987  Uncertainty Analysis of National Weather Service Rainfall Frequency Atlas

1969  Generalized Rainfall - Duration - Frequency Relationships

1932  Formulas For Rainfall Intensities of Long Duration