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2015  Climate Change Impact on Combined Sewer Overflows

2015  Concepts of Information Content and Likelihood in Parameter Calibration for Hydrological Simulation Models

2015  Design Rainfall Framework Using Multivariate Parametric-Nonparametric Approach

2015  Estimating the Uncertainty of Hydrological Predictions through Data-Driven Resampling Techniques

2015  Feasibility of Remote Sensing for Multihazard Analysis of Landslides in Padang Pariaman during the 2009 Padang Earthquake

2015  Integrated Modeling Approach to the Response of Soil Erosion and Sediment Export to Land-Use Change at the Basin Scale

2015  Monitoring Agricultural Drought Using the Standardized Effective Precipitation Index

2015  One-Day-Ahead Streamflow Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks and a Meteorological Mesoscale Model

2015  Runoff Curve Numbers for Peat-Dominated Watersheds

2014  Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on the U.S. East Coast Hurricane Hazard: Wind and Rain

2014  Assessment of the Melt Rate Function in a Temperature Index Snow Model Using Observed Data

2014  Assessment of Uncertainty in the Spatial Distribution of Rainfall Using Geostochastic Simulation

2014  Berm Method for Quantification of Infiltration at the Plot Scale in High Conductivity Soils

2014  Bivariate Frequency Analysis of Annual Maximum Rainfall Event Series in Seoul, Korea

2014  Calibration of Rainfall-Runoff Model in Urban Watersheds for Stormwater Management Assessment

2014  Capability of Artificial Neural Network for Detecting Hysteresis Phenomenon Involved in Hydrological Processes

2014  Changepoint Detection in Hydrologic Series of the Mahanadi River Basin Using a Fuzzy Bayesian Approach

2014  Critical Examination of Area Reduction Factors

2014  Curve Number: Empirical Evaluation and Comparison with Curve Number Handbook Tables in Sicily

2014  Defining the Z-R Relationship Using Gauge Rainfall with Coarse Temporal Resolution: Implications for Flood Forecasting

2014  Effective Optimization Technique for a Nonlinear Rainfall-Runoff Model

2014  Effects of the Size of Particles on Rainfall-Induced Slope Instability in Granular Soils

2014  Efficient Tillage Practice for Maximum Infiltration, Rainwater Use Efficiency, and Profitability from Groundnuts under Semiarid Vertisols in Western India

2014  Evaluating Rain Barrel Storm Water Management Effectiveness across Climatography Zones of the United States

2014  Evaluation of the Areal Reduction Factor in an Urban Area through Rainfall Records of Limited Length: A Case Study

2014  Extreme Daily Rainfall Event Distribution Patterns in Kansas

2014  Impact of Ensemble Size on Forecasting Occurrence of Rainfall Using TIGGE Precipitation Forecasts

2014  Improved Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Artificial Neural Network for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

2014  Improvement of Rainfall-Runoff Simulations Using the Runoff-Scale Weighting Method

2014  In Situ Permeability Determination Device for Porous Pavement Systems

2014  Influence of a Rain Garden in Pennsylvania on the Water Table

2014  Influence of Antecedent Rainfall on Stability of Slopes

2014  Influence of Rain Gauge Density on Interpolation Method Selection

2014  Knowledge Extraction from Artificial Neural Networks for Rainfall-Runoff Model Combination Systems

2014  Method for Estimating Concentration Time and Storage Coefficient of the Clark Model Using Rainfall-Runoff Measurements

2014  Minimum Permeable Soil Area in a Sustainable Allotment

2014  Model for Designing Infiltration Basins in Tropical and Subtropical Climates with a Focus on Unpaved Roads

2014  Modeling Soil Crust Formation by Discrete Element Method

2014  Modified Green-Ampt Infiltration Model for Steady Rainfall

2014  Numerical Study of Slope Stabilization Using Recycled Plastic Pin

2014  Partitioning and First-Flush of Nitrogen in Rainfall-Runoff from an Urban Source Area

2014  Performance and Reliability of Probabilistic Scenarios of Interpolated Rainfall Based on Geostatistics

2014  Probabilistic Calibration of a Dynamic Model for Predicting Rainfall-Controlled Landslides

2014  Rainfall Infiltration in Chinese Loess by In Situ Observation

2014  Rainfall Uncertainty in Flood Forecasting: Belgian Case Study of Rivierbeek

2014  Release Time Component of a Hydrograph

2014  Response of Rainfall and Vegetation to ENSO Events during 2001-2011 in Upper Wardha Watershed, Maharashtra, India

2014  Risk Analysis of a Long-Distance Pipeline System in a Mountain Area Subjected to Multi-Hazards II: The Application

2014  Roof Runoff Capture for Home Garden Crop Cultivation in Sri Lanka

2014  Statistical Properties of Partial Duration Series and Its Implication on Regional Frequency Analysis

2014  SVM-Based Model for Short-Term Rainfall Forecasts at a Local Scale in the Mumbai Urban Area, India

2014  Threshold of Basin Discretization Levels for HSPF Simulations with NEXRAD Inputs

2014  Trend, Independence, Stationarity, and Homogeneity Tests on Maximum Rainfall Series of Standard Durations Recorded in Turkey

2014  Water Runoff Characteristics in Porous Block Pavements Using an Accelerated Pavement Tester

2014  Wavelet-Based Rainfall-Stream Flow Models for the Southeast Murray Darling Basin

2014  Weatherability of Stabilized Soil Masonry Materials

2014  What Should Be the 95th Percentile Rainfall Event Depths?

2014  Wind Uplift Capacity of Foam-Retrofitted Roof Sheathing Panels Subjected to Rainwater Intrusion

2013  Actual Crop Evapotranspiration and Alfalfa- and Grass-Reference Crop Coefficients of Maize under Full and Limited Irrigation and Rainfed Conditions

2013  Application of a Sampling Based on the Combined Objectives of Parameter Identification and Uncertainty Analysis of an Urban Rainfall-Runoff Model

2013  Benchmarking DARF, Design Storms, and Temporal Distribution Procedures for Hydrologic Design

2013  Bypassing Determination of Time of Concentration

2013  Calibration of the Parameters of a Rainfall-Runoff Model in Ungauged Basins Using Synthetic Flow Duration Curves as Estimated by Regional Analysis

2013  Case Study of Simulation of Heat Export by Rainfall Runoff from a Small Urban Watershed Using MINUHET

2013  A Cell-based Reliability Analysis Model for Predicting Regional Rainfall-induced Slope Failures

2013  Climate Change Impacts on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage: a State-of-the-Art Review

2013  Continuous Forecasting and Evaluation of Derived Z-R Relationships in a Sparse Rain Gauge Network Using NEXRAD

2013  A contribution for the assessment of sliding susceptibility in Sarno area, Southern Italy

2013  Coupled Processes During Rainfall: An Experimental Investigation on a Silty Sand

2013  Curve Numbers for Low-Compaction Steep-Sloped Reclaimed Mine Lands in the Southern Appalachians

2013  Distributed Hydrologic Forecast Reliability Using Next-Generation Radar

2013  Effect of Rainfall on Performance of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Wall Using Stress-Pore Pressure Coupled Analysis

2013  Effect of Rainfall on Stability of Unsaturated Earth Slopes Constructed on Expansive Clay

2013  Effect of the Seasonal Rainfall Distribution on Storm-Water Quality Capture Volume Estimation

2013  Effects of DEM Resolution on Surface Depression Properties and Hydrologic Connectivity

2013  Efficient Calibration Technique under Irregular Response Surface

2013  Efficient Management of Dry Spells with Supplemental Irrigation for Maximum Productivity of Groundnut in Arid Alfisols of South India

2013  EMD-KNN Model for Annual Average Rainfall Forecasting

2013  Estimation Issues for Precipitation Extreme Quantile Determination

2013  Estimation of Spatio-Temporally Variable Groundwater Recharge Using a Rainfall-Runoff Model

2013  Evaluating the Dual Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems Using Reliability Analysis

2013  Evaluation of MLP-ANN Training Algorithms for Modeling Soil Pore-Water Pressure Responses to Rainfall

2013  Examining Climate Indices in the Midwest Region to Examine Droughts

2013  Experimental Simulation of Rainfall and Seismic Effects to Trigger Slope Failures

2013  Experimental Studies on Stabilized Clays at Various Leaching Cycles

2013  Explicit Equation for Estimating Storm-Water Capture Efficiency of Rain Gardens

2013  FEM Simulation of Deformation and Damage Rule of Cutoff Wall under Rainfall Erosion Effect

2013  Finite Element Method-Based Analysis of an Unsaturated Soil Slope Subjected to Rainfall Infiltration

2013  Forensic Studies of Geosynthetic Reinforced Structure Failures

2013  GIS-Based Fully Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Model for Suggesting Alternate Land Use Patterns

2013  Hydrologic Analyses of the July 17-18, 1996, Flood in Chicago and the Role of Urbanization

2013  Hydrological Analysis of Potential Campus Expansions by Two Methods

2013  Hydrological Response of Sloping Farmlands with Different Rock Fragment Covers in the Purple Soil Area of China

2013  Identifying and Resolving the Barriers and Issues in Using Radar-Derived Rainfall Estimating Technology

2013  Impact of Climate Change on Extreme Rainfall across the United States

2013  Independent Assessment of Incremental Complexity in NWS Multisensor Precipitation Estimator Algorithms

2013  Instantaneous Stepwise-Steady CFD Model of BMP Response to Unsteady PM Loadings

2013  Investigation of the Impact of Different Rainfall Intensities on Macroscopic Traffic Variables of Urban Road Networks

2013  Mapping the 95th Percentile Daily Rainfall in the Contiguous U.S.

2013  Mechanism of rainfall triggering landslides in Kulonprogo, Indonesia