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2015  Assessment of the Strengthening of an RC Railway Bridge with CFRP Utilizing a Full-Scale Failure Test and Finite-Element Analysis

2015  Feasibility of Creosote Treatment for Glued-Laminated Pine-Timber Railway Sleepers

2015  Field Evaluation and Durability Analysis of an Eco-Friendly Prestressed Concrete Sleeper

2014  Corrugated Steel Plate Culvert Response to Service Train Loads

2014  A Dynamic Vehicle-Track Interaction Model for Predicting the Track Degradation Process

2014  Investigating the Optimized Open V-Shaped Trench Performance in Reduction of Train-Induced Ground Vibrations

2014  Sleeper End Resistance of Ballasted Railway Tracks

2013  Analysis of Train Interference Test

2013  The Characteristic Analysis of Vibration for Coupling System of High-Speed Train-Ballastless Track-Bridge System

2013  Communications-Based Train Control Interoperability Developments at New York City Transit

2013  Critical Speed and Resonance Criteria of Railway Bridge Response to Moving Trains

2013  Discussion of the Train Operation Routing Plan Mode of Cheng Guan Railway

2013  Dynamic Performance of Unbonded Pre-Stressed Steel Bar in CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track under Train Load

2013  Dynamic Response of a Floating Bridge to a Moving Light Rail Train

2013  Effect of Comprehensive Maintenance Gap in the Daytime on Train Operation

2013  Effect of Train Live Load on Railway Bridge Abutments

2013  Effect of Worn Wheel Profile and Primary Stiffness Change on Railway Vehicle Nonlinear Stability

2013  Electric Multiple Units Train Traction Calculating System

2013  Fault Diagnosis of CAN System of Nissan

2013  Former ASCE President Lends Expertise to High-Speed Transportation Project

2013  How to Balance the Relationship between Train Formation and Service Frequency

2013  Influence of Train Load Position on Sound Radiation Characteristics of Viaduct Box Bridge

2013  Isolation of Train-Induced Ground-Borne Vibration by Trenches on a Poroelastic Half-Space

2013  Modeling Train Traffic Flow Using Cellular Automata

2013  Numerical Modeling of Load and Stress on the Contact Surface of a Turnout and a Railway Vehicle

2013  Surface Train and Subway-induced Ground Vibration Characteristics for Full-Scale Buildings

2013  Train Operation Adjustment Quality Evaluation Based on Train Operation Conflict Management

2013  Train Routing Model and Algorithm Combined with Train Scheduling

2013  Wind Tunnel Study of a Sudden Change of Train Wind Loads due to the Wind Shielding Effects of Bridge Towers and Passing Trains

2012  Study on the Influence of a Train Vibration in a Railway Tunnel on the Underneath Diversion Tunnel

2011  Aerodynamics Effect of Train Passing through Subway Station with Ventilation Shaft

2011  Analysis Model of Ground Vibration Propagation for High-Speed Trains

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Behavior for Slab Track of High-Speed Railway Based on Vehicle and Track Elements

2011  Analysis of Influence of Lateral Free Clearance of Axle Box Bearings on Heavy Haul Locomotive

2011  Analysis of Railway Tank Cars’ Adiabaticity in Liquifying Gas Transport

2011  Analysis on Wheel/Rail Interaction Induced by Roughness in Subway

2011  Application of Kansei Engineering in High-Speed Train Interior Design

2011  Automotive Generic Hazard List (AGHL)

2011  CTCS-2I: New Train Control System Suitable for Trains with Speeds up to 350 km/h

2011  Development of a Maglev Vehicle/Guideway System Interaction Model and Comparison of the Guideway Structural Analysis with Railway Bridge Structures

2011  Dynamic Response Analysis of Vertical Vehicle-Track Coupled System in Frequency Domain

2011  Effect of Mass of High-Speed Railway Vehicle and Its Distribution in Vehicle Dynamics Performance

2011  Empty Car Distribution of Heavy Haul Transportation

2011  Energy-Efficient Train Operation with Given Time

2011  Formation of Train Operation Conflict on High-Speed Railways

2011  Impedance Modeling for Prediction of Train Induced Floor Vibrations

2011  Influence Analysis of Irregularities on Vehicle Dynamic Response on Curved Track of Speed-Up Railway

2011  Influence Factors and Developing Regularity of Air Pressure Pulse As Trains Pass by Each Other

2011  A Multi-Objective Model about Period Train Timetable Problem and a Heuristic Algorithm Based on Precedence Order of Train Sections

2011  A Network Method of Optimizing Dynamic Railcar Organization

2011  Optimization System Design of Train Plan for Urban Railway Transportation

2011  Study on Safety of Trains Passing by Each Other at High Speed Based on Fluid-Solid Coupling Vibration

2011  Vibration Analysis of 3D Timoshenko Beams Subjected to Moving Vehicles

2011  Wheel/Rail Asymmetrical Problem of Railway Vehicles

2010  Aerodynamic Effects Caused by Trains Entering Tunnels

2010  Analysis and Application About Connection Stiffness between Elements with Different DOF’s in FE Simulation

2010  Behavior and Performance of Ballastless Track with Damaged Cracks under Train Load

2010  Coupled Analysis Method of High Speed Railway Bridge Interaction with Passenger Vehicle

2010  Dangerous Condition Monitoring Technology of Heavy-Haul Train

2010  Design Idea for Freight Train Synchronous Braking System

2010  Dynamic Response Characteristics of Joint between Working Shaft and Tunnel under Train Vibration Loads

2010  Experimental Study on the Stability of Railroad Silt Subgrade with Increasing Train Speed

2010  Infinity-Case Based on Train Carried ATP Testing System

2010  Key Problems in Train Working Diagram of Passenger Special Line

2010  A Simple Attenuation Prediction Method for Ground Vibration Induced by High-Speed Trains

2010  Streamlined Station Spans Tracks with Style

2010  Track Integration Quality Index

2010  Train Dynamic Model of Delay Propagation in Railway Operation

2010  Vehicle-Bridge Dynamic Analysis of Jinsha River Bridge on Chengdu-Guiyang Passenger Dedicated Railway

2010  Vibration Testing and Analysis of Tunnel Foundation Pit Enclosing Pile Due to Moving Bullet Train

2009  Aerodynamic Characteristics of Evacuated Tube High-Speed Train

2009  The Application of Functionally Gradient Material to Problems of Wheel-Rail Contact

2009  The Application of Fuzzy Logical Control with Changing Domain to Semi-Active Suspension System

2009  Application of Quantified SWOT Analysis on Mass Transit Operation of Intercity Train

2009  The Application of Rough Set on Train Operation Adjustment

2009  The Application of TUXEDO Middleware in a Network-Based Train Working Diagram Compilation System

2009  Bending Vibration Suppression of High Speed Railway Passenger Car Body

2009  Discrete Controlled Train Traction Calculation Model

2009  Fatigue Life Prediction of Rubber Nodes

2009  Field Monitoring on Train-Induced Vibration in the Seasonally Frozen Region of Daqing in Spring

2009  Finite Element Stress Analysis for the Coupling Hook of Schnable Car

2009  Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method for the Train Working Diagrams Based on Rough Set Theory

2009  Harmonizing Trains Operation Organization of Passenger Dedicated Lines and Existing Lines

2009  An Improved Ant Colony Algorithm for Placing-In and Taking-Out of Wagons in Branch-Shaped Sidings

2009  Influence of Primary Suspension System to Dynamic Performance of High-Speed EMU

2009  The Model of Double-Layer Optimization Transportation and Its Algorithm

2009  Model of High Speed Railway Wheel Ovalization

2009  Modeling and Simulation on the Vibration Comfort of Railway Sleeper Carriages

2009  A Network Method of Synthetic Optimization of Car Flow Route and Train Formation Plan

2009  A New Technology Based on Network Topology and Dynamic Space-Time Splitting Strategy for Floating Car Data Processing

2009  Optimized Algorithm for Train Traction Calculation under Fixed-Time Mode

2009  Research on Dynamic Measuring System and Model of Novel High Speed Railway Vehicle Bogie

2009  Simulation and Analysis for Self-Excited Torsional Vibration of Locomotive Drive System

2009  Simulation on the Pressure Control of Common Rail of an In-Cylinder Direct-Injection CNG Engine

2009  Structure Optimization for the Folded Energy-Absorbing Tube Based on High-Confidence Simulation Model

2009  A Study of the Dynamic Performance of the Heavy Haul Locomotive with the Longitudinal Press Force on Coupler

2009  Train Operation Diagram Information System for China Railway

2009  Train Operation Organizing of Passenger Dedicated Lines

2009  Train-Induced Vibrations on Urban Metro and Tram Turnouts

2009  Vibration Characteristics of Permafrost Embankment Induced by Passing Trains in Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Winter