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2015  Lessons Learned from Construction of Shanghai Metro Stations: Importance of Quick Excavation, Prompt Propping, Timely Casting, and Segmented Construction

2014  Design Optimization of Underground Subway Station Diaphragm Walls Using Numerical Modeling

2014  Finite-Element Simulation of Hydration and Creep of Early-Age Concrete Materials

2014  A New Station for West Haven

2014  On the Web (

2014  Proposed Florida Rail Line Unveils Design for Miami Station

2014  Supporting Role

2013  3-D Nonlinear Seismic Response Analysis of a Double Subway Station

2013  Automated Systems for Last Mile Connections at High-Speed Rail Stations

2013  Construction and Analysis of a Model on the Reallocation of Land around Mass Rail Transit Stations

2013  Crowdedness Classification Method for Island Platform in Metro Station

2013  DEA Cross-Evaluation of Marshalling Station Work Efficiency

2013  Discussion of Passenger-Dedicated Line Station Operating Plan Adjustment Method

2013  Dispatching Rules: Track Utilization Scheduling Problem in Railway Passenger Stations

2013  Division Method for Waiting Areas on Island Platforms at Metro Stations

2013  Evaluation of Suburban Rail Station Plans in Satellite City Considering Accessing Costs

2013  Foundation Treatment Methods of Metro Station on Geological Sensitive Area

2013  Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America By Sam Roberts. New York City: Grand Central Publishing, 2013

2013  The Heart of New York: Grand Central Terminal

2013  Marshalling Station Classification Based on Two-Step Clustering Analysis

2013  Marshalling Yard Simulation Based on BP Neural Network Model

2013  Measuring Deflections of a Short-Span Railway Bridge Using a Robotic Total Station

2013  On the Features of Operation in Lhasa Station on Tibetan Traditional Festivals

2013  Optimal Routing Design of a Community Shuttle for Metro Stations

2013  Optimization Model for Locating Electric Bus Charging Stations

2013  Parametric Study on the Effect of Deep Excavation on the Adjacent Metro Station in Suzhou

2013  Passenger Flow Analysis Based on AFC Data of Shanghai Urban Rail Transit in People’s Square Station

2013  Passenger Traffic Characteristics of Service Facilities in Rail Transit Stations of Shanghai

2013  Railway Station Yard Model and Model Data Structure Analysis

2013  Relationship of Walk Access Distance to Rapid Rail Transit Stations with Personal Characteristics and Station Context

2013  Simulation of Early Age Concrete Thermal Stress of Composite Wall in Cut-Cover Subway Station

2013  Sorting Capacity Analysis and Sorting Strategy Discussion of South Xichang District Railway Station

2013  Tabu Search Algorithm for the Railroad Blocking Problem

2013  Track Allocation Optimization in Railway Station: Mean-Variance Model and Case Study

2013  Transit Capacity of Urban Rail Transit Station

2013  Utilization Optimization of Arrival-Departure Track in Marshalling Yard Based on Sorting Operations

2012  Analysis of Personnel Injuries in the Subway Station Subjected to Internal Blast Loading

2012  The Environmental Influence of Subway Station on Platform Screen Door System

2012  Fire Hazard Assessment on the Newsstands at Subway Stations

2012  Government Supports in Public-Private Partnership Contracts: Metro Line 4 of the São Paulo Subway System

2012  Ground Improvement in Manhattan Bulls Liver Soils for the Rehabilitation of the Cortland Street Station

2012  High-Speed Rail in European Medium-Sized Cities: Stakeholders and Urban Development

2012  Jet Grouting for Earth Retention Performed in Low Headroom for Subway Station Expansion

2012  Location Configuration Design of New Park-and-Ride Facilities in Beijing, China

2012  Optimizing Train Connection of Urban Railway Network Considering Passenger Saturation

2012  Passengers’ Modal Choice for Vertical Shifts in Metro Stations: Cases from Shanghai

2012  Performance of an Overexcavated Metro Station and Facilities Nearby

2012  Scheme Research of Introducing Passenger Dedicated Line into Railway Terminal Based on Fuzzy Matter-Element Model

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Design of New Underground Stations

2012  Second Avenue Subway Project, New York: Refurbishment of an Existing Underground Station

2012  Seismic Retrofit Aims To Preserve Historically Important Rail Station

2012  Study on Location Method of Marshalling Station Based on Node Importance

2012  Study on the Settlement Ratio of Different Subsections for the Shallow Mining Metro Station with Large-Span

2012  Using Simulated Annealing in a Bottleneck Optimization Model at Railway Stations

2011  Aerodynamics Effect of Train Passing through Subway Station with Ventilation Shaft

2011  Analytical Capacity Limits of Personal Rapid Transit Stations

2011  Description and Calculation about Comprehensive Capacity of Railway Junction Terminals

2011  Emergency Evacuation Simulation of Urban Railway Station Based on EXODUS Software

2011  Evaluation Method of Introducing Passenger Dedicated Line into Railway Terminals Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

2011  Evaluation of Comprehensive Traffic Hub of Railway Passenger Station Based on Entropy Weight and Set Pair Analysis

2011  Evaluation of Railway Passenger Station Service Level Based on Artificial Fish-BP ANN

2011  The Forecasting of the Newly-Added Passenger Volume of Cheng-Du East Railway Station and the Method of Traffic Organization Improving the Traffic Condition of Its Station Square

2011  A Genetic Algorithm for the City Coach Station Location and Distribution of Transit Lines

2011  Hazard Assessment on Railway Dangerous Goods Station

2011  Integrated Calculation of the Throat in Railway Stations

2011  Interval Estimating the Carrying Capacity of Railway Stations

2011  Layout of BRT Station

2011  Layout Optimization of Passenger Station in Kunming Railway Terminal

2011  Layout Planning Scheme Evaluation Model about Comprehensive Hub Passenger Stations

2011  A Method of Determining Town Passenger Transport Station Scale

2011  Metro Station Pedestrian Organization Optimization through Space Analysis

2011  Optimal Design of Container Terminal’s Gate System Based on M/G/K Queuing Model

2011  Optimization Model of Freight Train Stations: Extend Hub-and-Spoke System

2011  Optimizing Research of Utilization of Tracks in Passenger Dedicated Lines Station

2011  Passenger Flow Simulation of Large-Scale Railway Passenger Station

2011  Pedestrian Simulation Research of Multi-Mode Transfer Terminals

2011  Programs Evaluation of Introducing Epu-Zhanjiang Railway into Zhanjiang Terminal

2011  Railway Passenger Station Guiding Plan Preparation System

2011  Reliability Measurement and Evaluation of Pedestrian Facilities for Emergency Evacuation in Urban Rail Transit Terminal

2011  Scheme Evaluation on Introducing Passenger Dedicated Line into Exiting Railway Terminal

2011  A Simulation Model and Algorithm for Turning-Back Capacity of Intercity Dedicated Passenger Railway Station

2011  Station Timetable Homogenization Assessment in Urban Rail Transit Network

2011  Train Stops Distribution Scheme Model and Algorithm Based on Train Stops Rate for Passenger Dedicated Line

2010  The Accessibility of Inter-City Railway Station Based on Travel Mode

2010  Analysis of Thermal Comfort in Modern Train Station’s Waiting Room of China

2010  Construction and Management of Transit Stations along Chongqing Circle City Freeway

2010  Evaluation of Marshalling Yard Layout with Game Theory

2010  Integration Optimization Model and Algorithm for Passenger Station Location-Task Allocation Problem in Railway Terminal

2010  Model and Algorithm for Passenger Station Task Allocation Problem in Railway Terminal

2010  Modular Design Simplifies Rail Station

2010  Numerical Simulation Analysis and Monitoring of Ground Surface Subsidence in Shallow Tunnels by Excavation

2010  Optimized Research on the Collection and Distribution System of Railway Station

2010  Petri Net Modeling of Spatial and Temporal Constraints in Track Allocation Problem at Railway Stations

2010  Quantitative Regional Environmental Risk Assessment of Railway Dangerous Goods Station

2010  Railway Station Multi-Objective Design Based on Management Perspective

2010  Research on Station and Line Capacity Coordination in Railway Terminal Based on the Entropy Model

2010  Research on Traffic Organization of Freeway Off Ramp-Crossroad Terminal

2010  Streamlined Station Spans Tracks with Style

2010  A Study of Transportation Planning Adjacent to High-Speed Railway Station Case Study–Huhang-Songjiang High-Speed Railway Station

2010  Study on Coordinating Development of Railway Station and the Land Use — Discussion about P&R and TOD