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2015  Determination of Prestressing Force in Railway Concrete Sleepers Using Dynamic Relaxation Technique

2014  Behavior of Fresh and Fouled Railway Ballast Subjected to Direct Shear Testing: Discrete Element Simulation

2014  Bond between Smooth Prestressing Wires and Concrete: Finite Element Model and Transfer Length Analysis for Pretensioned Concrete Crossties

2014  Image-Aided Element Shape Generation Method in Discrete-Element Modeling for Railroad Ballast

2014  Resistivity and Hydraulic Conductivity of Fouled Railroad Ballast

2014  Sleeper End Resistance of Ballasted Railway Tracks

2014  Unprecedented Connections

2013  Deformation of Coal Fouled Ballast Stabilized with Geogrid under Cyclic Load

2013  Dynamic Characteristics of Subgrade Bed for Ballastless Track

2013  Dynamic Simulation Analysis of Impacts on Driving Comfort of Ballastless Track in Different Rail Pads

2013  Factors Affecting the Performance of Railway Track Substructures in Seasonally Cold Climates

2013  Field Tests on Vibration Response of Ballastless Subgrade under Excitation of High Speed Train in China

2013  Method to Quantify Realistic Particle Shape Angularity and Texture of High-Speed Railway Ballast Aggregate

2013  Performance of Mechanically Stabilized Rail Track

2013  Static Analysis of the Effect of Mud Spillover on Ballastless Tracks

2013  Stress and Deflection Parametric Study of High-Speed Railway CRTS-II Ballastless Track Slab on Elevated Bridge Foundations

2013  Stress-Strain Degradation Response of Railway Ballast Stabilized with Geosynthetics

2013  Vibration Analysis for Ballastless Track Bridge Based on a Hybrid Method

2012  Cyclic Behaviors of Railroad Ballast within the Parallel Gradation Scaling Framework

2012  Improved Performance of Railway Ballast under Impact Loads Using Shock Mats

2012  Influence of Cyclic Stress Pulse Shapes on Filtration Behavior of Railway Subballast

2012  Performance Improvement of Railway Ballast Using Shock Mats and Synthetic Grids

2012  Rail Track Performance with Different Subballast Solutions: Traffic and Environmental Effects on Subgrade Service Life

2012  Semiempirical Cyclic Densification Model for Ballast Incorporating Particle Breakage

2011  Effect of Slab Void on Mechanical Properties of Longitudinal Connected Ballastless Track

2011  Enhancement of Ballasted Rail Track Performance Using Geosynthetics

2011  Enhancing Ballast Performance Using Geocell Confinement

2011  Fatigue Life Prediction of CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track

2011  Gradation Determination of Impermeable Asphalt Mix on Subgrade Surface Layer for Ballastless Track in High-Speed Railway Lines

2011  Impact of Bituminous Subballast on Railroad Track Deformation Considering Atmospheric Actions

2011  Modeling the Stress-Displacement Response and Crack Behavior of a Bi-Block Ballast-Less Track under Temperature and Shrinkage Loading

2011  Substructure Nonlinear Effects on Sleeper Design Pressure in Heavy Haul Railway Tracks

2011  Time and Spatial Dependence of the Fouling of Railroad Track Ballast

2011  Type Selection and Structural Characteristics of Ballastless Track in Seismic Region

2011  Vertical Force Properties for Longitudinal Coupled Ballastless Track with Heavy Grade

2010  Assessment of Subballast Filtration under Cyclic Loading

2010  Ballistic Walking Design via Impulsive Control

2010  Behavior and Performance of Ballastless Track with Damaged Cracks under Train Load

2010  The Behaviour of Ballasted Track Foundations: Track Drainage and Geosynthetic Reinforcement

2010  Characteristics of Track Dynamic Stiffness of Ballastless Turnout in High-Speed Railway

2010  Data Analysis Techniques for GPR Used for Assessing Railroad Ballast in High Radio-Frequency Environment

2010  Determination of the Transverse Resistance Characteristics in Railway Track

2010  Dynamic Crack Propagations in Prestressed Concrete Sleepers in Railway Track Systems Subjected to Severe Impact Loads

2010  Experimental and Numerical Study of Railway Ballast Behavior under Cyclic Loading

2010  Field Assessment of the Performance of a Ballasted Rail Track with and without Geosynthetics

2010  Laboratory Validation of Coal Dust Fouled Ballast Discrete Element Model

2010  Loads on Track, Ballast Fouling, and Life Cycle under Dynamic Loading in Railways

2010  Optimization of Dynamic Design for Ballastless Turnout on Bridges in High Speed Railways

2009  Design of Ballasted Railway Track Foundations under Cyclic Loading

2009  Discrete Element Modeling of Aggregate Behavior in Fouled Railroad Ballast

2009  Dynamic Responses of Ballastless Track with Damaged Cracks

2009  Dynamic Stress Analysis of a Ballasted Railway Track Bed during Train Passage

2009  Influence of Longitudinal Connection Mode of Ballastless Slab Track on Vibration Characteristic of Train-Ballastless Slab Track-Subgrade System

2009  Numerical Simulation of Wheel/Rail Noise of the Ballastless Track

2009  Preparation Technique for Prestressed Concrete Beam Used in Ballastless Track

2009  Two Approaches of Finite-Element Modeling of Bassasted Railway Track

2008  Analysis of Long-Term Field Test on Column-Net Structure Embankment of Ballastless Track in Sui-yu Railway Line

2008  Behavior of Railroad Ballast under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2008  Economical Evaluating the Ballastless Railway Track With Consideration of LCC Viewpoint

2008  Response of Multilayer Foundation System beneath Railway Track under Cyclic Loading

2007  Cyclic Filtration Apparatus for Testing Subballast under Rail Track

2007  Effects of Parallel Gradation on Strength Properties of Ballast Materials

2007  Experiment Analysing on Portrait Dynamics Performance of Transition Subgrade between Bridge and Tunnels on Ballastless Track

2006  Automated Measurement of Railway Ballast Angularity

2006  Parametric Study on the Resilient Response of Ballasted Railway Track Substructure Using Numerical Modeling

2006  Stabilization of Ballasted Rail Tracks and Underlying Soft Formation Soils with Geosynthetic Grids and Drains

2005  Static and Cyclic Triaxial Testing of Ballast and Subballast

2004  A Laboratory Study on Improvement of Railway Ballast using Geosynthetics

2000  Model Testing of Two-Layer Railway Track Ballast

2000  The New Discussion on the Evaluation Method and Indexes of Ballast Quality for High-Speed Railway

1999  Recent Advances in the Characterization of Transportation Geo-Materials

1998  Shear Behavior of Railway Ballast Based on Large-Scale Triaxial Tests

1993  Aggregate Quarry Operations—From a Railroad’s Perspective

1991  ATSF 1980 El Dorado Line Change Failure/Rehabilitation

1987  Effects of Stress History on Ballast Deformation

1983  Pilot Studies Apply Asphalt Concrete in Railroad Beds: Expected to Eliminate Subballast

1982  Predicted and Measured Resilient Response of Track

1979  Design Procedure for Asphalt Railway Roadbeds

1979  Examination of Degraded Aggregate Cement Value Test

1979  Railroad Ballast Load Ranking Classification

1979  Railroad Ballast Prescription: State-of-the-Art

1979  Railroad Ballast Sizing and Grading

1979  Track Structure Design by Mathematical Models

1978  Design for Railroad Ballast and Subgrade Support

1978  Repeated Load Triaxial Tests on a Dolomite Ballast

1978  Response of Railroad Ballast to Vertical Vibration

1978  Triaxial Tests on Dolomite Railroad Ballast

1977  Considerations in the Analysis of Conventional Railway Track Support System

1977  Railroad Wood Tie Design and Behavior

1976  Contribution to Selection of Railroad Ballast

1976  State-of-the-Art of Ballastless Track at-Grade