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2015  Around the Bend: Horseshoe Curve

2015  Grade Separation Project Improves Rail, Road Safety

2015  On the Web (

2015  Optimization of a Transit Services Model with a Feeder Bus and Rail System Using Metaheuristic Algorithms

2014  American Railroads: Decline and Renaissance in the Twentieth Century By Robert E. Gallamore and John R. Meyer. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2014

2014  Computer-Aided Design of Railroad Horizontal Arc Areas in Adapting to Satellite Measurements

2014  End of the Line: The Overseas Railway

2014  Framework for Monitoring and Assessing Performance Quality of Railway Network Infrastructure: Hellenic Railways Case Study

2014  Long Used in Construction, 4-D Modeling Could Come to Rail Projects

2014  Maximum Curving Speed

2014  On the Web (

2014  Optimization of Ultrasonic Rail-Defect Inspection for Improving Railway Transportation Safety and Efficiency

2014  Proposed Florida Rail Line Unveils Design for Miami Station

2014  Rail Transit Route Optimization Model for Rail Infrastructure Planning and Design: Case Study of Saint Andrews, Scotland

2014  Railroad Energy Efficiency in the United States: Analytical and Statistical Analysis

2014  Surface Transportation Reauthorization Begins Taking Shape in the Senate

2013  50 Years of Powering APMs: A Historical Perspective of Variables and Constants in Power Rail Design

2013  Accounting for Network Effects in Railway Asset Management

2013  Accuracy Analysis on the Calculation Formula of Wheel Rims’ Leading Quantity Based on the Trace Method

2013  Anaheim Mass Transit Center Will Feature Soaring Shell Structure

2013  Analysis Method of Track Quality State of Urban Rail Transit Based on Track Spectrum

2013  Analysis of Metro Emergencies Based on the Method of Fault Tree Analysis

2013  Analysis of Model of Community Sports Logistics Distribution Center Location under Electronic Commerce

2013  Analysis of the Capacity of the Turning-Back Station in the Railway System

2013  Analysis of the Railway Crossing Traffic in Jinzhou Urban District

2013  Analysis of the Track Irregularities Spectrum for the He-Wu Passenger-Dedicated Line

2013  Application of Electronic Documents to Container Rail- Water Intermodal Transportation

2013  Application of Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm on Optimization of Dispatching Decision of Wagon Flows in Railway Hubs

2013  Automatic Control Process Analysis on Railway Cargo Handling Conditions under E-Commerce

2013  Catastrophe Theory in the Analysis of Railway Transportation Accidents

2013  Commodity Spatial Added Value Influence Factors Research to Transport

2013  Communications-Based Train Control Interoperability Developments at New York City Transit

2013  Comparison of Fuel-Cycle Emissions per Passenger Mile from Multiple Bus and Rail Technologies

2013  Comparison of Vertical Alignments for Rail Transit

2013  Comprehensive Effect of Land Transportation Environmental Conditions on Traffic Safety

2013  Construction of Train-Water Combined Transportation Port Station Operation and Management Mode Based on Dynamic Alliance

2013  Contradiction Analysis and Freight Capacity Promotion Measures of Mixed Passenger and Freight Transportation During the Spring Festival

2013  Customer-Oriented Organizational Model for Railway Container Transportation

2013  Danish Rail Infrastructure Modernization—Business Case for Mainline and Urban Networks

2013  A Data Interlocking Method for ATS System

2013  DEA Cross-Evaluation of Marshalling Station Work Efficiency

2013  Decision-Making Research of the Construction Order of Intercity Railway Based on Rough Centralized Weight

2013  Demand Analysis of Comprehensive Dispatching System Based on RITS

2013  Designing BRT for Future Rail Conversion: Issues, State of Practice, and Project Considerations

2013  Direction of Passenger Transportation Development in Chengdu

2013  Discussion of Container Rail-Water Intermodal Transport Documents Process

2013  Discussion of Modern Logistics Development on Container Rail-Water Intermodal Transportation

2013  Discussion of the Train Operation Routing Plan Mode of Cheng Guan Railway

2013  Discussion of Transport Operation Mode of Cheng-Mian-Le Inter-City Railway

2013  Dynamics Analysis of High-Speed Electric Multiple Unit Considering Flexibility of Wheelset

2013  Dynamics Simulation of Heavy Haul Locomotive with Radial Bogie

2013  Effect Analysis on Vibration Isolation by Nonstandard Continuous Barriers

2013  Effect of a Mud Spillover of CRTS III Slab Tracks on Driving Comfort

2013  Effect of Comprehensive Maintenance Gap in the Daytime on Train Operation

2013  Effect of Worn Wheel Profile and Primary Stiffness Change on Railway Vehicle Nonlinear Stability

2013  Emergency Response Optimization of Railway Dangerous Goods Based on the Fourier Model

2013  Enterprise-Optimal Supply Strategy Research when Put into Technology under the Carbon Tax

2013  Equipment Layout and Optimization of Railway Container Central Station

2013  Evaluation Index System of High-Speed Train Working Diagram

2013  Evaluation of Suburban Rail Station Plans in Satellite City Considering Accessing Costs

2013  Evaluation of Train Running Plan for Passenger-Dedicated Railway Line Based on Optimal Weights Combination Method

2013  Evaluation Research of High-Speed Train Diagrams

2013  Factors of Inter-City Railway Customer Satisfaction Analysis Based on Structural Equation Model

2013  Feeder Bus Network Design Problems under Rail Transit Network Conditions

2013  Finished Vehicle Logistics Based on Railway Freight Transportation

2013  Framework of Security for the Railway Intelligent Transportation System

2013  Freight Station Information Integration Based on Different Positions’ Information Flow

2013  Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Programming for Passenger Train Operation Plans

2013  Fuzzy Rough Set Model of Rail Freight Center Location

2013  ICTIS 2013, Improving Multimodal Transportation Systems-Information, Safety, and Integration

2013  Influence of Shanghai-Kunming Passenger-Dedicated Line on Yunnan-Guizhou Regional Economic Development

2013  Intelligent Train Dispatching for High-Speed Railway Based on Fuzzy Neural Network

2013  Logical Framework of Freight Transportation Service System Construction Based on RITS

2013  Mathematical Model for Share Rate of Passenger Flow between Passenger-Dedicated Line and Conventional Rail in Transportation Corridor

2013  Measures of Loading and Securing Steel Coils in Containers in Rail-Water Combined Transport

2013  Methods for Measuring the Structure of Train Timetables Based on Entropy

2013  Modeling Train Traffic Flow Using Cellular Automata

2013  New Freight Transport Products under Separation of Railway Passenger and Freight Lines

2013  Novel Method of Detecting Position in a Maglev Vehicle Using Collection Rail Characteristics

2013  On the Web (

2013  Optimization for the Last Train Timetable of Urban Rail Transit Networks Based on Transfer Coodination

2013  Optimization of Decision Making on Railway Emergency Plans with DEA and ANP

2013  Optimization of Railway Empty Container Transportation

2013  Optimization of Railway Schedule Using Branch and Bound Technique with Priority Rules

2013  Optimizing Electric Rail Energy Consumption Using the Lagrange Multiplier Technique

2013  Organization Pattern of Railway Express Freight Transportation

2013  Outline of Research on High-Speed Railway Dispatching Command System

2013  Overall Architecture for Railway Freightage E-Commerce EDI System

2013  Passenger Train Operation Adjustment Method of Railway Networks in Mountainous Areas under Disaster Conditions

2013  Proposal for Geoid Model Evaluation from GNSS-INS/Leveling Data: Case Study along a Railway Line in Greece

2013  PRT Statewide Application: Conceptual Design of a Transit System Capable of Serving Essentially All Daily Trips

2013  Rail Traffic Informatization Applications Based on the IOT

2013  Rail Trench Structure Design at Port of Vancouver USA

2013  Rail Tunnel Safety Analysis Using Crowd Evacuation Simulation Models: On a Review and Comparative Study of the Scientific Literature

2013  Railreader-"MT" Multi-RFID-System Supports High Availability and Safety In Railway Networks

2013  Railway Empty Container Allocation Problem Analysis and Optimization

2013  Railway Locomotive Signal Detection Method Research

2013  Reasonable Division of Intercity Rail Transit and Other Intercity Traffic Modes

2013  Research on Automatic Monitoring System of Track Real-Time Condition of Urban Rail Transit

2013  Research on the Comprehensive Benefits Evaluation of Urban Rail Transit Based on the Double-Hierarchy Model with Discrete Catastrophe - Extenics Method