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2015  Feasibility Studies on Pd Removal from Molten BSG Containing Simulated Nuclear Waste Using Lead or Aluminum as a Solvent Metal

2014  Antioxidant Depletion in HDPE Geomembranes Exposed to Low-Level Radioactive Waste Leachate

2014  Radionuclide Behavior in Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) Disposal Barrier Materials: Impacts of Sorption

2013  Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Natural Argillite under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2012  In Situ Treatment of Low-Level Radioactive Buried Waste at the Idaho National Laboratory Site Using an Innovative Jet Grouting Technique

2012  Iodide Retention by Modified Kaolinite in the Context of Safe Disposal of High Level Nuclear Waste

2012  Multiple Pass Permeation Grouting to Encapsulate and Contain Radioactive Waste in a Predictable Fashion

2011-  Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste

2011  Subsurface Radioactive Contaminant Transport Modeling Using Particle and Kalman Filter Schemes

2010  Impact of Heterogeneity on Gamma-Spectrometry Data at Nondestructive Assay of Radioactive Waste

2010  Simulation of Expansive Clay Behavior under Simultaneous Heating-Hydration for Nuclear Waste Storage Applications

2009  Coupled Thermohydromechanical Modeling of the Full-Scale In Situ Test “Prototype Repository”

2009  Effect of Cu2+ Ions and Buffering Capacity on Smectite Microstructure and Performance

2009  Georadiological Barrier Gamma Attenuation Model for Waste Containment. I: Model Formulation

2009  Georadiological Barrier Gamma Attenuation Model for Waste Containment. II: Model Implementation

2008  Development of a Novel Depleted Uranium Treatment Process at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

2008  Disturbed Rock Zone Geomechanics at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

2008  Theoretical Equations on Hydraulic Conductivities of Bentonite-Based Buffer and Backfill for Underground Disposal of Radioactive Wastes

2007  Damage Evaluation with P-Wave Velocity Measurements during Uniaxial Compression Tests on Argillaceous Rocks

2007  Experimental Evidences on Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Coupling in Engineered Clay Barrier for Deep Nuclear Waste Disposal

2007  Inclusion of Some Aspects of Chemical Behavior of Unsaturated Soil in Thermo/Hydro/Chemical/Mechanical Models. I: Model Development

2007  Inclusion of Some Aspects of Chemical Behavior of Unsaturated Soil in Thermo/Hydro/Chemical/Mechanical Models. II: Application and Transport of Soluble Salts in Compacted Bentonite

2007  Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Numerical Modelling: Application to a Geological Nuclear Waste Disposal

2006  Coupled Heat and Moisture Flow in Unsaturated Soil for a Radioactive Waste Repository

2006  Design Factors Affecting the Flow of Water through Below-Ground Concrete Vaults

2006  Fabric Changes of a Pellet-Based Bentonite Buffer Material and its Effect on Mechanical Behaviour

2006  Hydro-Mechanical Small-Scale Tests on Compacted Bentonite

2006  NewsBriefs: Researchers Develop New Processing Method (Science Daily)

2006  Radioactive Waste Foams: Formation and Mitigation

2006  Response of an Unsaturated Expansive Clay under High Temperature Changes

2006  Simulation of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) Coupled Behaviour of a Full Scale In-Situ Test Prototype Repository

2006  Thermo-Hydromechanical Modeling in Saturated Hard Clay and Application to Nuclear Waste Storage

2006  Thermohydromechanical Modeling of a Full-Scale Tunnel Sealing Clay Bulkhead

2005  Activities of the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste and Perspectives on Selected Technical Issues

2005  Dynamic Model for Calculating Infiltration of Rain Water through an Unsaturated Zone, and Its Application to Environmental Protection Agency’s PRESTO Model

2005  Editors’s Note

2005  Ensuring Future Skills: Education and Training in Underground Waste Disposal

2005  Geological Disposal: Global Status and Key Issues

2005  Hazards of Buried Radioactive Wastes from Electricity Generation

2005  Long-Term Radioactive Waste Management in the United Kingdom-Nirex Perspective

2005  The Management of Radioactive Waste in the European Union.Opinions, Situation and Proposal for Changes

2005  NewsBriefs: AMEC To Help Clean Up Nuclear Waste Site (AMEC)

2005  The Nuclear Energy Debate and the Importance of Radioactive Waste Management

2005  Remediation: Hanford Nuclear Waste to Be Pumped, Treated

2005  Simplified Design of Georadiological Barriers for Contaminated Sites

2005  Waste Isolation Pilot Plant as a Case Study for the Deployment of a National Repository Program

2004  Flow and Solute Transport in Strongly Heterogeneous Porous Media

2004  A Model of Coupled Heat and Moisture Transport in an Annular Clay Barrier

2004  Predicting Swelling Characteristics of Bentonites

2003  Applicability of Pneumatic Capsule Pipeline to Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility

2002  Editor’s Note

2002  Geotechnical Engineering: DOE Recommends Yucca Mountain Repository despite Warnings

2002  Probabilistic Approach to Identify Sensitive Parameter Distributions in Multimedia Pathway Analysis

2002  Radioactive Nuclear Waste

2001  Aerial Radiation Survey at Military Range

2001  Dose Modeling Approach for Buried Concrete Debris under a Resident Farmer Scenario

2001  Editor’s Note

2001  Modeling the Transport of Cesium in Crushed Granite with Empirical and Reactive Sorption Models

2001  Technology: Molecular Cage Traps Radioactive, Industrial Wastes for Cleanup

2000  Creating an Infrastructure for Space Exploitation: Space Disposal of High-Level Nuclear Waste

2000  DOE Installs Permeable Treatment Wall for Strontium Cleanup

2000  DOE Puts Nickel Recycling Program on Hold

2000  Drift Scale Test at Yucca Mountain: Description and Updated Results

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Experimental Approach

2000  Removal of Lithium Antimonide from Radioactive Glove Box

2000  Solvent Technology Treats Toxic Waste

2000  Technology Encapsulates Hazardous Waste In Situ

2000  Tunnel and Ground Support Performance of the Exploratory Studies Facility at Yucca Mountain

1999  Chemoporoplasticity of Calcium Leaching in Concrete

1999  Disposal of Oil Field Wastes and NORM Wastes into Salt Caverns

1999  Expected Performance of Thermal Stress Relief Elements for Ground Support at the Yucca Mountain Repository

1999  Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (FRC) Containers Design to Ensure Impact Performance

1999  Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Committee

1999  Moisture Accumulation under Asphalt Cover at Radioactive Waste-Burial Site

1999  Performance Analysis for Disposal of Mixed Low-Level Waste. I: Methodology

1999  Performance Analysis for Disposal of Mixed Low-Level Waste. II: Results

1999  The Ultimate Challenge

1999  Utilities Plan Largest Temporary Nuclear Fuel Storage Site

1998  Appraisal of Some Evolving Environmental Issues Relevant to Underground Space Development

1998  Containing the Cold War’s Hot Waste

1998  Defense Conversion Venture Formed

1998  Demonstration and Testing of a Waste Conveyance System Based on Robotic Manipulator EMMA

1998  DOE Privatizes Oak Ridge Cleanup, Saves Millions

1998  Dynamics of Solid-Containing Tanks. I: Rigid Tanks

1998  Dynamics of Solid-Containing Tanks. II: Flexible Tanks

1998  EPA Approves WIPP Storage Facility

1998  Long Reach Manipulator Demonstrations for Tank Waste Retrieval

1998  Low-Level and Mixed Radioactive Waste In-Drum Solidification

1998  Mercury Disposal Via Sulfur Reactions

1998  Modelisation of Solute Transport in Non-Saturated Porous Media

1998  Radiation Management Committee

1997  Calculation of Density and Permeability of Compacted Crushed Salt Within an Engineered Shaft Sealing System

1997  Computer Modeling and Applications to Unsaturated Soils

1997  Contribution of Secondary Data and Piezometric Measurements to the Probabilistic Assessment of Radionuclides Migration

1997  Development of a Hydrogeochemical Model for Radionuclides Migration

1997  DOE Aims Grants at Nuclear Cleanup

1997  DOE Opens Books On Environmental Legacy

1997  DOE Opens Nuclear Waste Sorting Facility

1997  The Effects of Infiltration on the Thermohydrologic Behavior of the Potential Repository at Yucca Mountain