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2014  Modeling Using Coupled FEM-SBFEM for Three-Dimensional Seismic SSI in Time Domain

2014  Radiative Maxwell Fluid Flow with Variable Thermal Conductivity due to a Stretching Surface in a Porous Medium

2014  Water Wave Radiation Problem by a Submerged Cylinder

2013  Determination of Steel Emissivity for the Temperature Prediction of Structural Steel Members in Fire

2013  Sound Radiation Characteristics of Viaducts in High-Speed Railway

2013  Thermodynamic Optimization of Irreversible Radiation-Driven Power Plants

2012  Estimation of Daily Solar Radiation from Measured Air Temperature Extremes in the Mid-Mediterranean Area

2012  Net Annulus Flow of a Compressible Viscous Liquid with Peristalsis

2011  Evaluation of Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods under Southeast Australian Conditions

2010  Femtotechnology: Design of the Strongest AB Matter for Aerospace

2010  Modeling Evaporative Water Loss from the On-Farm Reservoir with Biological Shading

2009  Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration Using Limited Weather Data

2008  Sequential Inactivation of Bacillus Subtilis Spores with Ultraviolet Radiation and Iodine

2007  Analytical Solution to Temperature Variations in Highway Concrete Bridges Due to Solar Radiation

2007  Net Radiation Estimations in Evapotranspiration Research over Different Canopy Surfaces in a Humid Climate

2007  Safety Management of RF Radiation Sources in the United Arab Emirates

2006  Measurement of Light Interception by Navel Orange Orchard Canopies: Case Study of Lindsay, California

2006  Numerical Modeling of Thaw Penetration in Frozen Ground Subject to Low-Intensity Infrared Heating

2005  Transform Potential-Theoretic Method for Acoustic Radiation from Structures

2004  Advanced Space Radiator Demonstration

2004  Estimating the Integrated Radiation Dose for a Conjunction-Class Mars Mission Using Early MARIE Data

2004  Radiation-Assisted PRocess Enhancement in Wastewater Treatment

2004  Use of Radiation Pressure for Space-Based Construction

2003  Predicting Daily Net Radiation using Minimum Climatological Data

2003  Solar and Net Radiation-Based Equations to Estimate Reference Evapotranspiration in Humid Climates

2002  Interaction of Waves and a Porous Tension Leg Platform

2001  Buildings: Radiation Shield Made of Heavier Concrete Saves Space

2000  Bacteria Tackles Toxic Waste, Withstands Radiation

2000  Gamma Irradiation for Inactivation of C. parvum, E. coli, and Coliphage MS-2

2000  Mars Surface Habitat Design Issues Derived from Design of a Terrestrial Polar Analog

2000  Solar Power Satellite DC Power Distribution

1999  Exposures and Health Outcomes from Uranium Mill Tailings

1999  Radiation Cleans Up Contaminated Soil

1999  Radiation-Resistant Robot Maps, Samples Extreme Environments

1999  Radon Monitoring Near a Department of Energy (DOE) Facility at Fernald, Ohio

1999  Three-Dimensional Nearshore Currents Model Based on Vertical Distribution of Radiation Stress

1998  Radiation Effects and Protection for Moon and Mars Missions

1997  Analytical Estimation of Modified Penman Equation Parameters

1997  Parameters Affecting Conditioning Enhancement of Biosolids by Electron Beam Treatment

1996  Analyzing Drought with a Simplified Climate Model

1996  Architecture on the Moon: The Importance of Human Factors Considerations in the Design of a Lunar Base

1996  Continuing Data Needs for Lunar Radiation Protection

1996  The Distinction between an Interplanetary Vehicle and a Mars Surface Habitat

1996  Hazards to Personnel from Tower EMFs

1996  HPS: A Space Fission Power System Suitable for Near-Term, Low-Cost Lunar and Planetary Bases

1996  Innovative Radiation Shields for Lunar Surface Operations

1996  Probabilistic Modeling of Radiation Damage in Charge-Coupled Devices

1996  Radiation Hardening of Robotic Control Components Against Terrestrial Radiation

1996  Radiation Hydrodynamics of a Slightly-Submerged Body

1995  Actinide Source Term Predictions for Spent Fuel at Yucca Mountain

1995  Alara Benefits of an MPC Robotic Welding System

1995  Comparison of Methods for Estimating REF-ET

1995  Consistent Infinitesimal Finite-Element Cell Method for Incompressible Unbounded Medium

1995  Designing Radiation Protection Signs

1995  Experimental Investigation of Natural Convection About Drift-Emplaced Waste Canisters

1995  Innovative Design and Construction Solutions to Remediate Radiologically Contaminated Residential Communities in Essex County New Jersey

1995  Multi-Purpose Canister Closure and Welding: Potential Automation and Impacts

1995  The Need to Address Enhanced Radon Emission in the Environmental Impact Report of Yucca Mountain

1995  Prelude to a Demolition

1995  Use of HEPA Filters to Control Ionizing Radiation

1994  Avoiding Dual Regulation of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

1994  Design and Construction of Shielded Lunar Outpost

1994  Environmental Hardening of a Mobile-Manipulator System for Nuclear Environments

1994  Heat Transfer Effects in Vertically Emplaced High Level Nuclear Waste Container

1994  Methodology for Comparing Lunar Settlement Designs

1994  Monitored Retrievable Storage/Multi-Purpose Canister Analysis: Simulation and Economics of Automation

1994  Multi-Purpose Canister At-Reactor and Monitored Retrieval Storage

1994  A Near-Term, Long-Duration, Lunar Outpost Design

1994  Nuclear Propulsion: Safety Measures and Concerns

1994  Partitioning of Evapotranspiration Using Lysimeter and Micro Bowen-Ratio Systems

1994  Radiation Effects from Uranium Ore Bodies

1994  Removal of Bromate After Ozonation by Electron Beam Irradiation

1994  Shielding Analysis for the Conceptual Design of the MPC Transportation Cask

1994  Thermal Qualification Testing of Efficient Neutron Shield Materials

1994  Thermal Response in Antenna Under Laser Irradiation

1993  Atmospheric Radiation Balance Over Alfalfa

1993  Growing Season Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficient

1993  Project on “Contaminations-Radiation-Ecosystems-Health” in Russia

1993  Radiation Balance and Soil Water Evaporation of Bare Pullman Clay Loam Soil

1993  Second-Order Radiation Condition for Surface Wave–Body Interaction

1993  Second-Order Wave Loads on Planar Wavemakers

1992  Assessment of Proposed Dose Factor Changes to Shipping Cask Design and Operation

1992  Colorimetric Determination of Fe²+/Fe³+ Ratio in Radioactive Glasses

1992  Conceptual Design of a Monitored Retrievable Storage Cask Employing Yucca Mountain Containers

1992  Constructing Radiation Shields with Textiles for Lunar Applications

1992  A Context for Understanding the Significance of Radiation Exposures from the MRS

1992  Criticality Safety of TRU Storage Arrays at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

1992  Decision Management for the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

1992  Estimation of Daytime Net Radiation Over Well-Watered Grass

1992  Experimental Characterization of Jet Forces on Waste Tank Components

1992  Interpolation Functions for Use with ORIGEN-2 Data

1992  Metallized Microballoon EMI Shielding Materials

1992  Near-Field Radiation Doses from Transported Spent Nuclear Fuel

1992  An ORIGEN2 Update for PCs and Mainframes

1992  Overview of the Hanford Environmental Dose Reconstruction Project

1992  Partitioning and Transmutation of Long-Lived Fission Products

1992  Radiation Energy Treatment of Water, Wastewater and Sludge, A State-of-the-Art Report

1992  Radiation Measurements for Verifying the Loading of Burnup Credit Casks

1992  Radiological Environmental Monitoring for the Yucca Mountain Site

1992  Radiological Protection Criteria for Solid Radioactive Waste Disposal