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2015  Quantitative Analysis of Structural Changes during Rapid Urban Growth: Case Study of Kerman, Iran

2014  Continuous Quality Improvement Techniques for Data Collection in Asset Management Systems

2014  Formalized Approach to Discretize a Continuous Plant in Construction Simulations

2014  Improved Baseline Method to Calculate Lost Construction Productivity

2014  Mathematical Formulation of the Project Quarterback Rating: New Framework to Assess Construction Project Performance

2014  Modeling Social Opposition to Infrastructure Development

2014  Quantitative Analysis of State Transportation Agency’s Experience with Constructability Reviews

2014  Tecnicas de Mejora Continua de la Calidad de la Recoleccion de Datos en Sistemas de Gerencia de Capital de Infraestructura

2014  Topology-Based Quantitative Analysis of Structural Robustness

2013  When Do Mid-Project Reviews (MPRs) Deliver the Greatest Project Benefits? Comparative Analysis of Australian Review Outcomes

2012  Assessment of the Productivity of Nighttime Asphalt Paving Operations

2012  Integrative Model for Quantitative Evaluation of Safety on Construction Sites with Tower Cranes

2012  Quantitative Analysis of the Value of the Green Supply Chain

2012  Sustainability Assessment of Concrete Structures within the Spanish Structural Concrete Code

2011  Comparative Study of Activity-Based Construction Labor Productivity in the United States and China

2011  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on DO Transfer at a Rough Sediment Surface

2011  Improved Risk Assessment of Pipeline Based on Fault Tree Quantitative Analysis

2011  Quantitative Analysis of Circumferential Magnetic Flux Leakage (CMFL) Signal for Oil and Gas Pipeline Based on RBF Neural Network

2011  Quantitative Analysis on Demand of Region Highway Passenger Transportation Volume Statistics Indices

2010  Methodology for Conducting Discrete-Event Simulation Studies in Construction Engineering and Management

2010  A Quantitative Analysis Tool of Factors That Affect Customer Loyalty

2010  Quantitative Methods for Design-Build Team Selection

2010  Quantitative Risk Assessment of Cut-Slope Projects under Construction

2010  Rational Three-Step Method for Optimizing Value of Civil Engineering Research

2010  Research on Station and Line Capacity Coordination in Railway Terminal Based on the Entropy Model

2009  AHP-Based Weighting of Factors Affecting Safety on Construction Sites with Tower Cranes

2009  Analysis on Standards Used in Traffic Impact Study

2009  Coupled Solution for Forced Recharge in Confined Aquifers

2009  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Experimental Study Based on Three Methods

2009  Measurement and Risk Scales of Crane-Related Safety Factors on Construction Sites

2009  A Quantitative Method of Risk Assessment of Natural Gas Pipeline

2009  A Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) Method for Casing Program Design

2009  Relative Importance of Subcontractor Selection Criteria: Evidence from Singapore

2007  CTAN for Risk Assessments Using Multilevel Stochastic Networks

2007  Engineering Analysis with Uncertainties and Complexities, Using Reasoning Approaches

2007  Quantitative Analysis Model of Non-Accident Loss for Tropical Cyclone Avoidance Routing

2007  Safety Impact on Accesses in Two-lane Highways

2006  Crew Production Rates for Contract Time Estimation: Beam Erection, Deck, and Rail of Highway Bridges

2005  Activities of the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste and Perspectives on Selected Technical Issues

2005  Crew Production Rates for Contract Time Estimation: Bent Footing, Column, and Cap of Highway Bridges

2005  Quantitative Microstructural Investigation of Deteriorated Reinforced Concrete Bridge Deck

2004  Network Electricity Use Associated with Wireless Personal Digital Assistants

2004  Project Performance versus Use of Technologies at Project and Phase Levels

2003  Quantitative Analysis and Comparison of Traffic Disruption Using Open-Cut and Trenchless Methods of Pipe Installation

2002  Empirical Investigation of Construction Contractors’ Organizational Learning

2002  Quantitative Definition of Projects Impacted by Change Orders

2001  Hydrologic Assessment of Water Losses in River

2000  Method for Quantifying Freshwater Input and Flushing Time in Estuaries

2000  Prediction of Rock Excavation Quantities Using Conventional and Geophysical Investigation Methods

2000  A Quantitative Evaluation for Water-Oriented Landscape by Fluctuation Theory

1999  Quantitative Image Analysis of Masonry Mortar Microstructure

1998  Quantification of Construction Clients’ Needs Through Paired-Comparisons

1997  Editorial

1997  Environmental Exec Pay Analyzed

1997  Quantitative Benchmarking of Project Management (PM) Processes

1996  A Norm-Based Approach to the Quantification of Model Uncertainty

1995  Competitive Strategies of Quantity Surveying Practices and the Role of Information Technology

1995  Evaluation of Competitive Bids

1995  Progressive-Collapse Loads for Flat-Roof Structures

1995  Quantifying Process Benefits of Electronic Data Management Technologies

1995  Quantitative Evaluation of Effect of Gravity on Small-Scale Modeling

1994  Bayes’ Theorem and Quantitative Risk Assessment

1993  Application of 3DFEMWATER to Assess Capping Alternatives at a Steep-Slope Hazardous Waste Disposal Site

1993  A Checklist Assessment of Dune Vulnerability and Protection in Devon and Cornwall, UK

1993  Cost-Benefit Evaluation of Network Level Pavement Management

1993  Distribution of Flood Volumes Beyond Design Discharges

1993  An Environmental Evaluation Learning System

1993  An Example of Quantitative Evaluation of AVCS Safety

1993  Federal Levee Effects on Flood Heights Near St. Louis

1993  Image Analysis Applied to Geotechnical Engineering

1993  Integrating Qualitative and Quantitative Reasoning in Structural Engineering

1993  The Kinematics of Wave Induced Flows Around Near-Bed Pipelines

1993  Minimum Streamflow for Habitat—A Case Study. Menikganga River Diversion Project—Sri Lanka

1993  Model Testing of Wave Transmission Past Low-Crested Breakwaters

1993  A Model to Quantify Work Space Availability for Space—Contrained Scheduling Within a CAD Environment

1993  Preliminary Assessment of Fault Rupture Hazard at the Yucca Mountain Site Based on Expert Judgement

1993  Pricing Construction Risk: Fuzzy Set Application

1993  Quantification of Uncertainties in a Water Quality Model with Application to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta

1993  Quantitative Assessment of Marine Traffic Environment by Using the Maneuvering Space Concept

1993  Regularities of the Abrasive Coast Development of the Ukrainian Black Sea

1993  Seasonal Morphological Evolution of Beach Profiles in Tropical Zone

1993  Sediment Transport Assessment in the Old River Control Area of the Lower Mississippi River (USA)

1993  Shore Nourishment and the Active Zone: A Time Scale Dependent View

1993  Use of Hazard Analysis in Maintenance

1993  Wave Group Modulations in Cross-shore Breaking Patterns

1992  The General Theory of Quantitative Risk Assessment

1992  Quantitative Risk Assessment and Technology Transfer: Software Developments

1991  Observation, Quantification, and Judgment: Terzaghi and Engineering Geology

1991  Selective Dissolution of Portland–Fly-Ash Cements

1990  Formation and Growth of Lake Ice

1990  Qualitative Analysis of Natural Pozzolanas, Fly Ashes, and Blast Furnace Slags by XRD

1989  Quantification of Longshore Sand Transport and Sand Bypassing at South Lake Worth Inlet Palm Beach County, Florida

1989  Quantitative Evaluation of Reservoir Rule Curves

1989  Quantitative Monitoring of the Coastal Environment Along Kiel Bay, Southwestern Baltic Sea, With Respect to Tourism and Recreation

1989  Selection of GPS Receiver for Survey Applications

1987  Shape Discrimination of Sand Samples Using the Fractal Dimension

1986  The Role of Regulatory Documents in Controlling H.E.

1981  Air Monitoring Network Design: Case Study

1981  Gravel Mining and River System Stability

1981  Limnological Studies of Zumbro Lake and the Application of Quantitative Techniques to Control the Sources of Cultural Eutrophication