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2015  Case Study of Ground-Source Heat Pump Applications in Hot and Humid Climates

2015  Real-Time Multiobjective Optimization of Operation of Water Supply Systems

2014  Capture Zone Comparison for Photovoltaic Microgrid-Powered Pump and Treat Remediation

2014  Characterization of Parameters for a Spatially Heterogenous Aquifer from Pumping Test Data

2014  Complex Adaptive Systems Framework to Assess Supply-Side and Demand-Side Management for Urban Water Resources

2014  Cost-Benefit Analysis for Hydropower Production in Water Distribution Networks by a Pump as Turbine

2014  Coupling Thermal Conductivity Dry-Out Curves with Unsaturated Soil Modeling of Shallow Horizontal Geothermal Exchange Loops

2014  Design and Construction of Large-Scale Floating Precast Pump House

2014  Discrete Pump Scheduling and Leakage Control Using Linear Programming for Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2014  Effect of Air Injector on the Airlift Performance in Air-Water-Solid Three-Phase Flow

2014  Hydraulics of Wells, Design, Construction, Testing, and Maintenance of Water Well Systems

2014  Modeling Equitable Distribution of Water: Dynamic Inversion-Based Controller Approach

2014  Multiobjective Groundwater Remediation Design Using a Coupled MFree Point Collocation Method and Particle Swarm Optimization

2014  Multiobjective Water Distribution Systems Control of Pumping Cost, Water Quality, and Storage-Reliability Constraints

2014  Numerical Modeling of Ground Temperature Response in a Ground-Source Heat Pump System (GSHP)

2014  Optimal Design of Pumping Mains Considering Pump Characteristics

2014  Optimal Pumping Scheduling for Complex Irrigation Water Distribution Systems

2014  Optimization Model for Design-Operation of Pumped-Storage and Hydropower Systems

2014  Parallel Programming Techniques Applied to Water Pump Scheduling Problems

2014  Performance Evaluation of PV-Powered Pump and Treat Systems Using Typical Meteorological Year Three Data

2014  Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in Wadi Ham under Different Pumping Scenarios

2014  Reliability Indicators for Water Distribution System Design: Comparison

2014  Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers Subjected to Freshwater Pumping

2013  Achieving the Triple-Bottom Line: Microtunneled Intake Pump Station at Granger Lake

2013  Analysis of Scaling Factors and Control Scheme of Xing Ancient Buried Hill Reservoir in Liaohe Oilfield

2013  Assessing the Stream Flow Effects of Groundwater Pumping and Return Flow from Irrigation

2013  Consolidation Settlement in Aquifers Caused by Pumping

2013  Correction of the EPANET Inaccuracy in Computing the Efficiency of Variable Speed Pumps

2013  Effects of Varying Stream Channel Conductance on Siting New Pumping Wells in an Aquifer

2013  Evaluating the Approximation of the Affinity Laws and Improving the Efficiency Estimate for Variable Speed Pumps

2013  Evaluation of Analytical and Numerical Techniques for Defining the Radius of Influence for an Open-Loop Ground Source Heat Pump System

2013  Experimental Evaluation of the Regenerative and Basic Organic Rankine Cycles for Low-Grade Heat Source Utilization

2013  Experimental, Numerical, and Theoretical Research on Impeller Diameter Influencing Centrifugal Pump-as-Turbine

2013  Linear Programming of Headloss, Leakage, and Variable Pump Energy Consumption for Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2013  Modified Minimum Night Flow Method for Infiltration Estimation of Pump-Lifting Drainage Systems

2013  Numerical Study on the Initial Pumping Process of the Cable-in-CT Installation

2013  Operating Small Pump Water Supply Systems Efficiently in Cold Regions

2013  Operational Optimization: Water Losses versus Energy Costs

2013  Proximity, Timing, And Aquifer Conditions Key to How Groundwater Pumping Affects Streamflows

2013  Resilience/Availability Analysis of Municipal Water Distribution System Incorporating Adaptive Pump Operation

2013  A Semi-Quantitative Risk Assessment Method for Station Pipeline of Pump & Compressor Station

2013  Separation-Induced Water Level Oscillations in Cooling Tower Pump Intake Structures

2013  Uncertainty Quantification for Stream Depletion Tests

2013  Using Conditional Probability to Predict Solar-Powered Pump-and-Treat Performance

2012  Additional Considerations for Self Priming Siphon Design

2012  An Approximated Analytical Solution to the Problem of Single Well Pumping within an Irregular Boundary

2012  CFD Modeling of Flows in a Practical Water Pump Intake of a Water Treatment Plant

2012  CFD Modeling to Evaluate Design of an Intake of a Raw Water Pump Station at a Water Treatment Plant

2012  Effect of Cross-Flow Velocity at Forebay on Swirl in Pump Suction Pipe: Hydraulic Model of Seawater Intake at Aliveri Power Plant in Greece

2012  Efficient Energy Use in Pump Water Supply Systems in Cold Regions

2012  Extended Period Simulation for Pressure-Deficient Water Distribution Network

2012  Finding Least-Cost Pump Schedules for Reservoir Filling with a Variable Speed Pump

2012  Finite Element Analysis of Temperature Effect on Pump and Sluice during the Construction Period

2012  General and Compact Modelling of Direct Pumping Stations for the Hydraulic and Energy Analysis of Pressurized Distribution Networks

2012  Interpretation of Pumping Test with Radial Collector Well Using a Reservoir Model

2012  Losses Reduction and Energy Production in Water-Distribution Networks

2012  NewsBriefs: Groundwater Pumping May Contribute to Rising Sea Levels (Popular Science)

2012  Optimal Groundwater Remediation by Pump and Treat Using FEM- and EGA-Based Simulation-Optimization Model

2012  Planning-Level Capital Cost Estimates for Pumping

2012  Quantification of Stream Depletion Due to Aquifer Pumping Using Adjoint Methodology: A Case Study

2012  Recycled Water for the Thirsty High Desert

2012  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Saltwater Extraction Schemes to Mitigate Seawater Intrusion due to Groundwater Pumping in a Coastal Aquifer System

2012  Trend Analysis of Precipitation and Runoff As a Basis of Design and Operation of Pumped Storage Water Supply Infrastructure in New Jersey

2011  A Different Aspect for Implanting Hydropower Units on the River Flows

2011  Earth Fissure Formation from the Mechanics of Groundwater Pumping

2011  Economic Viability of Water Pumping Systems Supplied by Wind Energy Conversion and Diesel Generator Systems in North Central Anatolia, Turkey

2011  Hydraulic Surge Mitigation: Modeling a Pump Intake System with a Long Offshore Pipeline

2011  Maximum Approach Flow Considerations for Formed Suction Inlets

2011  Modeling Tool to Support Budgeting and Planning Decisions for Pump Overhauls

2011  Models for Optimization of Energy Consumption of Pumps in a Wastewater Processing Plant

2011  Multiobjective Optimization of Pump-and-Treat-Based Optimal Multilayer Aquifer Remediation Design with Flexible Remediation Time

2011  Optimization of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plant’s Pump Design: A Cost Approach

2011  Pipe Dream No More

2011  Rational Design of a Pump-Sump and Its Model Testing

2011  Reliability/Availability Analysis of Water Distribution Systems Considering Adaptive Pump Operation

2011  Simple Management Tools to Reduce Water Pumping Based on Hydrologic Probabilities and Supply Shortage Risk Quantification

2011  Surge Protections for a Major Raw Water Pump and Pipeline System

2010  Adjoint Model for the Selection of Groundwater Well Locations to Minimize Stream Depletion

2010  Applying Genetic Programming Approaches to Short-Term Water Demand Forecast for District Water System

2010  Calibration and Optimization of the Pumping and Disinfection of a Real Water Supply System

2010  Cumulative Effects of Soil Nailing under Cyclic Load Considering Bottom Boundary Conditions of Facing

2010  Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

2010  Design of Pumped Water Distribution Networks with Storage

2010  Diagnostic Curves for Identifying Leaky Aquifer Parameters with or without Aquitard Storage

2010  Empirical Equation for Spacing of Ground Water Heat Pump Systems

2010  Energy Variability and Produced Water: Two Challenges, One Synergistic Management Approach Using Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage

2010  Formed Suction Inlet Design for Mixed Flow Pump Applications

2010  Investigation and Failure Analysis of Deep Underground Sewage Pump Station

2010  Making Optimal Pump Scheduling Models Work

2010  Managing Challenges Building the Aurora Prairie Waters Project

2010  Modeling the Transient Pumping from Two Aquifers Using MODFLOW

2010  Multiobjective Groundwater Remediation System Design Using Coupled Finite-Element Model and Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II

2010  Neutral Search Technique for Short-Term Pump Schedule Optimization

2010  Optimization of Underground Water Pumping

2010  Quasi-Steady Solution of Rotor-Dynamic Forces Generated by Discharge-to-Suction Leakage Flows in Centrifugal Pumps

2010  Relationship between Pump Horsepower and Energy Usage in Municipal Water Networks

2010  Strategies for Real Time Pump Operation for Water Distribution Systems

2010  Study on the New Deformation Characteristics of the Pumped Aquifers in Su-Xi-Chang Area, China

2010  Thermal Measurement, Analysis & Interpretation of a Pilot Standing Column Well

2010  Ultrafine Cement in Pressure Grouting