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2014  Surge Wave Propagation in a Common Tailrace Channel for Two Large Pumped-Storage Plants

2013  Fast Hybrid Optimization Method for Effective Pump Scheduling

2013  Hydraulic Modeling and Engineering Design for a Somerset Pump Station and its Water Distribution System

2013  Resilience/Availability Analysis of Municipal Water Distribution System Incorporating Adaptive Pump Operation

2013  Surge Analysis and Engineering Design for a Somerset Pump Station and its Water Distribution System

2013  The Tingo Pucará Water Pumping System: A Cultural Case Study in the Ecuadorean Andes

2013  Wastewater Pump Station Rehabilitation to Increase Capacity and Decrease Grease, Odor, and Sedimentation Maintenance Issues

2012  Application of RCM on Pump Station

2012  Condition Assessment of 23 Lift Stations

2012  Intake Screen Alternatives for the IPL Project—Planning for Mussels and Variable Intake Depths

2012  Lessons Learned from the Commissioning of a 21,000 HP Pump Station in San Diego

2012  Planning-Level Capital Cost Estimates for Pumping

2012  Random Scenarios Generation with Minimum Energy Consumption Model for Sectoring Optimization in Pressurized Irrigation Networks Using a Simulated Annealing Approach

2012  Simplified Approach for the Optimal Sizing of Throttled Air Chambers

2011  Hot Tapping and Plugging in New York City: A Method to Maintain Service and Protect the Marine Environment during Reconstruction of a Major Sewage Pumping Station and Treatment Plant

2011  Integrated Model for Optimizing Strategic Overhaul Planning of Distributed Pump Stations

2011  Repair and Retrofit of a Failed Deep Underground Sewage Pump Station

2011  The Straw That Stirs the Drink—Designing a Challenging Diversion Pump Station and Force Main for Clackamas County Sanitary District #1, Oregon

2010  Generalized Method for Storm-Water Pumping Station Design

2009  Condition Assessment of Existing Steel Suction Piping at the Trinity River Pump Station

2009  Hydraulic Modeling and Engineering Evaluation of Fort Myers Beach’s Water Distribution System

2008  Ant Colony Optimization for Least-Cost Design and Operation of Pumping Water Distribution Systems

2008  Managing Risk to Groundwater Wells during Pump Station and Pipeline Construction — The Walnut Lake Project

2008  Scattergraph Principles and Practice: Evaluating Pump Stations, Inverted Siphons, and Other Related Structures

2008  Shawnee Road Pump Station Upgrade, Niagara County Water District

2008  Transient Control for a Multiple Booster Pumping Station and Transmission Pipeline System — Design, Testing, Adjustment, and Operation

2008  When Modeling Isn’t Enough

2006  The Great Man-Made River Project

2005  Design and Construction of CDSM Slope Reinforcement for Seismic Retrofit of Pump Station

2005  Five OCEA Finalists Chosen; OPAL Lifetime Achievement Recipients Named (Rion-Antirion Bridge; Mubarak Pumping Station; Time Warner Center; AirTrain JFK Light Rail System; Olivenhain Dam Reservoir)

2005  Pumping Selection and Regulation for Water-Distribution Networks

2005  Simulation of Hydropneumatic Tanks in Computer Pipe Network Models

2005  Trade-Off between Total Cost and Reliability for Anytown Water Distribution Network

2004  Application of Suction Scoops to Improve Pump-Approach Flow Distributions in Three-Pump Intake Bays

2004  Effective Teaming of Design and Manufacturer Engineers Avoids Costly Delays Due to Changed Conditions

2004  Hydraulic Surge Control in Pump Stations with Traveling Water Screens

2004  Use of Genetic Algorithm in Optimization of Irrigation Pumping Stations

2003  Development and Use of a NEXRAD Database for Water Management in South Florida

2003  Optimal Design and Operation of Irrigation Pumping Stations

2003  Water Delivery System Planning Considering Irrigation Simultaneity

2002  Effects of Free Outflow in Rising Mains with Air Chamber

2002  From Pumping Station Monitoring to Integrated System Control: 30 Years of Practical Experience on R.T.C. of Waste Water Systems and Present Plans

2001  Economic Design and Operation of Ground Water Systems

2000  Cured-in-Place Force Main Rehabilitation at Great Lakes Naval Training Center

2000  Pumping Station Design, 2nd Edition, Robert L. Sanks, Editor-in-Chief

2000  Sacramento River Gradient Restoration Facility

2000  Using Hydraulic Modeling to Improve System Operation

2000  Virtual Crotch Plate

2000  Water In, Water Out

2000  Waterhammer Analysis for the New Valley Electrically Driven Pumping Station Project (Toshka)

2000  Waterhammer Protection for the Toshka Pumping System

1999  Pumping Plant Buildings: Seismic Upgrades

1999  Seismic Risk Evaluation and Improvement Program for the Metropolitan Wastewater Department (MWWD), City of San Diego

1999  Simulations of Flood and Inundation Affected by Pumping-Station and Flood-Gate Operations

1998  Control of Sediment Deposition at the Amir-Kabir Pump Station Using a Physical Hydraulic Model

1998  DBO Ultrafiltration Project Hits Texas

1998  The Frequency of Combined Sewer Overflows During Flood Events in the Receiving Water

1998  Huxtable Pumping Plant Interior Flood Hydrology

1998  Hydraulic Design and Analysis for a Water Supply System Modification

1998  Transient Analysis with Time-Decoupled Pumping Station

1997  Advanced Redundant Fieldbus and Plant Control System in Conjunction with Multiple Variable Speed Units

1997  Design and Construction of the River Road Reservoir

1997  Pumped-Up Pumping Stations

1997  Pumping Station Expansion

1996  Alternative Wastewater Pumping Station Design Considerations

1996  Berkeley Fights Fire with Salt Water

1996  Direct Sizing of Small Stormwater Pump Stations

1996  Effects of Approach Flow Conditions on Pump Sump Design

1996  Engineering Features of the Red Bluff Research Pumping Plant

1996  Hydraulic Structures by P. Novak, A. I. B. Moffat, C. Nalluri, and R. Narayanan

1996  A New Strategic Management of Pumping Station in Sewer Systems

1996  Optimum Simulation and Control of Fixed-Speed Pumping Stations

1996  Sediment Transport Modeling for the Glen-Colusa Irrigation District Fish Screen Modifications

1995  City of Vancouver Dedicated Fire Protection System Underground Piping Design Considerations

1995  Construction of Ameria Caisson in Egypt

1995  CSO Treatment Using Constructed Wetlands

1995  Deep Wastewater Circular Pumping Stations

1995  Design and Construction of the Puddletown Booster Station

1995  GIS in Automated Optimal Design of Sewer Networks

1995  Irrigation Pumping Plant Energy Use and Potential Savings

1995  Puente Hills Reclaimed Water Distribution System

1995  Rehabilitation of Masonry Combined Sewers in the City of St. Louis

1995  Urban Wastewater Management in Southern Jiangsu

1995  Use of Decision Models for Planning and Permitting of Water Resource Projects

1994  Constant-Speed Pubping Stations Can Clean Up for the First Time

1994  Eliminating Water Column Separation and Limiting Backspin at a 12,000-Horsepower Pumping Plant

1994  SCADA System Controls Combined Sewer Overflow Regulation System to Optimize Wastewater Collection

1994  Seismic Analysis of Failure and Loss of Function of Water Pumping Facilities

1994  Seismic Fragility Analysis of Sheahan Pumping Building

1994  Use of Hydraulic Control Valves in Deep-Well Pump Station Design Under Low/No Discharge Pressure

1994  Utilizing Mathcad for Hydraulic Design of Stormwater Pump Stations

1992  The Application of UNET to a Complex Channel Network

1992  Automated Operation of Pumping Stations in Russia

1992  Energy Efficient Pump Station Operation with a Pump Switching Constraint

1992  Turning on the Waterworks

1991  A Comparison of Two Large Scale NLP Strategies for Determining Optimal Pump Station Controls

1991  Computer Modeling as a Tool for Selecting Appropriate Air Valves for Pipeline Surge Protection

1991  Dynamic Model of Pump Station

1991  Effect of Nile River Flow on Performance of Shoubrah Power Plant Cooling System

1991  Methodology for Optimal Operation of Pumping Stations in Water Distribution Systems