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2015  Construction Management Challenges and Best Practices for Rural Transit Projects

2015  Designing a Flexible Feeder Transit System Serving Irregularly Shaped and Gated Communities: Determining Service Area and Feeder Route Planning

2015  Differences between the Perceptions of Captive and Choice Riders toward Bus Service Attributes and the Need for Segmentation of Bus Services in Urban India

2015  Key Strategies for Improving Public Transportation Based on Planned Behavior Theory: Case Study in Shanghai, China

2015  News2Note: Quick glimpses of the new and noteworthy

2015  Optimization of a Transit Services Model with a Feeder Bus and Rail System Using Metaheuristic Algorithms

2015  Public Transport Travel-Time Variability Definitions and Monitoring

2014  Bus Size and Headways Optimization Model Considering Elastic Demand

2014  Construction Begins on Detroit Steetcar Project

2014  Experiences with Aerial Ropeway Transportation Systems in the Urban Environment

2014  Optimizing Headways for Mass Rapid Transit Services

2014  Transbay Transit Center: Innovations in Automated Monitoring

2013  Adaptability Evaluation of Comprehensive Passenger Transport Centers

2013  Anaheim Mass Transit Center Will Feature Soaring Shell Structure

2013  Analysis on Transfer from Electric Bike to Public Transportation Based on SP Data and RP Data

2013  Analyzing Public Transportation Competitiveness Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior

2013  Assessing Sustainability of Public Transport in a Developing Country-Case Study of Accra, Ghana

2013  Automated Light Metro for Honolulu

2013  Beyond Context-Sensitive Solutions: Using Value-Sensitive Design to Identify Needed Transit Information Tools

2013  Bringing People to Work: A Sustaining Function of Commuter Rail Services

2013  Bus-Stop Location Selection Model Based on Voronoi Diagrams

2013  Communications-Based Train Control Interoperability Developments at New York City Transit

2013  Comparison of Investment Trends and Economic Development Potential by Public Transport Mode

2013  Conceive of Integrative Transportation of Xia-Zhang-Quan Metropolitan Area

2013  Conceptual Physical Design of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Dhaka

2013  Construction of a Metro Line Serving the Holy Sites of Makkah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2013  Development of a Map-Matching Algorithm for Rural Passenger Information Systems through Mobile Phones and Crowd Sourcing

2013  Development of City-Specific Driving Cycles for Transit Buses Based on VSP Distributions: Case of Beijing

2013  Development of the Automotive Industry under the TOD Mode in China

2013  Dispatch Time Interval Division Method of Regional Bus Scheduling

2013  Embracing Underground Rail to Enhance Sustainability

2013  Energy Management Solutions for "Green" Transit Systems

2013  Energy Optimization for Public Transportation Applications

2013  Evaluating Centralized versus Decentralized Zoning Strategies for Metropolitan ADA Paratransit Services

2013  Evaluation of Rural Passenger Transportation Services with Bus Operation Mode in a Metropolitan Area

2013  Hydrogen Fuel Cell Transit Buses and Infrastructure - Contrasting Innovations

2013  Improvements and Innovations in Aerial Ropeway Transportation Technologies: Observations from Recent Implementations

2013  Innovative Concepts in First-Last Mile Connections to Public Transportation

2013  Innovative Transit Systems and Practices - Relevant Programs under the Federal Transit Administration

2013  Integrating Travelers and Transit into Solutions for Congestion Relief

2013  Investment Practices of Transit Service Providers in Land Development

2013  Joint Optimization of Temporal Headway and Differential Fare for Transit Systems Considering Heterogeneous Demand Elasticity

2013  Load-Based Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator for Transit Buses: An Atlanta, GA, Case Study

2013  Load-Based Life-Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator: Running Emissions Sensitivity Analysis

2013  Measurement of Bus Transit Running Service Performance

2013  Measuring the Value of Multimodal Investments

2013  Mode Shift Behavior Impacts from the Introduction of Metro Service: Case Study of Xi’an, China

2013  New York City’s Mass Transit System Expands

2013  Optimization Model of the Public Transit Network Based on Operational Reliability

2013  Planning of BRT-Exclusive Lane and Analysis of Passenger Capacity

2013  Proportion-Based and Tendency-Based Bus Trajectory Prediction Models

2013  Pro-Public Transportation Mobility Management: Approaches to Alleviating Winter Traffic Issues in Hokkaido

2013  PRT as a Supplement to Existing Transportation Modes

2013  PRT Mode Share Estimations Using a Direct Demand Stated Preference Method

2013  Public Transportation Systems for Urban Planners and Designers: The Urban Morphology of Public Transportation Systems

2013  Risk-Based Transit Schedule Design for a Fixed Route from the View of Equity

2013  Robust Optimization Model of Bus Transit Network Design with Stochastic Travel Time

2013  Role of Electric Drive Transit Technologies in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2013  Role of Transit in Carless Evacuation Planning

2013  Scale-Set Model of Public Bicycles Based on Birth and Death Process

2013  Scheme Selection of Urban and Rural Public Transportation Network Planning

2013  Simplifying the Measure of Service Availability

2013  Sustainability of Public Transport on the Bed Rock of Civil Infrastructure-Construction of Traffic Transit Management Centres by BMTC

2013  Synchronization Optimization Model of BRT System Based on Max-Plus Algebra Petri Net

2013  System Framework and Key Activities of Developing Multimodal Passenger Transport Hubs

2013  Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in Edmonton, Canada

2013  U-Concept Viaduct - Precast Segmental Application to UIJEONGBU LRT Project (South Korea)

2013  Urban Public Transportation Systems 2013

2012  Adaptability Evaluation of Urban Public Transport Based on Weighted Grey Incidence Degree

2012  Aerial Ropeway Transportation Systems in the Urban Environment: State of the Art

2012  Analysis of Single-Line Passenger Flow Based on IC Data and GPS Data

2012  A Benchmarking Framework for Public Transportation Projects Delivery

2012  Calibration and Application of Passenger Parameters in Commuter Based on Social Force Model

2012  City Development and Public Transportation Planning: A Case Study of Taichung City

2012  Combinatorial Optimization of Exclusive Bus Lanes and Bus Frequencies in Multi-Modal Transportation Network

2012  Commitment to Light Rail Transit Patronage: Case Study for St. Louis MetroLink

2012  Conventional, Flexible, and Variable-Type Bus Services

2012  Developing a Time-Based Model for Buses for Integration with Planning Model for Greenhouse Gas Analyses

2012  Dynamic Vehicle Dispatching at a Transfer Station in Public Transportation System

2012  Efficiency and Applicability of "Stand Right, Walk Left" Escalator Policy at Mass Transit Station

2012  Evaluation of Feeder Bus in Residential Area

2012  Evaluation of Urban Mass Transit Network Based on Gray Correlation—TOPPSIS

2012  Gender Difference Analysis in Commuter Trips in Public Transit Mode in Metropolitan, China: Taking Jinhe Residential Community in Peripheral New Town of Shanghai As an Example

2012  The Implementing Conditions of Integrated Urban and Rural Public Transport: A Case Analysis in Shijiazhuang, China

2012  Investigation, Analysis, and Modeling of Choice Behavior of Park and Ride

2012  Large-Scale Evacuation Using Subway and Bus Transit: Approach and Application in City of Toronto

2012  LEED Public Transportation Accessibility and Its Economic Implications

2012  Making Public Transport and Housing Match: Accomplishments and Failures of Curitba’s BRT

2012  Measuring Stop Connectivity within a Transit Network

2012  The Number of Motor Vehicles in Urban Management: The Case of Beijing

2012  Optimization Analyses of Bus Stations’ Operational Efficiency

2012  Passenger Assignment Model Based on Common Route in Congested Transit Networks

2012  Performance of Traffic Networks during Multimodal Evacuations: Simulation-Based Assessment

2012  Planning of Fixed-Route Fixed-Schedule Feeder Service to Bus Stops in Rural India

2012  Public Transport Smart Card Data Analysis and Passenger Flow Distribution

2012  Public Transportation Travel Mode Choice Behavior Research

2012  Research on the Management of System Configurations for Public Traffic in Medium and Small Cities

2012  The Roosevelt Island Tramway Modernization Project

2012  Single-point Control Strategy for Real-time Online Transit Priority

2012  Study of Priority Mode Development for Public Transportation