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2015  Successful Collaborative Negotiation over Water Policy: Substance versus Process

2014  Focus Group Study to Explore Critical Factors of Public Engagement Process for Mega Development Projects

2014  Links between Successful Innovation Diffusion and Stakeholder Engagement

2013  Characterization of Public and Stakeholder Objectives in Environmental Management: New Hampshire’s Lamprey River

2013  Improving Public Engagement in Construction Development Projects from a Stakeholder’s Perspective

2013  Partnerships and Experience in Building STEM Pipelines

2012  Assessment of the Role of International Organizations in the Rehabilitation of Historic Districts: Case of Darb Alahmar

2011  Case Study: Public Involvement Outcomes in Four Seattle Communities Targeted for New Combined Sewer Overflow Facilities

2011  Drivers of Conflict in Developing Country Infrastructure Projects: Experience from the Water and Pipeline Sectors

2011  The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition: Public Works for Public Learning

2011  Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks for Participatory Water Management: Two Case Studies in Spain

2011  Rigor Matrix to Enhance Public Involvement Effectiveness for Infrastructure Projects

2010  Casewise Visual Evaluation for High-Performance Collaborative Visioning of PGDP Nuclear Enrichment Plant End State

2010  e-Society: A Community Engagement Framework for Construction Projects

2010  Finding Flooding Solutions Using Interfacing Tools to Aid in Model Calibration and Public Collaboration

2010  Integrated Strategy for Public Involvement at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

2010  Short Takes: Online Games Highlights ASCEville’s ’Green’ Makeover

2010  Simplest Way to Reach the Most Complicated Goal: "In the Urban Planning, Questions Are Ours and Answers Are the Natives’s"

2010  Use of Structured Public Involvement to Identify Community Preferences for a Superfund Site End State Vision

2009  Community Empowerment through Development of Locally Sustainable Drinking Water Sources

2009  Conflict Analysis in Public Engagement Program of Urban Planning in Hong Kong

2009  Exploring the Implications of Climate Change on Water Resources through Participatory Modeling: Case Study of the Okanagan Basin, British Columbia

2008  Case Studies from the United Kingdom and the United States of Stakeholder Decision Making on Radioactive Waste Management

2008  Private Property Virtual Library: Helping to Connect Useful Resources to Those Who Need It

2007  Public Participation in the Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Study

2007  Using Virtual Environment Technology to Improve Public Participation in Urban Planning Process

2005  Advocacy in the Access Age

2005  The Citizen’s Role in Influencing Public Policy: Coastal and Ocean Activism

2005  Consensus Seeking Versus Truth Seeking

2005  E-Society Portal: Integrating Urban Highway Construction Projects into the Knowledge City

2005  Exploring the Davidson Seamount; Combining Science, Public Outreach, and Resource Management

2005  Low Income Youth As Environmental Leaders

2005  Monitoring Rocky Intertidal Shorelines: A Role for the Public in Resource Management

2005  Public Involvement in Fairfax County’s Watershed Management Program: The Little Hunting Creek Watershed Project

2005  Team OCEAN: Naturalist Corps Volunteers Promote Stewardship for the Marine Sanctuary

2003  Interplay of Science and Stakeholder Values in Neuse River Total Maximum Daily Load Process

2003  The Strategy of Watershed management and Public Participation

2002  Interactive Policy Development in Rotterdam: Optimizing the Impact of Popular Participation

2001  Community Emergency Response Training (CERTs): A Recent History and Review

2001  Community Evaluates Risk to Drinking Water Supply

2001  Confessions of an Environmental Stakeholder

2001  Educating Stakeholders for Involvement in Watershed Planning and Management

2001  Framework for Effective Stakeholder Policy Making for Water Resources and Environmental Issues

2001  The Importance of Meeting with Public Officials

2001  Methods for Public Acceptance for Stormwater Utility Funding

2001  Public Involvement—A Critical Success Factor for Urban Pipeline Design and Construction

2001  Regional Water Planning in Central Texas: Public Involvement at its Best

2001  Stakeholder Involvement in Developing the Everglades Restoration Plan

2001  Stakeholder Participation in the Florida Keys Carrying Capacity Study

2001  Who Is to Blame for the Failures of Sustainable Reconstruction Projects?

2000  Creating Hazard Resilient Communities through Land-Use Planning

2000  Effects of Local People on the Success of the Watershed Rehabilitation Projects

2000  A Framework for State and Regional Space Commerce Development

2000  The Future of Shared Vision Planning

2000  An Innovative Communication Channel for Local Residents on a Proposed Public Utility Service Building

2000  An Innovative Stormwater Management Project in Sydney, Australia

2000  Participatory Micro Watershed Development for Hill Dwellers in Bangladesh: A Challenge

2000  A Public-Private Partnership in the Implementation of Watershed-Wide Solutions in Rockledge, Florida

2000  Serving 3D-GIS on the Web for Facilitating Public Involvement in Urban Landscape Evaluation

2000  Small Scale Water Resources Development Project in Rural Bangladesh: People’s Participation in Subproject Development

2000  Urban Community Information System: To Pervade Information Faucets in Metropolitan Areas

2000  Value of Public Participation: Policy for Stormwater Quality for the Watershed

2000  Water Resources Management in the Mystic River, Watershed II: University and Community Collaboration through Service Learning and Active Citizenship

1999  Aspects of Road Safety Audits

1999  Community Participation in the FEMA FIS Process: A New Way to Go

1999  DOT’s Slater Calls for More Public Awareness of Transportation Careers

1999  Integrated Urban Water Management in Enschede

1999  The Rouge Project: Building Institutional and Regulatory Frameworks Necessary for Watershed Approaches to Wet Weather Pollution Management

1998  25 Years Later–Is There Still a Coastal Constituency?

1998  Advancing Pollution Prevention (P2) Through Advocacy and Education: A Combined Approach

1998  An Aquifer Classification System in Support of Ground Water Management Strategy Development

1998  The California Coast: Of, By and For the People

1998  Citizen Volunteerism in Coastal Education and Management Programs

1998  Citizen Water Quality Monitoring and Education

1998  City of San Diego Mid-City Pipeline Project Integrating a Public Outreach Program into the Planning and Alignment Selection Process

1998  Civil Engineers in the News: A Landslide Election Victory for Florida Civil Engineer

1998  Construction Forum

1998  Denver’s South Platte River Corridor Project

1998  Design and Construction of the Valley Center Pipeline

1998  Drainage Problems in an Urbanized Watershed

1998  Educating Industry, Government and the Public About Maintaining a Healthy Ecosystem

1998  Entrance to Aspen LRT: Main Street Design Report

1998  Environmental Engineering: Changes Then, Now, and Next

1998  Forum

1998  Investigations and Governmental Cooperation on the Coastal and Marine Impact of Oil Spill Responsiveness to Recent Shore Based Spills in Central California

1998  Is True Watershed Management Achievable?

1998  Leveraging Management Skills to Serve “Communities”

1998  Little Wekiva River Restoration: A Watershed Management Strategy for an Urbanized River

1998  Meaningful Marine Monitoring: The Three R’s to Responsible Stewardship

1998  Offshore Facility Decommissioning: Issues and Opportunities

1998  Overview of ASTM Proposed Standard Guide to the Process of Sustainable Brownfields Redevelopment

1998  Planning Road Projects with Community Needs in Mind

1998  Public Involvement in Chesapeake Bay Restoration

1998  Public Outreach and Construction Strategies for the Mission Trails Pipeline and Flow Regulatory Structure

1998  Public Participation in Managing California’s Ocean Resources: “The Role of the Public in Governance Affecting Coastal and Offshore Resources”

1998  Rancho Penasquitos Pipeline Public Affairs Support

1998  The Rogue Valley, Oregon Air Quality Planning Experience

1998  Role of the Public and Attitudes Toward Potable Reuse

1998  Short-Distance Transport Systems in Japan: Current Status and Future Prospects

1998  South Platte River Enhancement: North Denver