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2012  Public Opinion As an Indicator of the Social Sustainability of Construction Projects

2010  Limiting LNG: Public Perception Hinders the Role of Liquefied Natural Gas Domestically

2009  Aesthetic Mitigation — The Challenge Confronting Future Expansion of Transmission Lines

2009  Conflict Analysis in Public Engagement Program of Urban Planning in Hong Kong

2007  State-of-Practice Technologies on Accelerated Urban Highway Rehabilitation: I-15 California Experience

2006  Public Attitudes Toward Different Space Goals: Building Public Support for the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE)

2005  The Management of Radioactive Waste in the European Union.Opinions, Situation and Proposal for Changes

2005  Response of Test House to Vibroseis Vibrations and Environmental Forces

2005  Support for Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling among the California Public

2004  ASCE Seeks Public Opinion on Standards, Proposed Revisions to Code

2004  What is the Public Perception of Civil Engineering?

2002  Learning Travelers’ Attitudes Towards Managed Lanes

2002  Working with Community Values: Can Local Government Afford to Hold Back the Tide of Public Opinion?

2000  A Piece of the Puzzle: Insurance Industry Perspective on Mitigation

2000  Public Attitudes Toward Overland Rocket Flight

2000  Service Quality Gaps Analysis at SCECO-East, Saudi Arabia

1999  A Broader Perspective Is Needed

1999  Methods to Evaluate Conservation Rate Structures

1999  Professional Issues Facing Civil Engineers Are Focus of ASCE Workshop

1998  Clinton Supports Domain Name Transfer

1998  Exploration Advocacy and the Concepts of Human Freedom and Destiny

1998  Harris Poll Shows Engineering Remains ‘Stealth Profession’ Among Women and Minorities

1998  How Do We Educate Our Future Restoration Specialists?

1998  Institutional Structures for River Restoration

1998  Livening Up Our Image

1998  Ocean Conservation and the Public: An Issue Waiting to be Made, SeaWeb: A Project of the Pew Charitable Trusts

1998  Overcoming Alternative On-Site Sewage System Barriers

1998  Politic Politics and Other Realities of Coastal Management

1998  Prince Memorial Greenway, Santa Rosa Creek

1998  Promoting Emotion Over Reason

1998  Public Perceptions of Water Pollution Threats and Experts as Mitigators

1998  Rancho Penasquitos Pipeline Public Affairs Support

1998  Reliability and Risk Considerations in Offshore Design and Operations

1998  The Role of the Civil Engineer: Reflections by the 1997 Winner of the Simpson Gumpertz & Hager Scholarship

1998  “Silicon Valley” Moves Towards Sustainable Urban Water Use

1998  The Transportation Management District: A Tool to Engage Private Sector Support in Meeting Energy, Environmental, and Transportation Goals

1997  ASCE Scores Record Media Blitz in Getting the C.E. Message Across to Public

1997  ASCE’s Grants Program for Local P.R. Projects Makes Strides during First Year

1997  Making an Impression That Counts: Turning a Mediocre Presentation into a Great One

1997  Member Disagrees with ASCE P.S.A.

1997  Public Relations for Engineers Forum

1997  Recent Developments in Coastal Defence Policy and Guidance in England

1997  Resolving Conflicts in Hydropower Operations

1997  State of the Society: ‘Excellent’

1997  Structuring a New Vision for Civil Engineers in Japan

1997  Waste Disposal: Some Items for Discussion

1996  An Approach to International High Level Radioactive Waste Management

1996  ASCE’s New Logo: A Case of Corporate Identity

1996  Comments on the Movie "Apollo 13"

1996  Cooperation Can End Bid Evils

1996  Drinking Water Quality in Small Northern Communities

1996  Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, John Roebling

1996  Empowerment at ASCE’s Grass Roots Starts to Take Hold

1996  Engineering and History: Manifestations in Monuments

1996  Environmental Worldviews and Water Resources

1996  Getting No Respect? Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

1996  In Pursuit of a Stamp

1996  Issues in Risk Perception and Communication of Importance to a Regulator: Results of an International Seminar Sponsored by HMIP

1996  It Has a Ring to It

1996  Key Risk Attributes in the Perception of Engineering Design Options

1996  Letters to the Editor

1996  Not on Our Salary

1996  Oil Spills: Prevention, Prediction, and Preparation

1996  Public Attitudes, Behavior, and the Willingness to Sacrifice to Mitigate Uncertain Adversity: Water Management Implications for Climate Change

1996  Reader Praise for CE

1996  Reader Urges Peers to Accept Challenge

1996  Survey of University Students’ Knowledge and Views on Nuclear Waste Disposal and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process

1996  Writing the Great American (Civil Engineering) Novel

1995  Assessing Community Attitudes and Perceptions: Methods Every Professional Should Know

1995  Building Trust and Confidence: The Long Road Ahead

1995  Choosing a Civil Engineering Career: Some Market Research Findings

1995  A Comprehensive Set of Tools for Transportation Risk Assessment

1995  Crisis Perception and Policy Outcomes: Comparison between Environmental and Infrastructure Crises

1995  Empowerment: A Fundamental Tenet of Risk Communication and The Nimby Syndrome

1995  Explaining the Risks of Buried High Level Waste

1995  Metric Support Will Ruin Image with Public

1995  National Engineers Week 1995

1995  One View of Risk Perception and Risk Communication

1995  Parthum Challenges Engineers to Take Responsibility for Their Image

1995  Persuasive Approach to Master Planning Street Widening: City of Stockton: A Case Study

1995  A Public Informed on Nuclear Waste Issues Favors Reprocessing

1995  Public Participation Practices at Work: The Process for Determining Site Suitability

1995  Public Perceptions in Groundwater Recharge

1995  The Role of Alternatives Analysis in the Permitting of Water Resources Projects

1995  Save the Centimeter

1995  Synthesizing Source Theories into Siting Interventions

1995  Using Public Surveys to Assess Aesthetic Resource Impacts

1994  Analyzing Mass Perceptions of Nuclear Politics: Puzzling Over Trust

1994  Civil Engineering and Civic Monuments: The Commissioning, Design and Public Perception of Urban Infrastructure Projects

1994  A Critically Educated Public Explores High Level Radioactive Waste Management

1994  Differentiating the Experience of Boater “Publics”

1994  Enhance Engineering Opportunities—or Else

1994  Environmental Mediation and Open-Water Disposal

1994  EPA’s Public Consultation and Communications Needs Assesment for Its WIPP Outreach Program

1994  Formulation of the Interagency Coordination Team for the Houston-Galveston Navigation Channels, Texas Project

1994  Making Sense of a Sensitive Issue

1994  Nuclear Word Images as Policy Instruments

1994  On the Benefits of an Integrated Nuclear Complex for Nevada

1994  One Mans View of Dredging Equipment 2020

1994  Public Opinion Polling and the Yucca Mountain Controversy: A Seven Year Inventory (12/86–8/93)