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Found 50 Records with the keyword term of "Pseudodynamic method"

2014  Nonlinear Failure Surface and Pseudodynamic Passive Resistance of a Battered-Faced Retaining Wall Supporting c-Φ Backfill

2013  A Practical Approach to the Phase and Amplitude Error Estimation for Pseudodynamic (PSD) Testing

2012  Performance and Application of Equivalent Force Control Method for Real-Time Substructure Testing

2012  Performance Examination of Two Seismic Strengthening Procedures by Pseudodynamic Testing

2011  Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Using Shake Tables and Dynamic Actuators

2010  Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm with Improved Stability Properties

2009  Bidirectional Pseudodynamic Testing

2008  Hybrid Simulation with Improved Operator-Splitting Integration Using Experimental Tangent Stiffness Matrix Estimation

2008  Seismic Performance Evaluation of a Large-Scale Composite MRF Using Pseudodynamic Testing

2008  Testing of Full-Scale Two-Story Steel Plate Shear Wall with Reduced Beam Section Connections and Composite Floors

2007  Development of Multidirectional Structural Testing System Applicable to Pseudodynamic Test

2007  Experimental Evaluation of a Large-Scale Buckling-Restrained Braced Frame

2007  Implementation of Real-Time Hybrid Pseudodynamic Test Method for Evaluating Seismic Hazard Mitigation Measures

2007  Real-Time Error Monitoring for Hybrid Simulation. Part I: Methodology and Experimental Verification

2007  Real-Time Error Monitoring for Hybrid Simulation. Part II: Structural Response Modification Due to Errors

2005  Error Propagation in Implicit Pseudodynamic Testing of Nonlinear Systems

2005  Multi-Platform Earthquake Analysis of Geotechnical-Structural Systems

2004  Experimental Study of Seismic Behaviors of As-Built and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Repaired Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2004  Nonlinear System Identification of Reinforced Concrete Steel Structure: Using Pseudodynamic Testing Data

2002  Explicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm with Unconditional Stability

2001  Pseudoforce Method for Nonlinear Analysis and Reanalysis of Structural Systems

1999  Pseudodynamic Testing of a Masonry Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frame

1997  Pseudodynamic Testing of Scaled Models

1996  Damage Evaluation in Steel Box Columns by Pseudodynamic Tests

1996  PsD Test on Four-Story R/C Building Designed According to Eurocodes

1995  Pseudodynamic Analysis of Semi-Rigid Composite Structures with Softening Behavior

1994  Applicability of Pseudo-force method to Highly Nonlinear Dynamic Problems

1994  Performance Parameters for Pseudodynamic Tests

1993  Posterior Time-Step Adjustment in Pseudodynamic Testing

1992  Pseudoforce Method of Solution for Highly Nonlinear Systems

1991  Behavior of Composite Beam Frame by Pseudodynamic Testing

1991  Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Study of Piles and Simplified Models

1990  Error Analysis for Pseudodynamic Test Method: I. Analysis

1990  Error Analysis for Pseudodynamic Test Method: II. Application

1990  Experimental Error Effects in Pseudodynamic Testing

1990  The Seismic Response of Waterfront Retaining Walls

1989  Analytical Evaluation of K-Braced Structure Seismic Test

1989  Analytical Modeling of Phase 2 Steel Structure

1989  Pseudodynamic Test Method—Current Status and Future Directions

1989  Reliability of Pseudodynamic Test in Earthquake Response Simulation

1989  Seismic Behavior of Full-Scale Concentrically Braced Steel Building Structure

1989  System Identification of a Large Structure Using Pseudo-Dynamic Test Data

1988  Rate-of-Loading Effects on Pseudodynamic Tests

1987  Behavior of Eccentrically Braced Frame by Pseudo-Dynamic Test

1986  Bidirectional Seismic Response of Simple Structures

1986  Earthquake Response Simulation Capacity of Pseudo Dynamic Testing—Experimntal Demonstration and Analytic Evaluation

1986  Pseudo-Dynamic Testing of Structural Components

1986  Refinements in Pseudo-Dynamic Test Procedures

1986  System Identification Applied to Pseudo-Dynamic Test Data: A Treatment of Experimental Errors

1985  Pseudodynamic Method for Seismic Performance Testing