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Found 40 Records with the keyword term of "Projectiles"

2015  Discrete Time Transfer Matrix Method for Projectile Trajectory Prediction

2014  ℒ1 Adaptive Control of a Projectile Fin by Piezoelectric Actuator

2014  Bullet Turning at Trajectory Apex

2014  Concrete Material Flow during Projectile Penetration

2014  Position Estimation for Projectiles Using Low-Cost Sensors and Flight Dynamics

2012  Missile Impact Resistance of a Metal Mesh Roofing System

2011  Uplift Capacity and Impact Resistance of Roof Tiles

2009  Computational Technique to Assess Warhead Lethality against Ballistic Missile

2009  Explicit Finite-Element Analysis of 2024-T3/T351 Aluminum Material under Impact Loading for Airplane Engine Containment and Fragment Shielding

2007  Computer Modeling for a Generalized Approach to Measure Impact Damage

2007  Performance of Hybrid-Fiber ECC Blast/Shelter Panels Subjected to Drop Weight Impact

2005  Ballistic Impact of Braided Composites with a Soft Projectile

2005  Behavior of Hybrid-Fiber Engineered Cementitious Composites Subjected to Dynamic Tensile Loading and Projectile Impact

2003  Perforation Thickness and Ballistic Limit of Concrete Target Subjected to Rigid Projectile Impact

1998  Analysis of Penetration Resistance of Concrete

1996  Concrete Penetration by Eroding Projectiles: Experiments and Analysis

1996  Constitutive Models for Concrete Penetration Analysis

1996  Damage Caused by Projectile Impact to High Strength Concrete Elements

1996  Theory and Practice of Projectile’s Penetration in Soils

1992  Projectile Shape and Material Effects in Hypervelocity Impact Response of Dual-Wall Structures

1991  Projectile Penetration in Granular Soils

1990  Hypervelocity Impact Penetration Phenomena in Aluminum Space Structures

1987  Projectile Penetration Into Reinforced Concrete and Steel Targets

1986  Performance of Cladding in Hurricane Alicia

1985  Proposed Revision to the Houston Building Code for Wind Loads and Missile Impact

1985  Window Glass Performance and Analysis in Hurricane Alicia

1984  Cannon Simulates Wind Damage

1984  Evaluation of Projectile Impact on Earth Covered Structures

1983  Dynamics of a Projectile in a Concentric Flexible Tube

1983  Dynamics of Rigid Guns with Straight Tubes

1983  Spectral Analysis of Radar Data for Ballistics

1982  Beams Under Lateral Projectile Impact

1982  Interaction of Soil and Penetration Projectile

1979  Projectile Penetration into Steel

1979  Protective Structure Response to Vehicle Impact

1978  Penetration of Projectile into Terrestrial Target

1978  Projectile Penetration Into Buried Structures

1973  Prediction Method for Projectile Penetration

1971  Low Velocity Projectile Penetration

1969  Depth Prediction for Earth-Penetrating Projectiles