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2015  Alternative Model for Determining the Optimal Concession Period in Managing BOT Transportation Projects

2015  Assessing Real Estate Project Success Using an Analytic Network Process

2015  Automatic Classification of Project Documents on the Basis of Text Content

2015  Backward-Forward Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Resource-Constrained Multiproject Scheduling Problem

2015  Comparative Study on the Use of Output Specifications for Australian and U.K. PPP/PFI Projects

2015  Control Risk for Multimode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problems under Hybrid Uncertainty

2015  Critical Success Factors of the Briefing Process for Construction Projects

2015  Establishment of Quantitative Measures for Team Integration Assessment in Alliance Projects

2015  Framework for Aligning Project Management with Organizational Strategies

2015  From Construction Megaproject Management to Complex Project Management: Bibliographic Analysis

2015  Fuzzy Assessment Model to Estimate the Probability of Delay in Turkish Construction Projects

2015  Improving Civil Engineering Education: Transportation Geotechnics Taught through Project-Based Learning Methodologies

2015  Individual-Level Antecedents of Psychological Empowerment

2015  Information-Integration Maturity Model for the Capital Projects Industry

2015  Life Cycle Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2015  Possibilistic Moments for the Task Duration in Fuzzy PERT

2015  Quality Assurance Organization Selection Factors for Highway Design and Construction Projects

2015  Role of Communication and Coordination in Project Success: Case Study

2015  Semantic NLP-Based Information Extraction from Construction Regulatory Documents for Automated Compliance Checking

2015  Semantic System for Stakeholder-Conscious Infrastructure Project Planning and Design

2015  Shuffled Frog-Leaping Model for Solving Time-Cost-Resource Optimization Problems in Construction Project Planning

2015  Simulation-Based Training for Project Management Education: Mind the Gap, As One Size Does Not Fit All

2015  Stringing Construction Planning and Execution Tasks Together for Effective Project Management

2015  Understanding the Determinants of Program Organization for Construction Megaproject Success: Case Study of the Shanghai Expo Construction

2015  Which Owner Characteristics Are Key Factors Affecting Project Delivery System Decision Making? Empirical Analysis Based on the Rough Set Theory

2014  Analysis of Causes of Delay and Time Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Application of Lean Construction Concepts to Manage the Submittal Process in AEC Projects

2014  As I See It: Project Risk Management for Geotechnical Engineers

2014  Assessing Adoption of Project Management Knowledge Areas and Maturity Level: Case Study of a Public Agency in Malaysia

2014  Assessing the Direct Employment Impact of Federal Economic Stimulus Funds on Construction Projects in Texas

2014  Automatic Detection of Cylindrical Objects in Built Facilities

2014  Best Practice in the Training, Appointment, and Remuneration of Members of Dispute Boards for Large Infrastructure Projects

2014  Boosting Public Construction Project Outcomes through Relational Transactions

2014  Case Study Narrative in Teaching Construction Project Management: Earned Value Method Examples

2014  Claves del Éxito en la Gestiön de Megaproyectos en México y los Estados Unidos: Un Estudio de Casos

2014  Comparison of Personality Traits among Estimators, Project Managers, and the Population

2014  Concession Renegotiation Models for Projects Developed through Public-Private Partnerships

2014  Cost Comparative Analysis of a New Green Building Code for Residential Project Development

2014  Cost Control in Mega Projects Using the Delphi Method

2014  Effectiveness of Coordination Methods in Construction Projects

2014  Effects of Contract Announcements on the Value of Construction Firms

2014  Emotional Intelligence for Managing Conflicts in the Sociocultural Norms of the Thai Construction Industry

2014  Empirical Assessment of Geographically Based Surface Interpolation Methods for Adjusting Construction Cost Estimates by Project Location

2014  Examination of Design-Assist Subcontracting

2014  Extraction of Decision Alternatives in Project Management: Application of Hybrid PSO-SFLA

2014  Factors Influencing Design Iteration with a Focus on Project Duration

2014  Focus Group Study to Explore Critical Factors of Public Engagement Process for Mega Development Projects

2014  Forming Risk Clusters in Projects to Improve Coordination between Risk Owners

2014  Framework for Work-Space Planning Using Four-Dimensional BIM in Construction Projects

2014  Fundamental Project Quality Assurance Organizations in Highway Design and Construction

2014  Impacts of Different Types of Owner-Contractor Conflict on Cost Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Improved Baseline Method to Calculate Lost Construction Productivity

2014  Improved Critical Chain Project Management Framework for Scheduling Construction Projects

2014  Improved Strategy for Resource Allocation in Repetitive Projects Considering the Learning Effect

2014  Improving Forecasting Accuracy of Project Earned Value Metrics: Linear Modeling Approach

2014  Improving Predictability of Construction Project Outcomes through Intentional Management of Indirect Construction Costs

2014  Integrated Prefabrication Configuration and Component Grouping for Resource Optimization of Precast Production

2014  Is Early Warning Effective for the Improvement of Problem Solving and Project Performance?

2014  Key Relational Contracting Practices Affecting Performance of Public Construction Projects in China

2014  Keys to Success in Megaproject Management in Mexico and the United States: Case Study

2014  Leadership Styles in Architectural Design Offices in Turkey

2014  Life-Cycle Assessment for Construction of Sustainable Infrastructure

2014  Long Used in Construction, 4-D Modeling Could Come to Rail Projects

2014  Modeling Retention Loss in Project Networks: Untangling the Combined Effect of Skill Decay and Turnover on Learning

2014  Modularization in the Petrochemical Industry

2014  PPPs and Project Overruns: Evidence from Road Projects in India

2014  Practical Application for Integrated Performance Measurement of Construction Projects

2014  Predicting and Tracing Change-Formation Scenarios in Construction Projects Using the DEMATEL Technique

2014  Proactive Productivity Management at Job Sites: Understanding Characteristics of Assumptions Made for Construction Processes during Planning Based on Case Studies and Interviews

2014  Process and Future of Data Integration within the European Earthquake Engineering Laboratories

2014  Quantitative Analysis of State Transportation Agency’s Experience with Constructability Reviews

2014  Rationalizing the Implementation of Web-Based Project Management Systems in Construction Projects Using PLS-SEM

2014  Real Options Valuation of Phased Investments in Commercial Energy Retrofits under Building Performance Risks

2014  Risk Management in China: Applying International Best Practice to Foreign-Invested Projects

2014  Risk Management Strategies for Privatized Infrastructure Projects: Study of the Build-Operate-Transfer Approach in East Asia and the Pacific

2014  Risk-Informed Time-Cost Relationship Models for Sanitation Projects

2014  Role of Statistics and Engineering Judgment in Developing Optimized Time-Cost Relationship Models

2014  Selecciön de los Métodos de Construcciön en Proyectos: Un Problema de Conocimiento

2014  Selection of Construction Methods for Construction Projects: A Knowledge Problem

2014  Semantic Text Classification for Supporting Automated Compliance Checking in Construction

2014  Stakeholder-Sensitive Social Welfare-Oriented Benefit Analysis for Sustainable Infrastructure Project Development

2014  State-of-the-Art Best Construction Practices Integration into Higher Education Curricula

2014  Suggestions for Temporary Construction Facilities’ Layout Problems in Large-Scale Construction Projects

2014  Synthesis of Performance Measures for Highway Cost Estimating

2014  Temporal Constraints in Linear Scheduling with Singularity Functions: Case of Calendarization

2014  "Top-Down-Bottom-Up" Methodology as a Common Approach to Defining Bespoke Sets of Sustainability Assessment Criteria for the Built Environment

2014  Tort Liability Expands for Project Architects in California

2014  Two-Stage Scheduling Model for Resource Leveling of Linear Projects

2014  Using Carbon Accounting in Project Planning and Decision Making

2014  Validation of an Instrument to Measure Governance and Performance on Collaborative Infrastructure Projects

2014  Whole Life Project Management Approach to Sustainability

2013  1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Management Failure

2013  Adopting a Community of Practice in Infrastructure Project Management

2013  Applying Risk Management Workshop for a Public Construction Project: Case Study

2013  Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel: Clear Communications for a Better Project

2013  Automated Compliance Checking of Construction Operation Plans Using a Deontology for the Construction Domain

2013  A Case-Based Reasoning System for Residual Value Risk in Public-Private Partnership Projects

2013  Comparison of Cost and Time Performance of Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build Delivery Systems in Florida

2013  Comparison of Preproject Planning for Green and Conventional Buildings

2013  Compromise Ranking Approach with Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Risk Assessment in Port Management Projects