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2015  Clients’ Perceptions of Architect Performance on Building Projects in Ghana

2015  Defining Best Value for Construction Manager/General Contractor Projects: The CMGC Learning Curve

2015  Developing a Virtual Laboratory for Construction Bidding Environment Using Agent-Based Modeling

2015  Review of Contemporary Construction Procurement Practices

2015  Revisiting U.K. Delay and Disruption Protocol: Distinguished Features for Contract Drafting

2015  Roles of Private-Sector Partners in Transportation Public-Private Partnership Failures

2015  Which Owner Characteristics Are Key Factors Affecting Project Delivery System Decision Making? Empirical Analysis Based on the Rough Set Theory

2014  Advancing Impact of Education, Training, and Professional Experience on Integrated Project Delivery

2014  Concessionaire Selection Model Based on Data Envelopment Analysis

2014  Design Management in Design-Build Megaprojects: SR 99 Bored Tunnel Case Study

2014  Examination of Design-Assist Subcontracting

2014  Fundamental Project Quality Assurance Organizations in Highway Design and Construction

2014  Impact of BIM-Enabled Design-to-Fabrication on Building Delivery

2014  Impact of Risk on Design-Build Selection for Highway Design and Construction Projects

2014  Improving Project Performance through Partnering and Emotional Intelligence

2014  IPD and BIM-Focused Capstone Course Based on AEC Industry Needs and Involvement

2014  Lessons from Using BIM to Increase Design-Construction Integration

2014  Life-Cycle Assessment for Construction of Sustainable Infrastructure

2014  Public-Private Partnership Experience in the International Arena: Case of Turkey

2014  Revitalizing Historic Buildings through a Partnership Scheme: Innovative Form of Social Public-Private Partnership

2014  Selecciön de Formas de Relaciön con Terceros en la Construcciön

2014  Selection of Third-Party Relationships in Construction

2013  Alternative Project Delivery Strategies

2013  Analysis of Strategic Issues Underpinning the Innovative Financing of Infrastructure within Developing Countries

2013  Delivering Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings: Influence of Project Delivery Methods on Integration and Project Outcomes

2013  Energy-Related Risk Management in Integrated Project Delivery

2013  Engineer Faces Potential Liability for Contractor’s Project Delays

2013  Municipal Water/Wastewater Project Delivery Performance Comparison

2013  Project Impacts of Specialty Mechanical Contractor Design Involvement in the Health Care Industry: Comparative Case Study

2013  Promoting the Sustainability of Relational Contracting through Addressing Third Party Insurance Obstacles

2013  Proposed Design Process for Deep Energy Savings in Commercial Building Retrofit Projects

2013  Quantifying Performance for the Integrated Project Delivery System as Compared to Established Delivery Systems

2013  Results of a Pilot Multidisciplinary BIM-Enhanced integrated Project Delivery Capstone Engineering Design Course in Architectural Engineering

2013  Savings to Sustainability: Application of a Novel Approach to Delivering a Sustainable Built Environment

2013  Selection of Construction Project Delivery Method Based on Value-Added Analysis: A Theoretical Framework

2013  Sharing Tacit Knowledge for Integrated Project Team Flexibility: Case Study of Integrated Project Delivery

2013  Study of the Relationship between Procurement Duration and Project Performance in Design-Build Projects: Comparison between Water/Wastewater and Transportation Sectors

2013  Sustainable Engineering Practices in a Digital Economy

2012  Barriers to the Delivery of Building Renovations for Improved Energy Performance: A Literature Review and Case Study

2012  A Benchmarking Framework for Public Transportation Projects Delivery

2012  Benefits of On-Site Design to Project Performance Measures

2012  Case-Based and Collaborative-Learning Techniques to Teach Delivery of Sustainable Buildings

2012  Critical Risk Factors in Project Delivery Method Selection for Highway Projects

2012  Decision Support System for Housing Developers in Developing Countries under Uncertain Buyer Behavior

2012  Delivering Solar Highway Project: A Case Study

2012  Facilities Management Interaction with Healthcare Delivery Process

2012  A Framework for Construction Strategy Formulation and Visualization

2012  Government Sues A/E Firm for Cost Escalation Caused by Late Delivery of Design Package

2012  Implementing an Interactive Program of BIM Applications for Graduating Students

2012  Initiating IPD Concepts on Campus Facilities with a "Collaboration Addendum"

2012  Integrating Structural and Construction Engineering

2012  Lessons Learned: Implementing Context Sensitive and Sustainable Solutions in the Oregon State Bridge Delivery Program

2012  The Relationship between Delivery Processes and Transportation Projects’ Performance

2012  Responsive Environmental Compliance Management in a Public-Private-Partnership/Design-Build Delivery

2012  Understanding of Target Value Design for Integrated Project Delivery with the Context of Game Theory

2011  Alternative Project Delivery Methods for Water and Wastewater Projects: Do They Save Time and Money?

2011  Civil Engineers as Master Builders and the Professionalization of Construction

2011  Construction Site Management Team Working: A Serendipitous Event

2011  A Dream of Ideal Project Delivery System

2011  Efficacy of Partnering on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project: Empirical Evidence of Collaborative Problem-Solving Benefits

2011  Fuzzy Preference Relations Consensus Approach to Reduce Conflicts on Shared Responsibilities in the Owner Managing Contractor Delivery System

2011  Global Project Delivery Systems Using BIM

2011  Integrated Project Delivery Method for Trenchless Projects

2011  Integrating Risk Management within the Project Delivery Process at Caltrans: A Transportation Project Case Study

2011  New Operating System for Project Management: Consequences and Opportunities

2011  Project Closeout Process Proves Costly

2011  Project Delivery Metrics for Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings

2011  Public-Private Partnerships in U.S. Transportation: Research Overview and a Path Forward

2011  Selection Model for Delivery Methods for Multifamily-Housing Construction Projects

2011  Selection of Project Delivery Method in Transit: Drivers and Objectives

2010  Comparison of Water/Wastewater Project Performance by Project Delivery Systemand Payment Provision

2010  Counterfactual Analysis of Sustainable Project Delivery Processes

2010  A Critical Analysis of Innovations in Construction Manager-at-Risk Project Delivery

2010  Enabling Development of the Transportation Public-Private Partnership Market in the United States

2010  Establishing a Collaborative Environment among Project Stakeholders

2010  Evaluation of Risk Factors Leading to Cost Overrun in Delivery of Highway Construction Projects

2010  Exploring the Validity of Qualitative Methods to Analyze Project Delivery of Sustainable, High Performance Buildings

2010  Governance Challenges of Infrastructure Delivery: The Case for Socio-Economic Governance Approaches

2010  Guidelines for a Standard Project Partnering Contract

2010  Integrated Project Delivery Case Study: Guidelines for Drafting Partnering Contract

2010  Integrated Project Delivery: Next-Generation BIM for Structural Engineering

2010  Integration of Container Terminal Design and Construction with Operations to Reduce the Project Delivery Cost and Shorten the Schedule

2010  Longitudinal Study of Innovative Contracting Practices in State Departments of Transportation

2010  Owners Respond: Preferences for Task Performance, Delivery Systems, and Quality Management

2010  Peer-to-Peer-Based Publish/Subscribe Architecture for Advanced Infrastructure Systems

2010  Piloting Evaluation Metrics for Sustainable High-Performance Building Project Delivery

2010  Plan, Finance, Design, and Deliver: How to Implement a Citywide Sanitary Sewer Improvement Program

2010  Quality Management Systems in the Capital Facilities Delivery Industry: Analysisof Best Practices in Leadership and Third-Party Certification

2010  Rapid Pier Delivery Using Precast Concrete Components

2010  Selecting Appropriate Project Delivery System: Fuzzy Approach with Risk Analysis

2010  Selecting Infrastructure Delivery Modalities: No Time for Ideology or Semantics

2010  Statistical Analysis on the Cost and Duration of Public Building Projects

2010  Towards a Cyber-Physical Systems Approach to Construction

2010  Understanding Construction Industry Experience and Attitudes toward Integrated Project Delivery

2010  A Unified Process Approach to Healthcare Project Delivery: Synergies between Greening Strategies, Lean Principles, and BIM

2009  Analysis of Design-Build Procurement Activities Durations for Highway Projects

2009  Analysis of the Design-Build Delivery Method in Air Force Construction Projects

2009  Contemporary Design-Bid-Build Model

2009  The Core of Eden: A Case Study on Model-Based Collaboration for Integrated Project Delivery

2009  Effects of the Regulatory Environment on Construction Project Delivery Method Selection