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2013  Modeling Profitability and Stock Market Performance of Listed Construction Firms on the Athens Exchange: Two-Stage DEA Approach

2012  Protocol for Profitability Analysis Using Internal Entities in Organizational Structure of Construction Companies

2011  Activity Analysis for Direct-Work Rate Improvement in Construction

2011  Differential Pricing Model of Third Party Logistics Based on Maximum Profit

2011  Profit Distribution of Complete Sets of Equipement Logistics Outsourcing

2010  Discussion of Strategic Alliance in Logistics Enterprises and Profit Distribution

2010  Embeddedness and Collaborative Venture Networks for Overseas Construction Projects

2010  Multi-Project Supply Chain of Owners

2010  Profit Allocation Mechanism in Port Supply Chain Based on Shapley Values

2010  Profit Optimization for Multiproject Scheduling Problems Considering Cash Flow

2010  Research on Improved Multi-Objective Optimized Model of Profit Allocation in Construction Supply Chain

2010  Research on Profit Allocation Model of JMI under the Supply Chain Circumstance

2010  Study on Market Equilibrium of Sealed Supply Chain Based on Willingness to Pay for Food Safety

2010  Supply Chain Cooperation and Its Profit Division Exploration

2009  Colorado Court Allows Recovery of Lost Profits

2009  Profitability Analysis of Attaching Operation by the Car Units Violating Marshalling Plan in the Marshalling Station about Owing-Axis Goods Trains Originated

2009  Selection of Roof Casting Formwork Systems for the Bird Island Project: Case Study

2009  Theory Study on Correlation Stability and Profit Allocation of Supply Chain

2009  Time-Profit Trade-Off Analysis for Construction Projects

2009  Transaction-Cost-Based Selection of Appropriate General Contractor-Subcontractor Relationship Type

2008  Application of Game Theory in Industry Chain Stability Problems

2008  Cost Discrimination Model For Profit Assignment On VMI

2008  Decision of the Competitive and Cooperative Relationships between Supplier and Purchaser Based on Maximal Profits

2008  A Design of Quantity Discount Pricing To Maximize Profit Based On the Vendor-Buyer System

2008  The Retailer’s ordering Policy for Two-Way Complete Substitute Commodity with Lead Time Reliability

2008  A Stackeberg Game of Profit Division in a Two-Stage Supply Chain with Interdependent Firms of Information Asymmetry

2008  Study on Joint Decision and Its Incentives Applied To Supply Chain Coordination

2008  Supply Chain Coordination and Its Validity with Multi-Disruption

2007  Analysis of Profit Distribution Mechanism between Virtual Supply Chain Partners

2007  Causes of Bad Profit in Overseas Construction Projects

2007  Predicting Profit Performance for Selecting Candidate International Construction Projects

2007  A Profit Distribution Model among Enterprises in Mixed Alliance Based on the Shapley Value

2007  Profit Optimization for Container Carriers

2005  Long-Term Entropy and Profitability Change of United States Public Construction Firms

2005  Nature of Engineering Consulting Projects

2004  Analysis of the United States Department of Transportation Prompt Pay Provisions

2004  Resource Allocation for Concrete Batch Plant Operation: Case Study

2003  Indicator Variables Model of Firm’s Size-Profitability Relationship of Electrical Contractors using Financial and Economic Data

2002  “As Long as We’re Here...”: Secondary Profit Generators for Moon and Mars Bases

2002  Forum

2002  Networking Makes A Small World Larger

2002  Profitability Evaluation of Intelligent Transport System Investments

2001  The Missing Link: Engineering Operations

2000  Bidder Entitled to Preparation Cost but Not Profits

2000  Investment Risk Analysis in Airport Parking Facility Development

2000  Modeling Bus Service under Competition and Regulation

2000  One Company’s Experience with Design/Build: Labor Cost Risk and Profit Potential

2000  Operating Policy for a Pumped Storage Hydropower System

2000  Running a Profitable Construction Company: Revisited Break-Even Analysis

1999  Black & Veatch Adds Employee Ownership Plan

1999  Lost Profit Not Covered by Miller Act

1999  Management Digest

1999  Servant-Leadership: Enhancing Employee’s Lives and the Bottom Line

1999  Survey: Profits Soar—for Now

1998  Competitive Bidding Strategy Model and Software System for Bid Preparation

1998  Forum

1998  A Model of World Aircraft Demand

1998  Practical Implications of Optimal Space Allocation and Pricing

1998  Weston Announces Changes at the Top

1997  Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE) Contracts for Structural Engineers

1997  Environmental Engineering Firms: Is Bigger Really Better?

1997  Happy With Your Incentive Pay?

1997  Increased Profits from Low-head Hydropower Sites

1997  New Approach in Small Hydro: Improve Profitability for Hydropower Developers

1997  Preparing for Project Management by David J. Williams

1997  Project Profitability with Trenchless Technology

1997  Skills Critical to Long-Term Profitability of Engineering Firms

1997  Strategic Positioning for Improved Profitability for Engineering and Construction Organizations

1997  Subcontractor Partnering: I’ll Believe It When I See It

1997  Turnaround Feat

1996  Government Actions to Enable Space Business Parks

1996  Lower Overhead Responsible for Rise in Profits

1996  Small Business in the Construction Industry

1996  Survey of Change Order Markups

1996  Why Satisfied Customers Defect

1996  Working Longer for Profitability

1995  The Brenner Base Tunnel - A Project Resume

1995  Making Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Profitable: The Roles of Public Policy and Innovative Project Management

1995  Small Business in the Construction Industry

1994  A Primer for Financial Management of Small Consulting Firms

1993  Is It Ethical to Profit from a Natural or Man-made Disaster?

1992  Managing for Profit

1991  Ahead of Schedule, Under Budget, and Out of Court

1991  Dealing with Construction People (The People Side of Construction Profits)

1991  Personnel-Replacement Costs and Bottom Line

1991  The Strategy of Bidding for Profit

1990  CADD: Productivity and Profitability

1990  Firms Should Charge More, Experts Say

1990  FLEET: Equipment Management System

1990  Margin of Profit: Teamwork

1990  Pricing Construction Contracts Under Tax Reform Act of 1986

1989  Add AGM to APM for Profitable AGT

1989  Managing to be Profitable in Design Business: A Case Study

1989  Required Return on Investments in Construction

1989  Sensitivity Analysis of Construction Contract Prices Using Spreadsheets

1988  CADD Seen as Profit Booster

1988  Design Firms Grow 16%, Survey Says

1987  Client-Based Practice

1987  Coping with the Marketplace: A Management Balancing Act

1986  Insurance Up But So Are Profits