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Found 66 Records with the keyword term of "Professional services"

2013  Developing Construction Professional Services in the International Market: SWOT Analysis of China

2011  Allied Organizations

2011  Allied Organizations

2010  Learning Applications in the Architectural Engineering Educational Setting

2010  Professionals’ Ambivalence toward Ethics in the Nigerian Construction Industry

2006  People: Kumar Named Teacher of the Year

2005  Commentary: Geo-Structures: Who’s in Charge?

2005  NewsBriefs: $1.5 Million Donation To Fund Research At UCSD (University of California at San Diego)

2003  In Pursuit of Catalysts for New Technology - Case for Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) of Professional A/E Services

2001  Policy Does Not Cover Negligent Professional Services

2000  Branching Out

2000  Certificates Curtail Illegal Practice

2000  In Memoriam. William “Bill” McCoy Sangster

2000  Is a Cure Notice Needed for Federal Default Terminations?

1999  Casting Their ’Net

1998  Auditing Human Resources

1998  Construction Law Firms to Merge

1998  Consulting Engineering, A Guide for the Engagement of Engineering Services

1998  Cookbook Approach Fizzles

1998  Lessons from an Outpatient Surgery Center

1998  Leveraging Management Skills to Serve “Communities”

1998  Licensing Laws and Design/Build Projects

1998  The Professional Services Race: Design/Build Reality

1996  Bid Competition a Sign of the Times

1996  Competition Should Be Based on Quality

1996  Corps Moves Closer to Bid Shopping

1996  Education Can End Bidding Evils

1996  Engineering Sales: Process of Understanding

1996  Frequent “Failure Modes” an A/E/C Might Expect in Their Business

1996  Grateful for Bid Process

1996  Guest Editorial

1996  Industry Leaders Meet the Press

1996  Is Moonlighting or Donating Professional Engineering Services Ethical?

1996  Marketing Engineering Services: Partnering Pales by Comparison

1996  Maximizing Resources to Produce High Quality Results

1995  Is Competitive Price Bidding for Professional Services Ethical? Another View

1995  Project Management: One Step Beyond

1995  Quality, Not Cost, Rescues Profession

1995  Straight from the Source

1994  Identifying Causes of Failure in Providing Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting Services

1994  Making the Most of Marketing

1994  Procurement Issues

1994  Seminars: A Tool for Marketing Professional Services

1991  Mushrooming Growth of ADR Touted at Insurance Conference

1990  ASCE Comments on Federal Highway Procurement Rules

1990  Engineers Protect Public, Not Clients

1990  Site Assessments

1989  Of Late Checks and Cookbook Consultants (LTR)

1989  Professional Engineers are Indeed Professional

1987  Proven Tips for Marketing Professional Services

1986  A CM’s Exposure to Liability

1986  Firms Cited for Good Management

1985  Advantages of Standard Contract Forms

1985  Closed Negotiations—Out with the Poker Players

1985  Establishing a Professional Practice

1984  Federal Budget Pondered at COFPAES Conference

1984  House Strikes Out Amendment to AE Selection Law

1984  Idaho Adopts Standard AE Selection Process

1984  Information Retrieval Sources and Availability in Hydraulics

1984  The Professional Dilemma: Quality or Profit?

1982  Defining AE Services

1982  Defining and Negotiating for “AE Services”

1982  Initiating and Maintaining Client Relationships

1982  Less Advertising Restrictions

1930  Charges and Method of Making Charges for Professional Services

1930  Charges for Engineering Services, An Epitome of the Report on Charges and Method of Making Charges for Professional Services