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2015  Experience and the PE Exam

2015  Integrating Service, Learning, and Professional Practice: Toward the Vision for Civil Engineering in 2025

2015  Original Concept for a Civil Engineering Capstone Project

2015  Practice What You Teach

2014  Assessing the Ethical Development of Civil Engineering Undergraduates in Support of the ASCE Body of Knowledge

2014  Communicating Risk in Geotechnical Engineering Practice

2014  Framework of Knowledge for Master’s-Level Structural Engineering Education

2014  Influence of Specimen Size in Engineering Practice

2014  Learn to Confront Risk – It’s the Professional Thing to Do

2014  Lighting the Future

2014  Practice Management: Don’t Learn the Hard Way

2014  Preserve and Protect

2014  Reducing Errors When Using Structural Software

2014  Review of Archaeological Preservation and Civil Engineering Professional Practice

2014  Standards of Professional Practice for Design Management

2014  State of Integration: Investigation of Integration in the A/E/C Community

2014  Task Management Tools for the Structural Engineer

2014  Why Going Global Makes Sense

2013  A Complete Geoprofessional Service

2013  Create, Use, and Continuously Improve Written Guidance for Repetitive Tasks and Processes

2013  A Culture of Unconditional Dedication to Safety

2013  Embedded Knowledge in Transportation Engineering: Comparisons between Engineers and Instructors

2013  Engineers Face Ethical Dilemmas

2013  Finding Purpose with a Purpose Statement

2013  Haste Makes Waste

2013  How Can We Have a Good Conversation If You Keep Interrupting Me?

2013  How Preparing for Preschool Reveals Inequality of Opportunity and Diversity Deficiency

2013  How Raise the Bar Supports Professional Certification in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

2013  A Lesson Learned

2013  NAE Report Details Outreach Plan

2013  New Civil Engineer Strives for Safety at Manufacturing Plant

2013  Outcomes-Based Assessment: Driving Outreach Program Effectiveness

2013  A Question of Ethics: Fostering a Culture of Safety

2013  School’s Out

2013  Show-and-Tell Interviewing

2013  Taking Multitasking to Task

2013  The Value of Geo-professionals...What Others Need to Know

2012  The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM) Supports Modern Civil Engineering Practice and Education

2012  Art for Engineers: Encouraging More Right-Mode Thinking

2012  Broken Promises = Broken Dreams

2012  The Decision

2012  Design Professionals Sue USGBC for False Advertising

2012  Expert Witness 101: Balancing Professional Ethics with Client Desires

2012  The Future of Engineering Licensure

2012  Highest Standard of Leadership

2012  I Don’t Care How Much You Know until I Know How Much You Care

2012  Impact of a Construction Management Educational Intervention on the Expertise and Work Practice of Nonconstruction Engineers

2012  An Initial Survey of Forensic Engineering Practices in Some European Countries and the USA

2012  The Italian Association of Forensic Engineering

2012  It’s the System, Not the People!

2012  The Leader within You: Let It Come Out!

2012  My New Snow Blower

2012  No Borders

2012  The Office in the Mind’s Eye

2012  Professional Licensure: Is It an Air Force Ethical Requirement?

2012  A Question of Ethics: Exercise Care in Making Political Contributions

2012  A Question of Ethics: Exercise Caution in Offering Gratuities

2012  A Question of Ethics: Keeping Information Confidential

2012  A Question of Ethics: Our Profession’s Debt to Daniel W. Mead

2012  A Question of Ethics: Pitfalls of Parting

2012  A Question of Ethics: Should Past Ethics Violations Be Disclosed in Elections?

2012  A Question of Ethics: Standing Up and Pushing Back

2012  A Question of Ethics: The Ethical Aspects of Competition

2012  A Question of Ethics: The Ethical Aspects of Promotional Expenses

2012  A Question of Ethics: The Importance of a Personal Pledge

2012  A Question of Ethics: The Importance of Understanding Engineering Ethics

2012  Raise the Bar for Engineering - Extended Version

2012  Reach Out Today for a Better Profession Tomorrow

2012  Retrospective Analysis to Identify Trends in Forensic Research

2012  Seven Billion Strong: Engineers Week 2012

2012  Staging a Creative Culture

2012  The Standard of Care, Case Law, and Jury Instructions

2012  To Engineer Is to Create: To Create Is to Engineer

2012  University Education Dilemma: The Challenge of Balancing Teaching with Scholarship

2012  We Need to Show Them the Possibilities

2011  ADSC/DF Micropile Seminar w/Exhibits; May 2-4, 2011

2011  After-the-Fact Delay Analysis: Judging the Methods, One Practitioner’s Views

2011  ASFE’s Professional Ethics Now Available

2011  Best of LME Live: Really Big Design Codes

2011  A Bridge Offer You Can’t Refuse

2011  Broaden Your International Knowledge

2011  Civil Engineering Design as the Central Theme in Civil Engineering Education Curriculum

2011  Connection Details—Practicing Engineers and the Code

2011  Construction Engineering Education: History and Challenge

2011  Creativity Plus Persistence Equals Breakthroughs

2011  Engineer’s Standard of Care Cannot Be Expanded by Opposing Expert’s Testimony

2011  Ethics in Professional Engineering: The Profession with No Scandals

2011  Factors Affecting Engineering Productivity

2011  First U.S.-India Workshop a Success

2011  For Your Eyes Only (and Anyone with an Internet Connection)

2011  Fostering a Strong Construction Safety Culture

2011  From a Design Engineer to a Leader: Not an Easy Road

2011  From the Editorial Board

2011  Geo-Professional Developmnet

2011  Geotechnical Professional Development Corner

2011  Geotechnical Professional Development Corner: Webinars and Seminars

2011  Grandpa Maschke

2011  "GSI Fellowships for Students" Request for Proposals

2011  Image Is Everything

2011  Impact of Nanotechnology on Future Civil Engineering Practice and Its Reflection in Current Civil Engineering Education