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2015  Impact of Transaction Attributes on Transaction Costs in Project Alliances: Disaggregated Analysis

2015  Review of Contemporary Construction Procurement Practices

2014  Application of a Purchasing Portfolio Model in a Construction Company in Two Distinct Markets

2014  Best Practices for Procurement and Management of Professional Services Contracts

2014  Collaborative Patterns and Power Imbalance in Strategic Alliance Networks

2014  Good Clients, Good Procurements, and the Importance of Quality Work

2014  Impact of Risk on Design-Build Selection for Highway Design and Construction Projects

2014  Principal-Agent Model of Risk Allocation in Construction Contracts and Its Critique

2014  Revitalizing Historic Buildings through a Partnership Scheme: Innovative Form of Social Public-Private Partnership

2014  Strategic Procurement Practices for the Industrial Supply Chain

2013  Analysis of EOQ Model Based on Factor of Variable Price

2013  Empirical Analysis of Traditional Contracting and Relationship Agreements for Procuring Partners in Construction Projects

2013  Enhancing Ethics and the Competitive Environment by Accounting for Conflict of Interest in Project Procurement

2013  Is Legislation a Barrier to the Procurement of Construction Goods and Services? Review of Trinidad and Tobago’s Construction Industry

2013  Public-Private Partnerships: Capital Market Conditions and Alternative Finance Mechanisms for Australian Infrastructure Projects

2013  Ranked Critical Factors in PPP Briefings

2013  Sharpening Competitive Edge through Procurement Innovation: Perspectives from Chinese International Construction Companies

2013  Study of the Relationship between Procurement Duration and Project Performance in Design-Build Projects: Comparison between Water/Wastewater and Transportation Sectors

2013  Using the Economic and Financial Reequilibrium Model to Decrease Infrastructure Contract Incompleteness

2012  Analyses on Mode to Purchase Return for Reverse Logistics of E-Commerce Based on AHP

2012  Best Value or Lowest Bid? A Quantitative Perspective

2012  Design Error Costs in Construction Projects

2012  An Emergency Procurement Decision Support System Integrating Case-Based and Rule-Based Reasoning

2012  Identification and Analysis of Key Risk Factors of Online Group-Buying Based on Consumers

2012  Multicountry Perspectives of Relational Contracting and Integrated Project Teams

2012  Participatory Action Research Approach to Public Sector Procurement Selection

2012  Procurement of Sustainable Noise-Reducing Devices: State-of-the-Art Review from EU Project QUIESST

2011  Evaluation Model for Assessing the Suitability of Public-Private Partnership Projects

2011  GeoRisk in the Design-Build Procurement Process

2011  Impact of the Capital Market Collapse on Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2011  Mini-Excavator Safety: Toward Innovative Stability Testing, Procurement, and Manufacture

2011  Optimizing Material Procurement and Storage on Construction Sites

2011  Planning and Procurement of an Urban People Mover System in Doha, West-Bay

2011  Risk Factors of Public-Private Partnership Projects in China: Comparison between the Water, Power, and Transportation Sectors

2011  Strategic Procurement Planning-A P3 Case Study

2011  Using Design-Build Procurement for a Deep Water Marine Outfall Pipeline

2010  Analysis of Barrier Factors Affecting Government Procurement Based on ISM

2010  An Analytical Framework for Incorporating Projects Supply Chain Problems into Project Plan

2010  An Application of ELECTRE III to Contractor Selection

2010  Classification-Based Pluralistic Procurement Strategies in Large-Scale Construction Projects

2010  Contractor Performance Evaluation for the Best Value of Superpave Projects

2010  Critical Success Factors for PPPs in Infrastructure Developments: Chinese Perspective

2010  Design and Procurement Challenges for MSE Structures: Options Going Forward

2010  Enabling Development of the Transportation Public-Private Partnership Market in the United States

2010  Facility Maintenance Performance Perspective to Target Strategic Organizational Objectives

2010  Guidelines for a Standard Project Partnering Contract

2010  Implementation of Optimized Soil Improvement Techniques for a Giga Project

2010  Inventory Control Strategy of Clothing Business

2010  Legal Issues of Integrated Network for Construction and Real Estate Sector

2010  Potential Obstacles to Successful Implementation of Public-Private Partnerships in Beijing and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2010  Research on Centralized-Distributed Mode of Materials Management of Property Rights Relationship-Based Manufacturing Enterprise

2010  Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Based on the Procurement Risk Coefficient

2010  Sustainability by..." A Synthesis of Procurement Approaches for High Performance Buildings

2009  Analysis of Design-Build Procurement Activities Durations for Highway Projects

2009  Application of Principal Component Analysis Method on Logistics Supplier Selection

2009  Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Lean Supply System: A Case Study of Rebar Supply in High-Rise Condominium Construction Projects

2009  Correlation Analysis of Social Logistics Demand and Economic Activities

2009  Delivering Best Value in Highways Major Maintenance Schemes: Case Study

2009  Determination of Procurement Risk Coefficient Based on Principal Components Analysis

2009  Development and Application of the Specialist Task Organization Procurement Approach

2009  Drivers for Adopting Public Private Partnerships—Empirical Comparison between China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

2009  Evaluating Qualification-Based Selection System: A Simulation Approach

2009  FIDIC and Integrity: A Status Report

2009  How Far a Contract Can Be Stretched? The First Building Block for Procurement Engineering

2009  Impact of Using an E-Marketplace in the Construction Supply Process: Lessons from a Case Study

2009  Incorporating Domain Knowledge and Information Retrieval Techniques to Develop an Architectural/Engineering/Construction Online Product Search Engine

2009  An Investigation of Real Option Theory to Evaluate Design, Procurement, and Construction of Renewable Energy Facilities

2009  Loss Evaluation on Time Windows Slippage in Logistics Chain

2009  MIA Mover Procurement

2009  Optimizing APM Failure-Mode Capacities

2009  Perception of Financial Institutions toward Financing PFI Projects in Hong Kong

2009  Planning and Procurement of the Doha, West-Bay APM

2009  Procurement of Design-Build Services: Two-Phase Selection for Highway Projects

2009  Time-Quality-Cost Tradeoff in Logistics Service Management Based on Rough Sets Theory

2008  Achieving Partnering Success through an Incentive Agreement: Lessons Learned from an Underground Railway Extension Project in Hong Kong

2008  The Analysis of Contract Economic in Procurement Supervision

2008  The Analysis of SCEs’ Knowledge Behaviors Using DEA

2008  Antecedent Role of Information Sharing On Trust And Cooperation Intentions In Supply Chain: An Empirical Analysis

2008  Application in Two Satisfactory Methods for Multi-Objective Location-Routing Problem (MLRP)

2008  Assessing Infrastructure Project Innovation Potential as a Function of Procurement Mode

2008  Collaborative Control of Distribution Supply Chains Based Upon Fussy Customer Demand

2008  Collaborative Forecasting For an Optimal Capacity through Buyback Contract

2008  A Computational Model for Seller’s Reputation in C2C Online Transaction

2008  A Continuous Stochastics Model for Recycling Under Deposit Refunding

2008  A Controllable Quality Risk Transmission Model for Construction Supply Chains

2008  A Cooperative Game Model for the Bank-Leading Third-Party Electronic Marketplace

2008  Data Envelopment Analysis and Its Application in Supplier Selection

2008  Decision of the Competitive and Cooperative Relationships between Supplier and Purchaser Based on Maximal Profits

2008  Demand Information Distortion in Port Supply Chains

2008  A Design of Quantity Discount Pricing To Maximize Profit Based On the Vendor-Buyer System

2008  Dynamic Optimization Model of Allocation Design for Supply Amounts Based on Customer Satisfaction

2008  Emergency Contracting Strategies for Federal Projects

2008  Evaluation of Suppliers with Grey Relational Analysis

2008  Factors Affecting Choosing Logistics Suppliers Based on Generalized Nested Logic Model

2008  Formalization of the Flow of Component-Related Information in Precast Concrete Supply Chains

2008  Game Analysis on Agricultural Quality Control between Wholesale Market and Suppliers

2008  The Improvement Research of Ant Colony Algorithm In The Bullwhip Effect Application

2008  Interaction Analysis among the Risk Management in the Supplier Network

2008  Investigation on the Nature and Determinants of Vendor Managed Inventory Based on the Transaction Cost Theory

2008  Knowledge-Driven ANP Approach to Vendors Evaluation for Sustainable Construction