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2015  Joint Probability Distribution and Correlation Analysis of Wind and Solar Power Forecast Errors in the Western Interconnection

2014  General Model for Water-Distribution Pipe Breaks: Development, Methodology, and Application to a Small City in Quebec, Canada

2014  Performance of a Theoretical Model for the Description of Water Balance and Runoff Dynamics in Southern Italy

2014  Probabilistic Assessment of Design Error Costs

2014  Probability Distribution Model for Cross-Sectional Area of Corroded Reinforcing Steel Bars

2013  Assessment of Right-Tail Prediction Ability of Some Distributions by Monte Carlo Analyses

2013  Bivariate Flood Frequency Analysis with Historical Information Based on Copula

2013  Bootstrapping for Characterizing the Effect of Uncertainty in Sample Statistics for Braced Excavations

2013  Comparative Study of Three Stochastic Models for Prediction of Pipe Failures in Water Supply Systems

2013  Development and Evaluation of Methods for Constructing Breakdown Probability Models

2013  Performance of Ductile Iron Pipes. I: Characterization of External Corrosion Patterns

2012  Computation of Probability Distribution of Strength of Quasibrittle Structures Failing at Macrocrack Initiation

2012  Distribution of Delay in Signalized Intersections: Day-to-Day Variability in Peak-Hour Volumes

2012  Ensemble Modeling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Processes at One Shot: Application to Kinematic Open-Channel Flow under Uncertain Channel Properties and Uncertain Lateral Flow Conditions by the Stochastic Method of Characteristics

2012  Ensemble Modeling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Processes at One Shot: Application to Kinematic Open-Channel Flow under Uncertain Channel Properties by the Stochastic Method of Characteristics

2012  Experience in Expert Estimation of Probabilities and Correlations for Rail Line Construction

2012  Finite-Element Model Updating and Probabilistic Analysis of Timber-Concrete Composite Beams

2012  Modeling of Stress Spectrum Using Long-Term Monitoring Data and Finite Mixture Distributions

2011  Amplitude-Scaled versus Spectrum-Matched Ground Motions for Seismic Performance Assessment

2011  Earthquake Accelerogram Selection and Scaling Procedures for Estimating the Distribution of Drift Response

2011  Efficiency Comparison of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation with Subset Simulation (MCMC/ss) to Standard Monte Carlo Simulation (sMC) for Extreme Event Scenarios

2011  Entropy Theory for Distribution of One-Dimensional Velocity in Open Channels

2011  Entropy Theory for Two-Dimensional Velocity Distribution

2011  Entropy-Based Probability Distribution for IDF Curves

2011  Estimation of the Probability Distribution of Wave Velocity in Wood Poles

2011  Hydrologic Synthesis Using Entropy Theory: Review

2011  Influence of Probability Distribution of Shear Strength Parameters on Reliability-Based Rock Slope Analysis

2011  Probability Distribution of Delay about Pedestrian and Non-Vehicle Passing the Main Road at Unsignalized Intersection

2011  The Reliability Analysis and the Probability Distribution of Wheel Tracking Test of Asphalt Mixture

2011  Research on the Fitting Effect of General Extreme Value Distribution Based on Wind Speed Data Measured Actually at the Hang-zhou Bay Bridge Site

2011  Sampling and Condition Assessment of Ductile Iron Pipes

2011  Uncertainty Arithmetic on Excel Spreadsheets: Add-In for Intervals, Probability Distributions, and Probability Boxes

2010  Assessment of Flooding Risk to Cultural Heritage in Historic Sites

2010  Comparison of the Probability Plot Correlation Coefficient Test Statistics for the General Extreme Value Distribution

2010  Deterioration Forecasting Model with Multistage Weibull Hazard Functions

2010  Probability Analysis of Hydrological Loads for the Design of Flood Control Systems Using Copulas

2010  Statistical Properties of Strain and Rotation Tensors in Geodetic Network

2010  Using GPS Data to Gain Insight into Public Transport Travel Time Variability

2009  Development of a Probabilistic Timing Model for the Ingestion of Tap Water

2009  Life Expectancy Evaluation of the Wood Poles Which Support the Hellenic Electrical Distribution Network

2009  Pause Rate of Motorway Service Area Base on Vehicle Continuous Travel Time

2009  Probability of Pressure Deficit in On-Demand Branched Networks and Incorporation into Design Decisions

2009  Quantifying Qualitative Information on Risks: Development of the QQIR Method

2009  Selecting Flow Frequency Distributions for Designing a Small Low-Head Dam Removal Cofferdam

2009  Symmetry in Nonlinear Hydrologic Dynamics under Uncertainty: Modeling Approach

2008  Derivation of the Probability Plot Correlation Coefficient Test Statistics for the Generalized Logistic and the Generalized Pareto Distributions

2008  Hydrologic Modeling of the Fox River Watershed: Model Development, Calibration, and Validation

2008  Nonlinear Model-Based System Identification of Lead — Rubber Bearings

2008  The Probability Distribution of Daily Rainfall in the United States

2008  Random Plastic Analysis Using a Constitutive Model to Predict the Evolutionary Stress-Related Responses and Time Passages to Failure

2008  The Research of Household Probability Distribution and Trip Production Forecast Based on Trip Characteristics of Household

2008  Weighting of Field Monitoring Data with Probability Distributions of Daily Rainfall

2007  Evolution of Flood Frequency Analysis with Bulletin 17

2007  Fourth-Moment Standardization for Structural Reliability Assessment

2007  Gates’ Bidding Model

2007  Probabilistic Estimation of Water Conservation Effectiveness

2006  Bivariate Flood Frequency Analysis Using the Copula Method

2006  Condition and Reliability Prediction Models Using the Weibull Probability Distribution

2006  Distribution System Contamination Events: Exposure, Influence, and Sensitivity

2006  Influence of Uncertainties in the Estimation Procedure of Floodwater Level

2005  Analytical Approximation to the Probability Distribution of Electricity Marginal Production Costs

2005  Bivariate Statistical Approach to Check Adequacy of Dam Spillway

2005  Engineering Applications of a Direct Search Algorithm, PGSL

2005  Impact of Market Uncertainty on Congestion Revenue Right Valuation

2005  Lognormal Distribution Provides an Optimum Representation of the Concrete Delivery and Placement Process

2005  Multivariate Extreme Value Distributions for Random Vibration Applications

2005  Probabilistic Behavior of Water-Quality Loads

2005  Simulation Tools for the Economic Evaluation of Base Construction

2005  Urban Storm Water Control Evaluation with Analytical Probabilistic Models

2004  Gamma-Laguerre Formalism: Rigorous Approach and Application to Hydrologic Time Series

2004  Parameter Estimation of Beta Distribution for Unit Hydrograph Derivation

2004  Stochastic Model to Evaluate Residential Water Demands

2003  Bivariate Drought Recurrence Analysis using Tree Ring Reconstructions

2003  Nonlinear Hydrologic Processes: Conservation Equations for Determining Their Means and Probability Distributions

2003  Regional Utility of NOAA/CPC Seasonal Climate Precipitation Forecasts

2003  Rolling and Lifting Probabilities for Sediment Entrainment

2003  Weighted Parametric Operational Hydrology Forecasting

2002  Deterministic Advection-Diffusion Model Based on Markov Processes

2002  Diffusion-Based Semi-Infinite Fourier Probability Distribution

2002  Least Upper Bound Distribution for Nonlinear Wave Crests

2002  Maximum Velocity and Regularities in Open-Channel Flow

2002  On Selection of Probability Distributions for Representing Annual Extreme Rainfall Series

2002  Peak Non-Gaussian Wind Effects for Database-Assisted Low-Rise Building Design

2002  Probability Distribution of Low Streamflow Series in the United States

2001  Assessment of an L-Kurtosis-Based Criterion for Quantile Estimation

2001  Estimating Wave Height Distributions from Wind Speed Distributions

2001  Evaluation of Mixed-Population Flood-Frequency Analysis

2001  Finite Fourier Probability Distribution and Applications

2001  Modeling Municipal Solid Waste Collection Systems Using Derived Probability Distributions. I: Model Development

2001  Modeling Municipal Solid Waste Collection Systems Using Derived Probability Distributions. II: Extensions and Applications

2001  Simulation of Highly Skewed Non–Gaussian Stochastic Processes

2000  Defining Probability Distribution Function for Construction Simulation

2000  Discrete Particle Distribution Model for Advection-Diffusion Transport

2000  Mathematical Models of Distribution of Sediment Concentration

2000  Model of Water Application under Pivot Sprinkler. I: Theoretical Grounds

2000  Probabilistic Monitoring of Project Performance Using SS-Curves

2000  Probability Distribution Functions for Construction Simulation

2000  A Study of the Properties of Scale Invariance as Applied to Intensity-Duration-Frequency Relationships of Heavy Storms

2000  Tall Tales about Tails of Hydrological Distributions. I

2000  Tall Tales about Tails of Hydrological Distributions. II