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2015  Analytical Slope Stability Analysis Based on Statistical Characterization of Soil Primary Properties

2015  Characterization and Probabilistic Modeling of the Mesostructure of Parallel Strand Lumber

2015  Climate Change Impact on Combined Sewer Overflows

2015  Estimating Construction Contingency: Accommodating the Potential for Cost Overruns in Road Construction Projects

2015  First-Order Reliability Method for Probabilistic Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Soil Using Genetic Programming

2015  Fuzzy Assessment Model to Estimate the Probability of Delay in Turkish Construction Projects

2015  Potential of Probabilistic Hydrometeorological Approach for Precipitation-Based Soil Moisture Estimation

2015  Probabilistic Approach for Durability Design of Concrete Structures in Marine Environments

2015  Probability of Overturning for Vehicles Moving on a Bridge Deck in a Wind Environment Considering Stochastic Process Characteristics of Excitations

2015  Public Transport Travel-Time Variability Definitions and Monitoring

2014  Accurate Application and Second-Order Improvement of SAC/FEMA Probabilistic Formats for Seismic Performance Assessment

2014  Bayesian Approach for Real-Time Probabilistic Contamination Source Identification

2014  Dealing with Uncertainty in Water Distribution System Models: A Framework for Real-Time Modeling and Data Assimilation

2014  Development of an Integrated Method for Probabilistic Bridge-Deterioration Modeling

2014  Dimension Reduction of the FPK Equation via an Equivalence of Probability Flux for Additively Excited Systems

2014  Effect of Spatial Variability on the Reliability-Based Design of Drilled Shafts

2014  Effects of Assembly Tolerances on Bolted Anchorages in Concrete

2014  Enhancing Ramp Metering Algorithms with the Use of Probability of Breakdown Models

2014  Estimation of Hurricane Wind Speed Probabilities: Application to New York City and Other Coastal Locations

2014  Evaluating Fitness-for-Service of Corroded Metal Pipelines: Structural Reliability Bases

2014  Evaluation of the Areal Reduction Factor in an Urban Area through Rainfall Records of Limited Length: A Case Study

2014  Exploiting the Topographic Information in a PDM-Based Conceptual Hydrological Model

2014  Failure-Mode Importance Measures in System Reliability Analysis

2014  A General Framework for Probabilistic Risk-Based Optimization of Life-Cycle Management of Infrastructure Systems under Gradual and Sudden Deterioration

2014  Importance of the Assumption of Independence or Dependence among Multiple Flood Sources

2014  Joint and Conditional Probability Distributions of Runoff Depth and Peak Discharge Using Entropy Theory

2014  Method to Determine the Probability of Failure for Annealed Monolithic Window Glass Loaded with a Uniform Wind Load

2014  Modeling Deterioration in Concrete Pipes as a Stochastic Gamma Process for Time-Dependent Reliability Analysis

2014  Modification of Hunter’s Curve in the Perspective of Water Conservation

2014  Moment Methods for Assessing the Probability of Serviceability Failure in Braced Excavations

2014  Performance and Reliability of Probabilistic Scenarios of Interpolated Rainfall Based on Geostatistics

2014  Predicting Residual Tensile Strength of Seven-Wire Strands Using That of Single Wires Exposed to Chloride Environments

2014  Pre-Earthquake Multi-Objective Probabilistic Retrofit Optimization of Bridge Networks Based on Sustainability

2014  Probabilistic Analysis of Strip Footings Resting on Spatially Varying Soils and Subjected to Vertical or Inclined Loads

2014  A Probabilistic Approach to Karstic Foundation Variability

2014  Probabilistic Calibration of a Dynamic Model for Predicting Rainfall-Controlled Landslides

2014  Probabilistic Formulation of the Cyclic Void Growth Model to Predict Ultralow Cycle Fatigue in Structural Steel

2014  Probabilistic Methodology for Quantifying Regional Risk Profiles from Sea Level Rise

2014  Probabilistic Modeling of Reinforced Landfill Final Covers for Sustainable Drainage

2014  Probabilistic Nonlinear Response Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

2014  Probabilistic Seismic Performance Assessment of Setback Buildings under Bidirectional Excitation

2014  Seismic Demand of the Liquefaction Potential with Equivalent Number of Cycles for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

2014  Seismic Fragility Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering Different Sources of Uncertainties

2014  Seismic Fragility Evaluation with Incomplete Structural Appraisal Data: An Iterative Statistical Approach

2014  Seismic Loss Estimation of Residential Wood-Frame Buildings in Southwestern British Columbia Considering Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences

2014  Seismic Reliability Analysis of Wood Shear Walls Using Different Methods

2014  Simplified Soil Liquefaction Assessment Based on Cumulative Kinetic Energy Density: Attenuation Law and Probabilistic Analysis

2014  Statistical Analysis of Concrete Compressive Strengths for California Highway Bridges

2014  Statistical, Risk, and Reliability Analyses of Bridge Scour

2013  Analysis of Complex Human-Machine System Reliability Metrics

2013  Analytical Probabilistic Model for Evaluating the Hydrologic Performance of Green Roofs

2013  Application of the Kriging-Based Response Surface Method to the System Reliability of Soil Slopes

2013  Buckling Loads of Two-Layer Composite Columns with Interlayer Slip and Stochastic Material Properties

2013  Computer Program for Multimodel Reliability and Optimization Analysis

2013  Debris-Blocking Sensitivity of Piano Key Weirs under Reservoir-Type Approach Flow

2013  Determining the Probability of Project Cost Overruns

2013  Development of a Comprehensive Probabilistic Life Cycle Model for Planning Coastal Risk Management Projects

2013  Disaggregated Crash Prediction Models for Different Crash Types using Joint Probability Model

2013  Effect of Slope Height and Gradient on Failure Probability

2013  Effect of Wind Directionality on the Vulnerability of Rural Houses due to Cyclonic Wind

2013  Explicit Equation for Estimating Storm-Water Capture Efficiency of Rain Gardens

2013  Fatigue Assessment and Service Life Prediction of Existing Steel Bridges by Integrating SHM into a Probabilistic Bilinear S-N Approach

2013  Generalized Probabilistic Framework for Optimum Inspection and Maintenance Planning

2013  Left-Turning Conflict Delay Models under Straight-Line Priority

2013  Lifetime Highway Bridge Traffic Load Effect from a Combination of Traffic States Allowing for Dynamic Amplification

2013  Microsimulation Evaluation of Eurocode Load Model for American Long-Span Bridges

2013  Numerically and Experimentally Based Reliability Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Subjected to Chloride-Induced Deterioration

2013  Peak Distributions and Peak Factors of Wind-Induced Pressure Processes on Tall Buildings

2013  Practical Approach to Using Uncertainties in Structural Condition Assessment

2013  Probabilistic Analysis and Optimization to Characterize Critical Water Distribution System Contamination Scenarios

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of Soil Consolidation via Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of the Degradation Evolution of Stone Wall Cladding Directly Adhered to the Substrate

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of Vulnerability of Reinforced Concrete Buildings Against Progressive Collapse

2013  Probabilistic Assessment of Drought Characteristics Using Hidden Markov Model

2013  Probabilistic Back Analysis of Failed Slopes using Bayesian Techniques

2013  Probabilistic Contaminant Source Identification in Water Distribution Systems with Incomplete Mixing at Pipe Junctions

2013  Probabilistic Demand Models and Fragility Estimates for Bridges Elevated with Steel Pedestals

2013  Probabilistic Hydrologic Model to Simulate Response of Urban Drainage System to Implementation of Low Impact Development Stormwater Practices

2013  Probabilistic Identification of inverse Building Model Parameters

2013  Probabilistic Models for Structural Performance of Rounded Dovetail Joints

2013  Probabilistic Porous Model to Simulate the Retention Curve of Soils

2013  Probabilistic Projection of Mean Sea Level and Coastal Extremes

2013  Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis for Maximum Seismic Shear Stresses in Soils Using Improved Ground-Motion Parameters

2013  Probability Based Structural Fire Load

2013  Probability of Collapse Expression for Bridges Subject to Barge Collision

2013  Probability of Excessive Hydraulic Flow through Soil Liners

2013  Probability of Failure for Slopes with Sensitivity Analysis

2013  Probability-Based Design for Levee Underseepage: Heaving vs. Piping Phenomena

2013  A Probability-Based Methodology for Establishing Non-Extreme and Extreme Vertical Load Combinations for Multi-Hazard LRFD of Bridges

2013  Range of the Safe Retaining Pressures of a Pressurized Tunnel Face by a Probabilistic Approach

2013  Rapid Assessment of Wave and Surge Risk during Landfalling Hurricanes: Probabilistic Approach

2013  Regional Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves Derived from Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Scaling Property

2013  Research on Collision Probability Model Based on Ship Domain

2013  Resistance Factors for Ductile FRP-Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members

2013  Risk-Based Protocol for Inspection of Transportation Construction Projects Undertaken by State Departments of Transportation

2013  Sediment Entrainment Probability and Threshold of Sediment Suspension: Exponential-Based Approach

2013  Stochastic Analysis of Seepage under Hydraulic Structures Resting on Anisotropic Heterogeneous Soils

2013  System Reliability Analysis of Flexible Pavements

2013  Uncertainty in Task Duration and Cost Estimates: Fusion of Probabilistic Forecasts and Deterministic Scheduling

2013  Using Probabilistic Risk Modeling for Cost-Benefit Analysis: Application to Road Safety Measures