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2013  Real Option Approach to Sharing Privatization Risk in Underground Infrastructures

2009  Bid-Winning Potential Optimization for Concession Schemes with Imprecise Investment Parameters

2008  Limits to Water Privatization

2007  Evaluating the Performance of Privatization on Regional Transit Services: Case Study

2007  Multiple Criteria Decision Support for Infrastructure Privatization

2006  CAPM-Based Valuation of Financial Government Supports to Infeasible and Risky Private Infrastructure Projects

2006  Factor Analysis of Public Clients’ Best-Value Objective in Public — Privately Partnered Infrastructure Projects

2005  Criteria for Selecting the Private-Sector Partner in Public – Private Partnerships

2005  Critical Success Factors for Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Development

2005  Financial Viability Analysis and Capital Structure Optimization in Privatized Public Infrastructure Projects

2005  Paving the Way for Public – Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Development

2004  Privatization of Municipal Services: Sustainability Issues of Production and Provision

2004  TransMilenio: A High Capacity - Low Cost Bus Rapid Transit System Developed for Bogotá, Colombia

2003  Drinking Water: Alanta to Reclaim Its Water System

2002  Analyzing Asian Infrastructure Development Privatization Market

2002  Avenues for Transport Infrastructure Finance in Hong Kong: Public-Private Financing Initiatives

2002  Concessioning, Privatization and Restructuring of Railways in China

2001  Unraveling of BOT Scheme: Malaysia’s Indah Water Konsortium

2000  Deregulation of the Railway Industry in China

2000  Privatized California Toll Road Gains FHWA Approval

2000  Using Genetic Algorithms in the UK Water Industry

1999  Build Operate Transfer Municipal Bridge Projects in India

1999  Chicago Privatizes Water Computer Systems

1999  Is Privatization Practical When Water is the Paradigm Public Property?

1999  Privatization of the City of Atlanta’s Water System: A Cost Savings Initiative and a Plan for the Future

1999  Process Modeling Approach to Privatization of Wastewater Treatment

1999  A Review of Established Water Markets and Quasi-Water Markets

1999  Wastewater Privatization: A Beneficial Alternative

1999  What Can We Learn About Water Services Management and Privatization in France?

1998  DOE Privatizes Oak Ridge Cleanup, Saves Millions

1998  Evaluating Viability of Privatized Transportation Projects

1998  Institutional Hurdles in Privatization: The Fairbanks Municipal Utilities System

1998  Managed Competition Sometimes Yields Unexpected Results: Ask San Diego

1998  Obstacles and Opportunities in International Engineering Services

1998  Privatization and the Public/Private Partnership

1998  Privatization in Vessel Traffic Management

1998  Privatization of Public Works

1998  The Privatization of the MWSS

1998  São José dos Campos: A Strategic Airport and Its Military/Civilian Transition—Causes and Future Perspectives

1998  Sell-Off

1998  Taipei Privatizes Treatment Plant

1998  Toll Plaza Design Study Released

1998  Wastewater’s French Connection Continues

1997  Barricades on the Roads

1997  Brownfields Development in Massachusetts through Privatized Cleanup: One State’s Solution

1997  Defending the Consultants

1997  Editorial

1997  FMUS Privatization

1997  Hydroelectric Power Generation - Privatization and Private Development - The Role of the Independent Engineer

1997  Infrastructure Opportunities in Chile

1997  Infrastructure Visionaries

1997  Management Digest

1997  Mexico City Water Mapping Project: Exporting Technology to Mexico–Lessons Learned

1997  More Charges Levied

1997  Mounting a Defense

1997  Perils of Privatization

1997  Privatization Decision and Civil Engineering Projects

1997  Privatization Isn’t the Answer

1997  Privatization Law and Water Institutions

1997  Privatization of Federal Power

1997  Privatize ITS? Discussion at TRB Conference

1997  Privatized Waste Cleanup in Massachusetts: LSP Program

1997  Privatizers too Costly

1997  Privatizing Federal Hydropower Projects

1997  Public Interest

1997  Public Water in Private Hands

1997  A Salve, Not a Cure

1997  South America Subsidiary for Parsons Brinckerhoff

1997  Taking a Stand

1997  Uncertainty Analysis of a Water Resources System in a Competition and Privatization Environment

1997  Waterpower ’97 Addresses Privatization Concerns

1996  Changing Times for Engineers Is Focus of Triennial Conclave between U.S., Britain

1996  Company and Project Evaluation Model for Privately Promoted Infrastructure Projects

1996  EPA in Limelight at WEFTEC Meeting

1996  Management Buys Back HDR From French Parent

1996  Managerial Fuzzy Optimal Planning for Solid-Waste Management Systems

1996  Minnesota DOT Pursues Privatization Projects

1996  Privatization: A Cure for Our Ailing Infrastructure?

1996  Privatization and Water Supply/Treatment Projects

1996  Recasting a Foundry (Available only in Structures Special Issue)

1996  Study Concludes Feds Should Exit Water Business

1996  U.S. Looks to Mexico for New Infrastructure Projects

1995  Bidding–and Winning–In the Privatization Game

1995  CEOs See Dollar-Driven Environmental Market

1995  Global Growth Spurt for Infrastructure Privatization

1995  Impact of Financial Package Versus Technical Solution in a BOT Tender

1995  In an Era of Shrinking Government, Is Privatization the American Way?

1995  Integrated River Basin Management in Latin America

1995  LACTC Specialized Rail Transit Projects

1995  PMO Keeps An Eye on Privatization

1995  Privatization and the Use of IVHS in the 1990s

1995  Privatized Project Picture May Not be so Promising

1995  Reform Agenda of Chinese Construction Industry

1995  Risks and Guarantees in BOT Tender

1995  Technical Evaluation of Hydroelectric Facilities in Peru

1995  The Toll Road That Wouldn’t Die

1994  Argentina: Back in Business

1994  Black & Veatch in Unique Overseas Partnership

1994  Increasing Role of Privatization in Engineering and Construction

1994  P3 for Marinas, Parks & Recreation