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2015  Proposed Structural Reliability-Based Approach for the Classification of Concrete Quality

2014  Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Model for Determining Optimum Tender Price in Multifamily Housing Projects

2014  Combined Decision Making of Congestion Pricing and Capacity Expansion: Genetic Algorithm Approach

2014  Experiment in Megaregional Road Pricing Using Advanced Commuter Behavior Analysis

2014  Optimization Model for Planning Regional Water Resource Systems under Uncertainty

2014  Sustainable Toll Pricing and Capacity Investment in a Congested Road Network: A Goal Programming Approach

2014  Tender Pricing Environment of Subcontractors in the United Kingdom

2014  Time-Based Toll Design for a Cordon-Based Congestion Pricing Scheme for a Transportation Network with Speed Limits and Movement Prohibitions

2013  Analysis of EOQ Model Based on Factor of Variable Price

2013  Analysis of Reasonable Energy Price Ratios in China

2013  Analysis on Bimetallic Lined Pipe for Sour Service in Oil and Gas Field

2013  Buy-Back Price-Based Order Quantity Analysis in Different Supply Chains

2013  Commercial Housing Price Index Forecast Based on the Gray Model

2013  The Comparative Analysis of the Commercial Housing Prices in Beijing and Harbin Based on the Stepwise Regression Model

2013  Construction Price Prediction Using Vector Error Correction Models

2013  Design of Efficient Water Pricing Policies Integrating Basinwide Resource Opportunity Costs

2013  Discovering the Urban Structure Using a Spatial Hedonic House Price Model

2013  Dual-Based Heuristic for Optimal Cordon Pricing Design

2013  Dynamic Congestion Pricing Model Based on Stackelberg Games

2013  Effect of High Gasoline Prices on Low-Density Housing Development

2013  Equity Issues of Congestion Pricing: Definition, Evaluation, and Promotion

2013  Highway Toll Pricing Customization Based on Full-Cost Pricing Method

2013  Impact Analysis of Land Supply on Housing Prices in China

2013  Key Factors Considered in Compiling Tender Prices for China’s Public Works Projects

2013  LUTI Model for the Metropolitan Area of Santander

2013  A Methodology to Quantify Visual Quality into Smart Communities: An Optimization Approach

2013  Predicting Construction Materials Prices Using Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks

2013  Price Elasticity Under Rate Structure Change and Low-Income Discounts in California

2013  Pricing Strategy for Best Value Tender

2013  Pricing Strategy of Multimodal Transport with Risk Preference

2013  Research Review on the Spillover Effect of Housing Price Fluctuations

2013  Residential Water Conservation in Australia and California

2013  Section-Metered Pricing Method of the Subway in Beijing

2013  Simulation-Based Analysis of Road-Pricing Prospects for Athens, Greece

2013  A Study of Influencing Factors and Spatial Distribution in High-Rise Residential Prices

2013  Study on the System Dynamics Model and Simulation Data Analysis of the Commodity Residence Price in Shenzhen

2013  Study on the Transmission Mechanism of China’s Monetary Policy in Controlling Real Estate Prices

2013  Systems Analysis Approach to the Design of Efficient Water Pricing Policies under the EU Water Framework Directive

2012  An Analysis Method Towards the Relationship Between Bus-Ticket Price and Private Cars’ Trip Volume

2012  Bi-Criteria System Optimum with Fixed Demand and Continuously Distributed Value of Time

2012  Crude Oil Price Forecasting Based on the ARIMA and BP Neural Network Combinatorial Algorithm

2012  Decentralized Optimization Method for Water Allocation Management in the Yellow River Basin

2012  Green Supply Chain Perishable Products Pricing: Considering Price-Driven Substitution

2012  Impact of Targeted Redevelopment of Central Business District on Housing Prices in the Surrounding Neighborhoods: Evidence from Oakland, California

2012  Insurance Pricing for Windstorm-Susceptible Developments: Bootstrapping Approach

2012  Long-Run Elasticity of Demand for Passenger Car Travel with Respect to Highway Tolls and Gasoline Prices for Long Distance Trips

2012  Modeling Measures of Float Monetization for Quantitative Risk Management of Construction Projects

2012  The Move to Universal Water Metering and Volumetric Pricing in Armenia

2012  Parking Price Planning for Shanghai World Expo PR Travel

2012  Photovoltaic Power Generation in China: Development Potential, Benefits of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

2012  Price and Performance Comparison of Three Commercially Available Superplasticizers

2012  Prices of Highway Resurfacing Projects in Economic Downturn: Lessons Learned and Strategies Forward

2012  Quadratic Pricing in the Presence of Strategic Customers and Green Supply Chains

2012  Representing Energy Price Variability in Long- and Medium-Term Hydropower Optimization

2012  Research on a Dynamic Ticket Pricing Model for the Passenger Dedicated Lines

2012  Risk-Neutral Pricing Approach for Evaluating BOT Highway Projects with Government Minimum Revenue Guarantee Options

2012  A Second-Best Congestion Pricing Model Based on Elastic Demand Mean-Excess User Equilibrium

2012  Study on Closed Pallet Pooling System in Sichuan Province

2012  Unified Approach to Balanced Pricing Strategies for Backup Reserve and Wheeling in Power Systems

2012  Urban Water Consumption Long-Term Prediction Model Based on the Water Price Elasticity in China

2012  Value of the Losses in the Delivery Process

2011  Analysis of Coordination Mechanism of Supply Chain Management in a Position of Pricing Power of Demand-Side

2011  Analysis of Empty Container Discount Price Based on Average Time Value

2011  Analysis of the Viability of an Urban Renewal Project under a Risk-Based Option Pricing Framework

2011  Bi-Level Programming Model for Congestion Pricing under the Interaction between Private Cars and Public Transport Vehicles

2011  Climate Warming Effects on Hydropower Demand and Pricing in California

2011  Combinatorial Optimization Model and Algorithm of Congestion Pricing for Toll Levels and Toll Locations in Multi-Class Network

2011  Congestion Pricing and Its Effects on Urban Development

2011  Cost Analysis and Pricing Policy of Wind Power in China

2011  Cost Analysis of Public Transport in Shanghai

2011  Differential Pricing Model of Third Party Logistics Based on Maximum Profit

2011  An Economic Analysis of the Price System of Real-Name System for Train Ticket

2011  Examining Economic and Environmental Impacts of Differentiated Pricing on the Energy-Intensive Industries in China: Input-Output Approach

2011  Getting Drivers to Switch: Transit Price and Service Quality among Commuters

2011  High-Speed Railway Pricing Mechanism Based on Tour Expense for Family Private Car Using Highway

2011  Investment, Pricing, and Efficiency of Private Road with Heterogeneous Trip-Makers

2011  Literature Review and Prospects for Pricing of High-Speed Railroad

2011  Long-Term Price Risk Forecasting of Pledged Inventory

2011  Model Analysis of Parking Price of Park-and-Ride Facilities with Price Sensitivity Measurement

2011  Noise Charges in Road Traffic: Pricing Schedule Based on the Marginal Cost Principle

2011  On the Marketing Strategy of Train Tickets under Multi-Layer Discounts

2011  Optimal Pricing Model for Third Party Logistics Based on SCM under Demand Variation

2011  Optimization of Production-Distribution Network of Perishable High-Tech Products with Capacity

2011  Option of Toll Road with C-Means Clustering Algorithm Based on Interval Fuzzy Numbers

2011  A Parking Pricing Model with Parking Behavior in City

2011  Price Sensitivity of Farmer Preferences for Irrigation Water–Pricing Method: Evidence from a Choice Model Analysis in Krishna River Basin, India

2011  Pricing Strategies on Intercity Dedicated Passenger Lines

2011  Proposed Framework for Applying Cumulative Prospect Theory to an Unbalanced Bidding Model

2011  Research on Revenue Redistribution of Road Congestion Pricing

2011  Research on the Pricing Model of Fare Integration for Urban Railway and Bus

2011  Risk and Price in the Bidding Process of Contractors

2011  Self-Financing and Distance-Based Highway Pricing Scheme: State Highway System Perspective

2011  Spatial Impacts of Microneighborhood Physical Disorder on Property Resale Values in Columbus, Ohio

2011  Study of Urban Environment-Oriented Congestion Pricing Scheme in Beijing

2011  Supply-Driven Dynamic Inoperability Input-Output Price Model for Interdependent Infrastructure Systems

2011  A Swarm Intelligence Method for Second-Best Road Pricing Problem

2011  Ticket Pricing for Urban Rail Transit Based on the Game Model

2011  Urban Road Pricing: Modeling Public Acceptance

2010  Below-Average Bidding Method

2010  A Bi-Criterion Multi-User Class Equilibrium Traffic Assignment Model and Solution Algorithm for Evaluating Road Pricing Strategies