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Found 76 Records with the keyword term of "Pressure measurement"

2014  Design and Development of a Nonintrusive Pressure Measurement System for Pipeline Monitoring

2014  Effect of Moisture Conditions on Results of Pressuremeter Testing in Unsaturated Soil

2013  Development and Field Testing of a Pressure-Sensing Grout Packer

2013  Soil Pressure Measurement, Forgotten Facts about Compliance.

2012  Measurement of Capillary Pressure Curve of DNAPL in a Water-Saturated Sandstone Fracture

2009  Optimal Distribution of Pressure Measurement Points in Water Distribution Networks

2008  Hydraulic Characteristics of Gabion-Stepped Weirs

2008  Valve Design for Extracting Response Functions from Hydraulic Systems Using Pseudorandom Binary Signals

2007  Deflection and Earth Pressure Measurements of an Anchored Concrete Shoring Wall

2007  Field Measurements of Passive Pressures behind an Integral Abutment Bridge

2005  Measurement of Fluctuating Pressures on Coarse Bed Material

2005  Simulated Moving Bed Form Effects on Real-Time In-Stream Sediment Concentration Measurement with Densitometry

2004  Forces in Wingwalls of Skewed Semi-Integral Bridges

2004  Microsensor Packaging for High Temperature and Harsh Environment Applications

2001  Acceleration and Pressure Measurements during Wave-Structure Interactions

2001  High Resolution Pressure Measurements on Roofs of Low Buildings

2000  Extended Use of Linear Graph Theory for Analysis of Pipe Networks

1999  Empirically Based Gamma-Distributed Random Wall Pressure Field in Silo

1999  The Influence of Pressure Fluctuations on the Flow Between Armour Elements

1999  Pressure Cell for Measuring Capillary Pressure Relationships of Contaminated Sands

1999  Simultaneous Measurement of Roof Pressures and Applications

1999  Transient Test-Based Technique for Leak Detection in Outfall Pipes

1999  Wave Propagation over a Bar and Wave Induced Bed Pressure Gradients

1998  Estimating Wave Heights from Pressure Measured in Sand Bed

1998  Evaluation of Fluctuating Pressures Measured with Connection Tubes

1998  Sampling Design Methods for Water Distribution Model Calibration

1998  A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

1998  Wave Elevation Prediction Based on Pressure Measurements

1998  Wind and Wave Climate of the Sea of Marmara

1997  Application of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research

1997  Irregular Wave Kinematics from a Pressure Record

1997  Wind/Wave Relation and the Pressure Gradient Effect

1996  Soil-Limiting Flow from Subsurface Emitters. I: Pressure Measurements

1995  Measurement of Turbine Pressures at TVA’s Norris Hydro Project

1994  A Computer-Controlled, Precision Pressure Standard

1994  Factors Affecting Degradation of Clay Masses

1994  Field Test of Buried Ocean-Wave Directional Spectrometer System

1994  Force and Pressure Measurements in Spillway Plunge Pools

1994  Hydrodynamic Forces in Hydraulic Jump Stilling Basins

1994  Inverse Transient Analysis in Pipe Networks

1994  Measurement and Analysis of Wave Data in Los Angeles—Long Beach Harbors

1994  The Use of Piezoelectric Film in Cavitation Research

1993  Impact Breaking Wave Pressures on Vertical Walls

1993  Wave-Induced Uplift Characteristics on Concrete Block Slope Revetments

1992  Leaks in Pipe Networks

1991  Bottom Pressures Due to Long Waves: Laboratory and Field Measurements

1991  Carbon Dioxide Pressure in Surface Waters of Canadian Lakes

1991  Elastic Properties of Pipe Materials During Hydraulic Transients

1991  Exclusion of Foreign Materials from the Savannah River Site (SRS) Canistered Waste Forms: Characterization of the Gas within the Free Volume

1991  Model-Determined Design Load on Actuator Cover Plate

1989  Buckling of Smooth Linings of Pressure Shafts and Tunnels

1988  Field Measurements of Pressure Fluctuations in a High Head Bottom Outlet Structure

1988  Model-Prototype Comparison of the Pressure Fluctuations in the Boundary Layer of a High-Head Tunnel Spillway

1988  Pressuremeter Test and Disturbance Effects

1988  Prototype Instrumentation for Pressure Fluctuations

1988  Stilling Basin Pressure Fluctuations

1988  Water Distribution Network Calibration Considering Multiple Loading Conditions

1987  Development of an Automated Harbor Shoaling Monitor: Part I—Laboratory Testing

1987  Polynomial Approximation and Water Waves

1987  Pressure Fluctuations on the Floow of Hydraulic Jumps

1984  Determination of Containment Vessel Ultimate Capacity Using Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

1984  Effect of Pressure Gradient on the Motion of a Sphere in an Oscillating Fluid

1981  Building Internal Pressure: Sudden Change

1981  Metering Facilities--Aboveground or Underground?

1981  Pressuremeter Tests at Very Shallow Depth

1980  Research Analysis of Plastic Filters

1978  Performance of One Shell Plaza Deep Mat Foundation

1977  Influence of Borehole Imperfections on Pressuremeter

1976  Cavity Expansion in Sands with Curved Envelopes

1976  Cladding and the Wind

1976  Pressuremeter and Laboratory Test Correlations for Clays

1975  Analysis of Pressuremeter in Strain-Softening Soil

1975  Simplified Computation of Vertical Pressures in Elastic Foundations

1972  Expansion of Cavities in Infinite Soil Mass

1966  Anisotropy and Stress Reorientation in Clay

1966  Design of a Differential Pore Pressure Manometer and Its Time Lag Characteristics