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2015  Sprinkler Distribution Uniformity for Strawberry Cold Protection

2014  Bounding Surface Plasticity Model Incorporating the State Pressure Index for Rockfill Materials

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Air Pressure in a Drainage Stack of a High-Rise Building Test Platform

2013  Range of the Safe Retaining Pressures of a Pressurized Tunnel Face by a Probabilistic Approach

2013  Simulation of the Influence of Aspect Ratio on the Aerodynamics of Rectangular Prisms

2013  Study on Autofrettage for Medium-Thick Pressure Vessels

2012  Building a Water Distribution Network Hydraulic Model by Using WaterGEMS

2012  Collapse of RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) Subjected to External Pressure

2012  Measurement of Capillary Pressure Curve of DNAPL in a Water-Saturated Sandstone Fracture

2012  Numerical Study of Effect of Fuel Injection Angle on the Performance of a 2D Supersonic Cavity Combustor

2012  Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Data Reduction Methodology for Linear Materials with Memory

2012  Stress Analysis of Gas Pipeline in Tunnels on Pressure Testing Condition

2011  Algorithm of Crane Selection for Heavy Lifts

2011  Effects of Different Pressure Increment Ration on One Dimensional Consolidation

2011  Fluctuation Behaviors of Air Pressure in a High-Rise Building Drainage System

2011  Influence Factors and Developing Regularity of Air Pressure Pulse As Trains Pass by Each Other

2011  Modeling the Structural Effects of Rust in Concrete Cover

2011  Study on Residual Collapse Pressure of Casing in Bend Part of Medium/Short Radius Horizontal Wells

2010  Face Stability Analysis of Circular Tunnels Driven by a Pressurized Shield

2010  PCCP Damage during Depressurization/Pressurization Cycles

2010  Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Near-Bed Pressure Gradients on a Barred Beach

2010  Transient Pressure Monitoring Program — Nacimiento Water Project

2009  Air/Vacuum Valve Breakage Caused by Pressure Surges — Analysis and Solution

2009  Finite Strain Micromorphic Pressure-Sensitive Plasticity

2009  Objective Model for the Fluctuating Pressure-Strain-Rate Correlations

2009  Probabilistic Analysis and Design of Circular Tunnels against Face Stability

2009  Structural Assessment of a Concrete Dam Based on Uplift Pressure Monitoring

2009  The Wide World of Grouting

2008  Buckling of Unconfined and Confined Thin-Walled Steel Cylinders under External Pressure

2008  Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Gravity Dams Considering Aftershocks and Reduced Drainage Efficiency

2008  Effect of Seismic Uplift Pressure on the Behavior of Concrete Gravity Dams with a Penetrated Crack

2008  Zero Boil-Off Tank Experiment to Characterize Pressure Control Behavior in Microgravity

2007  Activated Carbon Addition to a Submerged Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor: Effect on Performance, Transmembrane Pressure, and Flux

2007  Analytical Solution of a Pressure Transmission Experiment on Shale Using Electrochemomechanical Theory

2007  Axisymmetric Deformation of a Pressurized Thin Elastic Membrane with Nonuniform Thickness

2007  Case Studies: A Rapid Technique to Determine Allowable Bearing Pressure

2007  Case Study: Numerical Evaluation of Hydraulic Transients in a Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel System

2007  Multilayer Depth-Averaged Flow Model with Implicit Interfaces

2006  Allowable Bearing Pressures of Bridge Sills on GRS Abutments with Flexible Facing

2006  Bivariate Quasi-Steady Model for Prediction of Roof Corner Pressures

2006  Comparison of Constant Volume Swell Pressure and Oedometer Load-Back Pressure

2006  Compressibility Moduli for Porous Materials Incorporating Volume Fraction

2006  Development of a Commercial Tensiometer for Triaxial Testing of Unsaturated Soils

2006  Effect of Pressure Fluctuations on the Quality of Fluidization and on the Generation of Particulate Matters during Incineration

2006  Effects of Pressure on the Destruction of Bi-Modal Pore Size Distribution in Unsaturated Kaolin

2006  Mechanics of Instability of Sand at High Pressures

2006  Study of Equilibration Time in the Pressure Plate

2005  Dilatational and Compacting Behavior around a Cylindrical Cavern Leached Out in a Solid–Fluid Elastic Rock Salt

2005  Influence of Grain Size and Consolidation Pressure on Porosity of Rocks

2005  Stress Singularities in a Model of a Wood Disk under Sinusoidal Pressure

2005  Synthetic Tropical Cyclone Database

2005  Wave Induced Uplift Forces Acting on Half-Buried Submarine Pipeline in Sandy Seabed by Numerical Methods

2004  Mixture Theory for a Fluid-Saturated Isotropic Elastic Matrix

2003  Crushing Ice Forces on Structures

2003  Fluvial Entrainment of Protruding Fractured Rock

2003  Fresh Concrete Lateral Pressure On Formwork

2003  Influence of Different Cleaning Conditions on Cleaning Performance of Pilot-Scale Pulse-Jet Baghouse

2003  Lateral Seismic Pressures for Design of Rigid Underground Lifeline Structures

2003  Numerical Analysis of Multiple Discrete Cracks in Concrete Dams using Extended Fictitious Crack Model

2003  Numerical Simulation on Damage and Failure of Brittle Rocks under Different Confining Pressures

2002  Building Pressurization in Extreme Cold Climates

2002  Over-Pressure and Under-Pressure Zones of Robot Wheel Contact

2002  Plastic Interaction Relations for Pipe Sections

2002  Remediation: “Trapdoor” Materials Expands Under Pressure

2002  Simple Guide for Design of Air Vessels for Water Hammer Protection of Pumping Lines

2002  State Pressure Index for Modeling Sand Behavior

2001  Cavitation Prevention with Roughened Surface

2001  Computations of Granular Flow and Pressures in a Flat-Bottomed Silo

2001  Determining Fault Permeability from Subsurface Barometric Pressure

2001  Discharge and the Eccentricity of the Hopper Influence on the Silo Wall Pressures

2001  Effect of Grouting Pressure in Posttensioned Bulbtee Girders

2001  Finite-Element Modeling of Filling Pressures in a Full-Scale Silo

2000  Adjusted Average Correction Factors for Sprinkler Laterals

2000  A Critical Look at Use of “Rules of Thumb” for Selection of Grout Injection Pressures

2000  Design of Anchored Slabs in Spillway Stilling Basins

2000  Inlet Pressure for Horizontal Tapered Laterals

2000  Lessons from Studies of Cladding Pressures at the John Hancock Tower in Boston

2000  Parametric Study and Subsurface Exploration Plan for Bluestone Dam

2000  Pressure-Dependent Permeate Flux in Ultra- and Microfiltration

2000  Pressure-Flow Relationships for Distribution System Connections

2000  Role and Characterization of Leaks under Transient Conditions

2000  Wind Loads on Low Building Roofs: A Stochastic Perspective

1999  Conditioning, Filtering, and Expressing Waste Activated Sludge

1999  European Standards for Pipelines and Pressure Transients

1999  Fatigue Testing of Traffic Tunnel Panels

1999  Influence of Design and Operation Parameters on Bag-Cleaning Performance of Pulse-Jet Baghouse

1999  Three Stages of Consolidation Dewatering of Sludges

1998  Artesian Landfill Liner System: Optimization and Numerical Analysis

1998  Estimating of Hazen-Williams Coefficient for Polyethylene Pipes

1998  Finite-Element Analyses of Flexible Pavements

1998  Impact of Confining Pressure on Long-Term Performance of Chemical Grout in Salt Water

1998  Linear Representation of Steady-State Line for Sand

1997  Bearing Pressures for Rectangular Footings with Biaxial Uplift

1997  Direct Measurement and Monitoring of Stresses in Concrete Bridges

1997  Effects of Initial Density on Soil Instability at High Pressures

1997  Evaluating Pressure Losses in Drip-Irrigation Lines

1997  Heavy Load, Low Tire Pressure Rutting of Unbound Granular Pavements

1997  Multidirectional Wave Loads on Vertical Breakwaters

1997  Pressure Gradients Within Sediment Beds

1996  Development of a Pressure Suit Simulation System for Neutral Buoyancy Operations