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2015  Inertial Sensor Sample Rate Selection for Ride Quality Measures

2015  Precision Bounds of Pavement Deterioration Forecasts from Connected Vehicles

2015  Precision Bounds of Pavement Distress Localization with Connected Vehicle Sensors

2014  Preserving a Landmark

2013  Characterization of Materials with Repellents and Consolidants from a Historic Building

2013  Digital Mapping Project Aims to Preserve, Protect Historic Sites

2013  Lessons in Sustainability from the Inca Empire

2012  Blast Protection and Historic Preservation

2012  Fit for a King

2012  Truss Separation Widens Historic Vermont Bridge

2011  Air Bags and Stainless Steel Anchors and Mesh Help Preserve Egyptian Pyramid

2011  Exploratory State-Level Empirical Assessment of Pavement Performance

2011  Just the Right Balance

2011  Optimization of Maintenance Strategies for the Management of the National Bridge Stock in France

2011  Preserving Our Airfield Pavements

2010  Improving Pavement Management System by Adding Pavement Preservation Component

2010  Overview of the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation (NHCBP) Program

2010  Preservation of Watershed Regime for Low-Impact Development through Detention

2010  Preserving Hydroelectric History in Mexico: Developing the Remate Project as an Interpretive Park

2009  The Effect of Permafrost Preservation of Different Height Subgrade in Permafrost Regions

2009  Front Matter

2009  Minnesota’s Preservation of State-Owned Historic Bridges for Long-Term Transportation Use

2009  Preserving Historic Bridges: Strategies to Overcome Obsolescence

2009  Structures Congress 2009, Don’t Mess with Structural Engineers: Expanding Our Role

2008  Continuum Model for In-Plane Anisotropic Inelastic Behavior of Masonry

2008  Horizontal Support of Historic Roof Structures: Design and Structural Efficiency

2008  Preservation of Historical Walser Houses in Alagna Valsesia, Italy

2007  A Balanced Approach

2007  Center Stage

2007  Historic Preservation: New Drainage System, Structural Improvements Stabilize Historic Virginia House

2007  Preserving the Chino Basin

2007  Wind Loads for 19th Century Bridges: Design Evolution, Historic Failures, and Modern Preservation

2006  Evolution of Bricks and Brick Masonry in the Early History of its Use in the Region of Today’s Serbia

2005  Evaluation of Wrought Iron for Continued Service in Historic Bridges

2005  Static Behavior of a Historic Roof Structure

2005  Uncovering American Covered Bridges: The HAER National Covered Bridges Recording Project

2004  Eklutna River Bridge Rehabilitation: Preserving the Historic Old Glenn Highway Crossing

2004  Historic Preservation: Brunel’s First Iron Bridge Saved from Demolition

2004  Historic Preservation: Student’s Drawings Help to Resurrect Covered Bridge

2004  Historical Breakwaters on Lake Champlain, New York/Vermont History, Inspection and Preservation

2004  Linking Past and Future

2004  Water Supply vs. the Environment: Finding the Appropriate Balance

2003  The Importance of Historic Preservation

2003  Reconstructed With Precision

2003  Saving St. Augustine Beach: Reversing A Tradition of Decline

2003  Wetlands at Work

2002  Assessment of Safety and Traffic Operational Quality for Historic Stone Bridges

2002  A Dam for a Dam

2002  Expanding upon Pisa

2002  Preserving Pisa’s Treasure

2001  Ancient Chinese Timber Architecture. I: Experimental Study

2001  Ancient Chinese Timber Architecture. II: Dynamic Characteristics

2001  Brownfields: U.S. Navy Adapts Historic Building for Office Space

2001  Life Cycle-Based Programming of Ferry Terminal Preservation

2001  Restoration and Preservation of Medieval Churches: Responding to Natural Disasters

2001  Structural Renovation of Buildings by Alexander Newman

2001  Underexcavation for Leveling Buildings in Mexico City: Case of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Sagrario Church

2000  Save San Francisco Bay Estuarine Modeling Tool (ltr)

2000  Technologic and Aesthetic Issues Related to Covered Bridge Preservation

1999  Alternative Procedure Overcomes Construction Constraints on Parkway

1999  Cape Hatteras Light Station Relocation Project Instrumentation Details

1999  Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Move Technical Overview

1999  The Design–Build (Move) and Historic Preservation

1999  A Moving History: Getting the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from Here to There

1999  Moving the Cape Hatteras Light Station: Geotechnical Considerations

1998  29 Years Documenting Engineering Heritage

1998  Bridge Preservation Urged

1998  Congress Passes Historic Surface Transportation Bill

1998  The National Historic Landmarks Survey

1998  Polyethylene Pipe Installation Preserves Wetlands

1998  Preservation of Historic Thin-Shell Concrete Structures

1998  Summary of “These Olde Pyramids” Presentation

1998  The Conservation and Structural Restoration of Architectural Heritage by Giorgio Croci

1998  What Are the Ethical Responsibilities Towards Sustainable Development?

1997  Casa Grande: Survey and Analysis of Structural Stability of a Hohokam Monument

1997  Criteria for Variable-Width Mountain Stream Buffers

1997  Development of an Annotated Bibliography on the Preservation and Restoration of Riverine Corridors in Urban Areas

1997  Editorial

1996  Author Responds to Accusations of Carelessness

1996  Decision-Support System for Infrastructure Preservation

1996  Dynamic Response of Hagia Sophia

1996  Electrophoretic Mobility of Cryptosporidium Oocysts and Giardia Cysts

1996  Grounded by History: Airports and Historic Resources

1996  Structural Studies of Historical Buildings IV

1996  Vermont to Inventory Historic Bridges Prior to Project Initiation

1995  Maintenance Practices for Wood Bridges

1994  The Engineer As Preservationist

1994  The Future of the Past: Historic Preservation at the Metropolitan Washington Airports

1994  Lessons for Effective Urban-Containment and Resource-Land–Preservation Policy

1994  Preserve and Protect

1993  Conference Highlights Coastal Calamities

1993  Effects of Core Sealing Methods on the Preservation of Pore Water

1992  Historic Bridge Program Gets Preservation Award

1992  Kemp Cited for Preservation Work

1992  Taking the Lean Out of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

1991  Construction Contract Provisions for Preservation of Artifacts

1991  Historic Dam Rehab: Handle with Care

1991  McMillen, CE Turned Historian, Dies at Age 85

1991  Remember the Past

1991  West Lake: The Creation of Fort Lauderdale’s Central Park