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2015  Analysis of Flood Fatalities in Texas

2015  Bayesian Learning and Relevance Vector Machines Approach for Downscaling of Monthly Precipitation

2015  Comparison of the Ability of Two Bacteria to Improve the Behavior of Sandy Soil

2015  Downscaling Global Climate Simulations to Regional Scales: Statistical Downscaling versus Dynamical Downscaling

2015  Guidelines for Operational Hail Suppression Programs

2015  Hydrologic Modeling of the Blue River Basin Using NEXRAD Precipitation Data with a Semidistributed and a Fully Distributed Model

2015  Impact of Ensemble Size on TIGGE Precipitation Forecasts: An End-User Perspective

2015  Monitoring Agricultural Drought Using the Standardized Effective Precipitation Index

2015  Objective Reduction of Rain Gauge Network via Geostatistical Analysis of Uncertainty in Radar-Gauge Precipitation Estimation

2015  Physically Based Estimation of Maximum Precipitation over Three Watersheds in Northern California: Atmospheric Boundary Condition Shifting

2015  Potential of Probabilistic Hydrometeorological Approach for Precipitation-Based Soil Moisture Estimation

2015  Risk of Exceeding Extreme Design Storm Events under Possible Impact of Climate Change

2014  Assessing GCM Convergence for India Using the Variable Convergence Score

2014  Comparison between Parametric and Nonparametric Approaches for the Calculation of Two Drought Indices: SPI and SSI

2014  Comparison of Gauge and MPE Precipitation Data for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model

2014  Dual Removal Process of Phosphate on Ca-Layered Double Hydroxide with Substitution of Fe for Al

2014  Effect of Short-Term and Long-Term Persistence on Identification of Temporal Trends

2014  Factors Affecting Improvement in Engineering Properties of Residual Soil through Microbial-Induced Calcite Precipitation

2014  Generating Synthetic Daily Precipitation Realizations for Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts

2014  Heterogeneous Precipitation and Streamflow Trends in the Xiangxi River Watershed, 1961-2010

2014  Impact of Climate Variability on Runoff in the North-Central United States

2014  Impact of Ensemble Size on Forecasting Occurrence of Rainfall Using TIGGE Precipitation Forecasts

2014  Impacts of Urbanization on Precipitation in Taihu Lake Basin, China

2014  Inexact Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Nonlinear Programming Approach for Crop Water Allocation under Precipitation Variation and Sustainable Development

2014  Influence of Spatial Precipitation Sampling on Hydrological Response at the Catchment Scale

2014  Kinetics and Equilibrium of Barium and Strontium Sulfate Formation in Marcellus Shale Flowback Water

2014  Non-Ureolytic Bacterial Carbonate Precipitation as a Surface Treatment Strategy on Cementitious Materials

2014  Optimizing Multidam Releases in Large River Basins by Combining Distributed Hydrological Inflow Predictions with Rolling-Horizon Decision Making

2014  Probable Maximum Precipitation in a Changing Climate: Implications for Dam Design

2014  Quantile-Based Downscaling of Precipitation Using Genetic Programming: Application to IDF Curves in Saskatoon

2014  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Precipitation after Drought Events in the Heihe River Basin, Northwest China

2014  Treatment of Petrochemical Wastewater by Acid Precipitation and Carbon Adsorption

2013  Adapting Ports to the Impacts of Climate Change

2013  Analysis of Runoff Characteristics of the Xiaoyangqi River in Northeast China

2013  Antecedent Precipitation Analysis for Radar-Based Design Storm Development in Phoenix, AZ

2013  Applicability of Enzymatic Calcium Carbonate Precipitation as a Soil-Strengthening Technique

2013  Application of the Standardized Precipitation Index and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index for Evaluation of Irrigation Demands at Three Sites in Jamaica

2013  Assessment of Influences of Climate Variability on Storm Event Characteristics

2013  Assessment of Various Statistical Downscaling Methods for Downscaling Precipitation in Florida

2013  Confinement During In-Pore Crystallization

2013  Deriving Spatially Distributed Precipitation Data Using the Artificial Neural Network and Multilinear Regression Models

2013  Efficient Homogenization of Ageing Creep of Random Media: Application to Solidifying Cementitious Materials

2013  Estimating Watershed-Scale Precipitation by Combining Gauge- and Radar-Derived Observations

2013  Estimation Issues for Precipitation Extreme Quantile Determination

2013  Experimental Optimization of Microbial-Induced Carbonate Precipitation for Soil Improvement

2013  How Realistic Are the GCM Climate Projections in Simulating the Recent Past over Northern California?

2013  Impact of Artificial Reservoir Size and Land Use/Land Cover Patterns on Probable Maximum Precipitation and Flood: Case of Folsom Dam on the American River

2013  Influence of Land Use, Precipitation, and Mean Monthly Temperature on High Flow Trends in an Urban Watershed

2013  Influencing Factor of Hydrodynamic Pressure on Tire in Wet Weather Based on Fluent

2013  Linear Programming Method Considering Topographical Factors Used for Estimating Missing Precipitation

2013  Model Testing of Precipitation-Induced Landslides

2013  Multi-Objective Optimization Methods for Bias Correction of Statistically Downscaled Precipitation

2013  Nanoscale Numerical Study of C-S-H Precipitation and Gelation

2013  Pervasive Sensing for Real-Time Rainfall Quantification

2013  Physically Based Maximization of Precipitation over American River Watershed in California

2013  Precipitation Recycling in Tarim River Basin

2013  Precipitation Simulation Based on k-Nearest Neighbor Approach Using Gamma Kernel

2013  Preparation and Evaluation of a Dutch-German Radar Composite to Enhance Precipitation Information in Border Areas

2013  Radar and Multisensor Precipitation Estimation Techniques in National Weather Service Hydrologic Operations

2013  Rainfall Estimation Method Based on Multiple-Doppler Radar over the Huaihe River Basin

2013  Rainfall Space-Time Organization and Orographic Control on Flash Flood Response: The Weisseritz Event of August 13, 2002

2013  Regional Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves Derived from Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Scaling Property

2013  Road Surface Wetness Variations: Measurements and Effects for Winter Road Maintenance

2013  Self-Learning Cellular Automata for Forecasting Precipitation from Radar Images

2013  A Step toward Decoding the Causes of El Niño/La Niña Events

2013  Temperature and Precipitation Trends in Lebanon’s Largest River: The Litani Basin

2013  Validation of the NEXRAD DSP Product with a Dense Rain Gauge Network

2013  Variability and Trend in Seasonal Precipitation in the Continental United States

2012  Accurate Computation of a Streamflow Drought Index

2012  Application of RCM-Based Climate Change Indices in Assessing Future Climate: Part II—Precipitation Concentration

2012  Assessing NEXRAD P3 Data Effects on Stream-Flow Simulation Using SWAT Model in an Agricultural Watershed

2012  Comparisons of Satellite Derived Precipitation Estimation

2012  Composite Loss Rate Model Combining Four Losses of Precipitation in a Watershed for Engineering Hydrology

2012  Determination of Critical Rainfall Events for Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Land-Applied Soil Amendments

2012  Evaluating Removal Efficiency of Heavy Metals in Constructed Wetlands

2012  Evaluation of Different Climate Change Models for Future Precipitation Projections in Florida

2012  Evaluation of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Missing Precipitation Data: Preservation of Spatial Statistics

2012  Factors Affecting Efficiency of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation

2012  Guidelines to Assess Hail Damage to Shingle Roofs

2012  Influence of Teleconnections on Spatial and Temporal Variability of Extreme Precipitation Events in Florida

2012  Influence of Temporal Resolution of Rain Gage Data on Bias Correction Procedures for NEXRAD Estimates

2012  Model Assessments of Precipitation with a Unified Regional Circulation Rainfall and Hydrological Watershed Model

2012  Nonparametric Statistical Downscaling of Temperature, Precipitation, and Evaporation in a Semiarid Region in India

2012  Precipitation Extremes and Climate Change: Evaluation Using Descriptive WMO Indices

2012  Regional Climate Change of Precipitation in Northern California by Dynamic Downscaling

2012  Relative Importance of the Different Rainfall Statistics in the Calibration of Stochastic Rainfall Generation Models

2012  Risk Assessment of Hydroclimatic Variability on Groundwater Levels in the Manjara Basin Aquifer in India Using Archimedean Copulas

2012  Spatial Interpolation for Missing Precipitation Data: Use of Proximity Metrics, Nearest Neighbor Classifiers, and Clusters

2012  Step toward a Deterministic Solution of the Paradoxical Hydrological Stationarity Problem

2012  A Tale of Hydrological Extremes from the West Coast United States to East Africa

2012  Trend Analysis of Precipitation and Runoff As a Basis of Design and Operation of Pumped Storage Water Supply Infrastructure in New Jersey

2012  Trends in Precipitation Maxima at U.S. Historical Climatology Network Stations: 1893-2010

2012  Trends of Precipitation and Air Temperature in Northern California under SRES Scenarios

2012  Understanding Precipitation Fidelity in Hydrological Modeling

2012  Validation of Extreme Precipitation Reconstructed by Dynamic Downscaling for the Upper Feather, Yuba, and American Watersheds

2012  Wright House, Wrong Peril: A Case Study in Hail Damage to a Frank Lloyd Wright Residence

2011  Adaptation of Precipitation Index for the Estimation of Antecedent Moisture Condition in Large Mountainous Basins

2011  Analyzing the Future Monthly Precipitation Pattern in Bangladesh from Multi-Model Projections Using Both GCM and RCM

2011  Application of Response Surface Methodology for Carbonate Precipitation Production Induced by a Mutant Strain of Sporosarcina pasteurii

2011  Assessment of Long-Term Trends in Extreme Precipitation: Implications of In-Filled Historical Data and Temporal Window-Based Analysis