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2015  Lifting of GFRP Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Panels

2015  Reducing Cement Contents of Paving Blocks by Using Mineral Waste and by-Product Materials

2015  Seismic Behavior of Posttensioned Self-Centering Precast Concrete Dual-Shell Steel Columns

2015  Seismic Performance of Precast Industrial Facilities Following Major Earthquakes in the Italian Territory

2015  Shear Behavior of Dry Joints with Castellated Keys in Precast Concrete Segmental Bridges

2014  Bridge Constructed with GFRP-Reinforced Precast Concrete Deck Panels: Case Study

2014  Equivalent Unbonded Length for Modeling of Multistrand Tendons in Precast Segmental Construction

2014  Evaluating the Variations in Use of Steel Intermediate Diaphragms for Precast Concrete Girder Bridges throughout the United States

2014  Full-Scale Testing of Three-Sided Precast Concrete Arch Sections

2014  Large-Scale Seismic Testing of a Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Posttensioned Segmental Bridge System

2014  Live Load Distribution Factors in Two-Girder Bridge Systems Using Precast Trapezoidal U-Girders

2014  Mejorias en la Productividad de un Proceso de Prefabricados de Concreto con Flujo en Linea Despues de un Esfuerzo de Estabilidad Basica

2014  Performance and Blast Design for Non-Load Bearing Precast Concrete Panels

2014  Precast/Prestressed Concrete Sandwich Panels for Thermally Efficient Floor/Roof Applications

2014  Productivity Gains in a Line Flow Precast Concrete Process after a Basic Stability Effort

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Review of Transverse Reinforcement Requirements for Precast Load-Bearing Wall Panels with Large Openings under Compression

2014  Robustness of Precast Concrete Frames: Experimental and Computational Studies

2014  Static Experimental Testing to Define Force-Deformation Relationships of Precast Concrete Cladding Building Façade Systems

2013  1976 Montreal Olympics: Case Study of Project Management Failure

2013  Active Dimensional Quality Assessment of Precast Concrete Using 3D Laser Scanning

2013  Behavior of Precast Concrete Shear Walls for Seismic Regions: Comparison of Hybrid and Emulative Specimens

2013  Combined Shear and Bending Behavior of Joints in Precast Concrete Segmental Beams with External Tendons

2013  Comparative Experimental Performance of Bridge Deck Slabs with AFRP and Steel Precast Panels

2013  Design for Disproportionate Collapse Prevention of Precast and Prestressed Structures

2013  Experimental Seismic Performance of Beam-Column Subassemblies Using Ductile Embeds

2013  Experimental Study on Two Simple Mechanical Precast Beam-Column Connections under Reverse Cyclic Loading

2013  Flexural Behavior of a Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Prestressed Decked Bulb T-Beam Bridge System

2013  Horizontal Loading Effects of Fresh Concrete on Precast Arches

2013  Integral Bridge Abutment to Approach Slab Connection

2013  Integrated Analytical and Experimental Research to Develop a New Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Concrete Diaphragms

2013  Investigation of Various GFRP Shear Connectors for Insulated Precast Concrete Sandwich Wall Panels

2013  New Methodology for Calculation of Required Prestressing Levels in Continuous Precast Bridge Decks

2013  Performance of a Prestressed Concrete Pedestrian Bridge System under Equivalent Static Lateral Impact Loads

2013  Performance of Posttensioned Curved-Strand Connections in Transverse Joints of Precast Deck Panels

2013  Precast Concrete Diaphragm Connector Performance Database

2013  Seismic Behavior and Detailing of High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams and Coupled Wall Systems

2013  Seismic Displacement Demands for Hybrid Precast Concrete Shear Walls

2013  Seismic Resistance of Socket Connection between Footing and Precast Column

2013  Shallow Flat Soffit Precast Concrete Floor System

2013  Shear Resistance Mechanism of Posttensioned Precast Concrete Members

2013  Structural GFRP Permanent Forms with T-Shape Ribs for Bridge Decks Supported by Precast Concrete Girders

2012  Analytical Modeling and Design Validation of Posttensioned Precast Concrete Coupling Beams for Seismic Regions

2012  Behavior of Segmental Precast Posttensioned Bridge Piers under Lateral Loads

2012  Carbonation Curing versus Steam Curing for Precast Concrete Production

2012  Causes and Penalties of Variation: Case Study of a Precast Concrete Slab Production Facility

2012  Collapse Investigation of a Concrete Garage with Precast Formwork

2012  Comparison of Solid and Perforated Hybrid Precast Concrete Shear Walls for Seismic Regions

2012  Effect of Spandrel Beam to Double Tee Connection Characteristic on Flexure-Controlled Precast Diaphragms

2012  Effects of Fly Ash and Foundry Sand on Performance of Architectural Precast Concrete

2012  Elastic Solutions for Eccentrically Loaded, Slender, Rectangular Spandrel Beams

2012  Evaluation of Application of Lean Principles to Precast Concrete Bridge Beam Production Process

2012  Fire Behavior of Thin CFRP Pretensioned High-Strength Concrete Slabs

2012  Flexural Behavior of CFRP Precast Prestressed Decked Bulb T-Beams

2012  High-Force-to-Volume Seismic Dissipators Embedded in a Jointed Precast Concrete Frame

2012  Mechanical Property Prediction for High Early Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete

2012  New Design Method for the Production Tolerances of Concrete Tunnel Segments

2012  Numerical Evaluation of the Long-Term Behavior of Precast Continuous Bridge Decks

2012  Numerical Simulation of Partial-Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Spalling

2012  An Ontological Approach to Building Information Model Exchanges in the Precast/Pre-Stressed Concrete Industry

2012  Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement Construction

2012  Response of Exterior Precast Concrete Cladding Panels in NEES-TIPS/NEESGC/ E-Defense Tests on a Full Scale 5-Story Building

2011  Comparison of Hybrid and Emulative Precast Concrete Shear Walls for Seismic Regions

2011  Design and Measured Behavior of a Hybrid Precast Concrete Wall Specimen for Seismic Regions

2011  Experimental Evaluation of Pretopped Precast Diaphragm Critical Flexure Joint under Seismic Demands

2011  Flexural Testing of Precast Bridge Deck Panel Connections

2011  Lean Homebuilding: Lessons Learned from a Precast Concrete Panelizer

2011  Managing the Embodied Carbon of Precast Concrete Columns

2011  Mechanical Property Research on the Water Pressure Test for a Prestressed and Precast Concrete Segmental Lining

2011  Modeling of Jointed Connections in Segmental Bridges

2011  Modified Yield Line Theory for Full-Depth Precast Concrete Bridge Deck Overhang Panels

2011  Parametric Investigation of Seismic Interaction between Precast Concrete Cladding Systems and Moment Resisting Frames

2011  Performance of Precast Concrete Pavements

2011  Static and Dynamic Behavior of High- and Ultrahigh-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Precast Bridge Parapets

2011  Sustainable and Economical Precast and Prestressed Concrete Using Fly Ash as a Cement Replacement

2011  Transverse Posttensioning Design of Adjacent Precast Solid Multibeam Bridges

2011  Use of Precast Concrete Walls for Blast Protection of Steel Stud Construction

2010  Analytical Model Validation of a Hybrid Precast Concrete Wall for Seismic Regions

2010  Concept and Finite-Element Modeling of New Steel Shear Connectors for Self-Centering Wall Systems

2010  Curved Precast Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Systems

2010  Design Limits for Precast Concrete Sandwich Walls Subjected to External Explosions

2010  Differences between Calculated and Measured Long-Term Deflections in a Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge

2010  Emulative Detailing in Precast Concrete Systems

2010  Exchange Model and Exchange Object Concepts for Implementation of National BIM Standards

2010  Failure Analysis of Gated Culvert Structure by Numerical Simulations

2010  Laboratory Tests and Numerical Analyses of Prefabricated Timber-Concrete Composite Floors

2010  Large Stadium Projects Using Precast Structural Systems

2010  Large-Bar Connection for Precast Bridge Bents in Seismic Regions

2010  Large-Scale Experimental Study of Precast Segmental Unbonded Posttensioned Concrete Bridge Columns for Seismic Regions

2010  Performance of Precast Concrete Diaphragm Connectors Based on Structural Testing

2010  Rapid Pier Delivery Using Precast Concrete Components

2010  Shear Characteristics and Design for High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete

2010  Shear Strength of a Lightweight Self-Consolidating Concrete Bridge Girder

2010  Water Sorptivity of Steam Cured Concrete for Railway Precast Elements at Early Ages

2009  Experimental Evaluation of Post-Tensioned Precast Concrete Coupling Beams

2009  Experimental Investigation of Full-Depth Precast Overhang Panels for Concrete Bridge Decks

2009  High Performance Steam-Cured Concrete for Railway Precast Elements

2009  Improved Formula Based on the Research of "Standard Practice for Direct Design of Precast Concrete Pipe for Jacking in Trenchless Construction" (ASCE 27-00)

2009  Inspecting the Lightweight Precast Concrete Panels in the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Deck of 1982

2009  Performance of a Damage-Protected Highway Bridge Pier Subjected to Bidirectional Earthquake Attack