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2015  Exergoeconomic Evaluation of a Two-Pressure Level Fired Combined-Cycle Power Plant

2015  Hybrid Model for Short-Term Scheduling of Hydropower Systems

2015  Importance of Free-Flowing Rivers for Recreation: Case Study of the River Mur in Styria, Austria

2015  Outlook for a Power Generation Fuel Transition in the MENA Region

2014  Analysis of a Large Wide-Body Commercial Plane Impact on CAP1400 Shield Building

2014  Assessment of Critical Construction Engineering and Management Aspects of Nuclear Power Projects

2014  Case Study of Wind Plant Life Cycle Energy, Emissions, and Water Footprint

2014  Continuous Long-Term Observation of Suspended Sediment Transport between Two Pumped-Storage Reservoirs

2014  Design and Construction of Large-Scale Floating Precast Pump House

2014  Design of Nuclear-Island Fill Concrete

2014  Efficiency Curves for Hydroelectric Generating Units

2014  Impact of Tertiary Treatment Processes on the Effectiveness of Chloramination for Biological Growth Control in Recirculating Cooling Systems Using Treated Municipal Wastewater

2014  Knowledge-Based Approach for Reservoir System Optimization

2014  Modeling Flow and Solute Transport in Fractured Porous Media at Jinping I-Hydropower Station, China

2014  Nonlinear Analysis of Flue Gas Ductwork for Power Plant

2014  On the Web (

2014  Optimization of Heliostat Layout in Central Receiver Solar Power Plants

2014  Research of Wave Incoherence Effect of a Nuclear Power Plant on a Soft Soil Site

2014  Seismic Ground Response Analysis of KK-NPP Site in the Event of NCO Earthquake Using DEEPSOIL

2014  Study on Seismic Performance of Concrete Frame-Bent Structure of Power Plant Main Building

2014  Synopsis of Buckling-Restrained Braced Frame Design

2014  Thermodynamic Evaluation and Parametric Study of a Combined Cycle Power Plant: Application for Ankara City

2014  When Will This Tank Stop Sinking?

2013  Analytical Model for Water Inflow of an Archimedes Screw Used in Hydropower Generation

2013  Backwater Effect over Tailrace Water Level in Cascade Hydropower Plants

2013  Bayesian Statistic Forecasting Model for Middle-Term and Long-Term Runoff of a Hydropower Station

2013  Checking the Flexural-Torsional Stresses in Power Plants Pipe Supports Steel Frames

2013  Comparison of Performance of Two Run-of-River Plants during Transient Conditions

2013  Deep Stability Evaluation of High-Gravity Dam under Combining Action of Powerhouse and Dam

2013  Design Guidelines for the Cracking Control of Thick High-Strength Concrete Members

2013  Design-Variable Optimization of Hydropower Tunnels and Surge Tanks Using a Genetic Algorithm

2013  A Discussion of Power Plant Loads and Load Combinations

2013  Estimating Maximal Annual Energy Given Heterogeneous Hydropower Generating Units with Application to the Three Gorges System

2013  Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Exposed to Nuclear Power Plant Environment

2013  Firm Eyes Clean-Energy-Producing Skyscraper along U.S. - Mexico Border

2013  Ice Thermal Storage Systems for Nuclear Power Plant Supplemental Cooling and Peak Power Shifting

2013  Identification of Suitable Locations for Micro Hydro Power Stations Using Geospatial Technology

2013  Instrumented Pile Load Testing Program for a Coal-Fired Power Plant

2013  Key Technologies to Design and Develop Optimized Operation System for Large-Scale Hydropower Stations of China

2013  Long-Term Hydropower Optimal Operation Model for Peak Load Regulating of Typical Days

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Responses Analysis for a Super Cooling Tower

2013  Rapid Reservoir Storage-Based Benefit Calculations

2013  Rehabilitation of 120 Inch PCCP at a New Mexico Power Plant using CFRP and Strongpipe Hybrid FRP Systems

2013  The Response Analysis for Buried Pipelines in Nuclear Power Plant Subjected to the Subsidence

2013  Silica-Titania-Coated Packing: Novel Solution Capable of 90% Hg Capture with Low Operation and Maintenance Costs

2013  SolverSIN: A Practical Model for Large Hydrothermal System Analysis

2013  Some Practical Strategies and Methods for Large-Scale Hydropower System Operations in China

2013  A Stochastic Hydrothermal Decision Support System for Planning Operation: New Developments for the HIDROTERM Model

2013  Thermodynamic Assessment of Heat Source Arrangements in Kalina Power Station

2013  Thermodynamic Optimization of Irreversible Radiation-Driven Power Plants

2013  Water Content Monitoring for Nuclear Concrete Buildings: Needs, Feedback and Perspectives

2012  Advanced Construction Technologies for the Nuclear Construction Industry

2012  Analysis Recommendations for Steel-Composite (SC) Walls of Safety-Related Nuclear Facilities

2012  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Nuclear Containment Structures Subjected to Tri-Directional Shear Stresses

2012  Combined Cycle Power Plant Performance Analyses Based on the Single-Pressure and Multipressure Heat Recovery Steam Generator

2012  Critical Evaluation of the Drying Water Retention Characteristics of a Class F Indian Fly Ash

2012  Detection of Local Wall Stiffness Drop in Steel-Lined Pressure Tunnels and Shafts of Hydroelectric Power Plants Using Steep Pressure Wave Excitation and Wavelet Decomposition

2012  Development and Implementation of a GIS-Based Safety Monitoring System for Hydropower Station Construction

2012  Evaluation of Optimization Algorithms to Adjust Efficiency Curves for Hydroelectric Generating Units

2012  Hydroelectric Power and the Future

2012  Impact Analysis of Steel Plated Concrete Wall

2012  Impact of Public Policy and Societal Risk Perception on U.S. Civilian Nuclear Power Plant Construction

2012  Lateral Capacity of Helical Piles–Actual vs. Theoretical Foundations for Solar Power Plants

2012  Life Cycle Analysis of Coal-Fired Power Generation in China

2012  Manganese and Chromium Leaching from High Carbon Fly Ash Amended Embankments

2012  Modeling of Sediment Management for the Lavey Run-of-River HPP in Switzerland

2012  Practicality and Sustainability of Using HVFA for Concrete Sidewalks

2012  Public-Private Partnership Risk Factors in Emerging Countries: BOOT Illustrative Case Study

2012  Quarter-Hourly Operation of Hydropower Reservoirs with Pumped Storage Plants

2012  Research on Static and Dynamic Reinforcement Effect of Concrete Replacement Holes for 2# Potential Slide Block at Left Bank of Baihetan Hydropower Station

2012  Review of Water Use in U.S. Thermoelectric Power Plants

2012  Short-Term Scheduling for Large-Scale Cascaded Hydropower Systems with Multivibration Zones of High Head

2012  Statistical Analysis Study for the Use of Fresh and Treated Water in a Power Plant Cooling System

2012  Structural Analysis of the Embedded Spiral Case in the Three Gorges Hydropower Station

2012  Structural Grouting to Repair Large Power Plant Foundation

2012  Vehicle Scheduling Optimization of Biomass Supply Logistics: A Case of Power Plant Supply Chains

2012  Water Level Variation along a Submerged Lateral Weir

2011  Batch Leaching Test Focusing on Clod Size of Drinking Water Sludge and Applicability to Long-Term Prediction Using Column Leaching Test

2011  Bi-Level Optimization Model for Daily Operation with Heterogeneous Hydropower Units in Multiple Reservoirs with Application to the Three Gorges-Gezhouba Cascade Power Stations

2011  Characterization of Fluvial Sand Deposits on Floodplain of Ohio River

2011  Effect of Structure, Soil, and Ground Motion Parameters on Structure-Soil-Structure Interaction of Large Scale Nuclear Structures

2011  EVMS for Nuclear Power Plant Construction: Variables for Theory and Implementation

2011  Fast-Growing China’s Hydropower Systems and Operation Challenges

2011  In the Wet Placement of Articulated Concrete Block Mat by Divers

2011  Lampson Transi-Lift Mobile Crane: Concept, Design, and Use

2011  Marine Hydrokinetic Energy Generation Systems and Their Performance Indicators

2011  Metrics and Risk Criteria Acceptance for Flood Control in Valleys Downstream Hydropower Plants

2011  Modeling and Analysis for Seismic Evaluation of Nuclear Structures

2011  Optimal Multipurpose-Multireservoir Operation Model with Variable Productivity of Hydropower Plants

2011  Options for the Treatment of Uncertainty in Seismic Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Nuclear Power Plants

2011  Physical Model Verification of a Coastal Discharge

2011  Planning Operation of Large-Scale Hydrothermal System

2011  Prediction of the Siltation in the Intake of Nuclear Power Plant Using the Water Depth Monitoring and Coupled Model

2011  Role of Water-Energy Storage in PV-PSH Power Plant Development

2011  Scour-Inducing Stilling Basin Flow Patterns

2011  Seismic Hazard Analysis for Retrofitting of Mashhad Power Plant against the Earthquake

2011  Seismic Isolation of Safety-Related Nuclear Structures

2011  Simulating the Effect of Access Road Route Selection on Wind Farm Construction

2011  Snoqualmie Falls Hydropower Plant—A National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark: Video of the Power of Snoqualmie Falls

2011  Stability Research of Surrounding Rock of Caverns in Xiangjiaba Power Plant