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2015  Seismic Behavior of Posttensioned Self-Centering Precast Concrete Dual-Shell Steel Columns

2015  Wire Breakage Detection Using Relative Strain Variation in Unbonded Posttensioning Anchors

2014  Effects of Tendon Spacing on In-Plane Behavior of Posttensioned Masonry Walls

2014  Equivalent Unbonded Length for Modeling of Multistrand Tendons in Precast Segmental Construction

2014  External Posttensioning of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using a V-Shaped Steel Rod System

2014  Large-Scale Seismic Testing of a Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Posttensioned Segmental Bridge System

2014  Predicting Residual Tensile Strength of Seven-Wire Strands Using That of Single Wires Exposed to Chloride Environments

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Short-Term Partial-Interaction Behavior of RC Beams with Prestressed FRP and Steel

2014  Temperature Effects on a Box-Girder Integral-Abutment Bridge

2014  Testing of a Post-Tensioned Coupled Shear Wall Structure

2014  Time-Variant Flexural Reliability of Posttensioned, Segmental Concrete Bridges Exposed to Corrosive Environments

2014  Unbonded Transverse Posttensioning of a Railway Bridge in Haparanda, Sweden

2013  Behavior of Precast Concrete Shear Walls for Seismic Regions: Comparison of Hybrid and Emulative Specimens

2013  Effect of Prestressing on the Performance of GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridge Strips

2013  Experimental Evaluation of a Multi-Story Post-Tensioned Coupled Shear Wall Structure

2013  Finite-Element Analysis of Reinforced-Concrete Box Girder Bridges under Close-In Detonations

2013  Flexural Behavior of Concrete Beams Internally Prestressed with Unbonded Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tendons

2013  Flexural Behavior of Unbonded Posttensioned Concrete Members Strengthened Using External FRP Composites

2013  Imposed Deformations Measured on a Real Integral Structure: New Airport Terminal Barajas, Madrid, Spain

2013  Large-Scale Experimental Validation of Steel Posttensioned Connections with Web Hourglass Pins

2013  Live-Load Test Comparison and Load Ratings of a Posttensioned Box Girder Bridge

2013  Non-Linear Behavior of Multi-Story Walls using Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Coupling Beams

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of a Round Concrete Tower with a Post-Tensioned Self-Centering System

2013  Performance of Advanced Materials during Earthquake Loading Tests of a Bridge System

2013  Performance of Posttensioned Curved-Strand Connections in Transverse Joints of Precast Deck Panels

2013  Seismic Performance of Steel Self-Centering, Moment-Resisting Frame: Hybrid Simulations under Design Basis Earthquake

2013  Shear Resistance Mechanism of Posttensioned Precast Concrete Members

2013  Sheet Pile Quay Wall Safety: Investigation of Posttensioned Anchor Failures

2013  Simplified Optimum Design Procedure for Special Unbonded Posttensioned Split Precast Shear Walls

2012  Analytical Modeling and Design Validation of Posttensioned Precast Concrete Coupling Beams for Seismic Regions

2012  Behavior of Segmental Precast Posttensioned Bridge Piers under Lateral Loads

2012  Cost Optimum Design of Posttensioned I-Girder Bridge Using Global Optimization Algorithm

2012  Cyclic Out-of-Plane Behavior of Slender Clay Brick Masonry Walls Seismically Strengthened Using Posttensioning

2012  Detection of Initial Yield and Onset of Failure in Bonded Posttensioned Concrete Beams

2012  Experimental Investigations of Post-Tensioned Timber Frames with Advanced Seismic Damping Systems

2012  Flexural Behavior of Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubes under High-Strain Rate Impact Loading

2012  Graphical Assessment for Span Ranges of PSC Girder Bridges

2012  Gravity Design of Post-Tensioned Timber Frames for Multi-Storey Buildings

2012  Live-Load Analysis of Posttensioned Box-Girder Bridges

2012  Practical Evaluation of Two-Way Slabs with Distressed PT Strands

2012  Prestress Losses and Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with Posttensioned CFRP Sheets

2012  Shear Testing of Precast Bridge Deck Panel Transverse Connections

2012  System-Equivalent-Mass Based Post-Tensioned Anchor Tension Testing Technique

2011  CFRP Tendons for the Repair of Posttensioned, Unbonded Concrete Buildings

2011  Design and Measured Behavior of a Hybrid Precast Concrete Wall Specimen for Seismic Regions

2011  Evaluation of AASHTO-LRFD Design Methods for Thermal Loads in Fixed-Flexible Twin-Walled R/C Bridge Piers

2011  Evaluation of FRP Posttensioned Slab Bridge Strips Using AASHTO-LRFD Bridge Design Specifications

2011  Flexural Performance of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Prestressed Concrete Side-by-Side Box Beam Bridge

2011  Flexural Testing of Precast Bridge Deck Panel Connections

2011  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Posttensioned Concrete Bridge Girders

2011  Output-Only System Identification of Posttensioned Segmental Concrete Highway Bridges

2011  Proposed Modification of AASHTO-LRFD for Computing Stress in Unbonded Tendons at Ultimate

2011  Structural Response of Corroded, Unbonded Posttensioned Beams

2011  Tendon Failure Investigation and Drying in a Two-Way Unbonded Post-Tensioned Roof Slab

2011  Transverse Posttensioning Design of Adjacent Precast Solid Multibeam Bridges

2010  Assessment and Restoration of Post-Tensioned Waffle Slabs

2010  Evaluating the As-Built Condition of Elevated, Post-Tensioned Slabs: A Case Study

2010  Evaluation and Repair of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Single-Strand Systems

2010  Experimental Evaluation of Posttensioned Precast Concrete Coupling Beams

2010  Impact of Partial Bridge Raising on Post-Tensioned Steel Plate Girder Bridge

2010  Parametric Study of Posttensioned Inverted-T Bridge System for Improved Durability and Increased Span-to-Depth Ratio

2010  Probabilistic Models for the Tensile Strength of Corroding Strands in Posttensioned Segmental Concrete Bridges

2010  Seismic Behavior of Posttensioned Concrete-Filled Fiber Tubes

2010  Strengthening and Load Testing of Post-Tensioned Concrete Garage Decks

2010  The Use of Loop Anchorages in Single-Span Post-Tensioned Concrete Slab Bridges

2009  Analyses of Frost-Migration under Post-Tensioned Slabs

2009  Assessment and Restoration of Post-Tensioned Buildings – Parking Ramp Structures

2009  Central Artery / Tunnel Project-Wide Post-Tensioning Tendon Grout Void Assessment

2009  Corrosion Evaluation and Cable Break Detection for Post-Tensioned and Prestressed Cables

2009  Dyna Force — An Elasto-Magnetic Sensor for Force Measuring of Ground Anchors

2009  Effects of Bottom Reinforcement on Hysteretic Behavior of Posttensioned Flat Plate Connections

2009  Experimental Evaluation of Post-Tensioned Precast Concrete Coupling Beams

2009  Experimental Study of a Self-Centering Beam – Column Connection with Bottom Flange Friction Device

2009  Fatigue Durability of Partially Post-Tensioned Concrete Members

2009  Inspecting the Lightweight Precast Concrete Panels in the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Deck of 1982

2009  Load Rating and Reliability Analysis of an Aerial Guideway Structure for Condition Assessment

2009  Nonlinear Modeling of Flat-Plate Systems

2009  Numerical Analysis of Continuous Beams Prestressed with External Tendons

2009  Performance of a Damage-Protected Highway Bridge Pier Subjected to Bidirectional Earthquake Attack

2009  Quality Control of Wire Strand Used in Prestressed and Post Tensioned Structures

2009  Seismic Behavior of PC Column and Steel Beam Composite Moment Frame with Posttensioned Connection

2009  Using Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete in Post-Tensioned Anchorage Zones

2008  Behavior and Design of Anchorages for Unbonded Post-Tensioning Strands in Seismic Regions

2008  Chloride-Induced Corrosion in Insufficiently Grouted Posttensioned Concrete Beams

2008  Comparison Study for Anti-Chloride Penetration of Post Tensioning Grout with Two Different Methods

2008  Design and Analytical Validation of Post-Tensioned Column Bases

2008  Design of Prestressing Tendons for Strengthening Steel Truss Bridges

2008  Design of the Fulton Road Bridge Precast Segmental Concrete Arches

2008  Effects of Duct Types and Emulsifiable Oils on Bond and Friction Losses in Posttensioned Concrete

2008  Fatigue Loading and Temperature Distribution in Single Cell Segmental Box Bridges

2008  Fiber-Element Model fo Posttensioned Hollow Block Masonry Shear Walls under Reversed Cyclic Lateral Loading

2008  Flexural Behavior of Nonposttensioned and Posttensioned Concrete-Filled Circular Steel Tubes

2008  Friction Damped Posttensioned Self-Centering Steel Moment-Resisting Frames

2008  Introduction of the Lateral Posttension Method for Prestressed Concrete Bridges

2008  Seismic Analysis and Parametric Study for a Continuous Seven Spans Post-Tensioned Bridge in Quito, Ecuador

2008  Seismic Response Evaluation of Posttensioned Precast Concrete Frames with Friction Dampers

2008  Tendon Stress in Unbonded Posttensioned Masonry Walls at Nominal In-Plane Strength

2007  Analytical and Experimental Lateral Load Behavior of Unbonded Posttensioned Precast Concrete Walls

2007  Confinement Model of Concrete with Externally Bonded FRP Jackets or Posttensioned FRP Shells