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2015  Adhesion of Air Lime-Based Mortars to Old Tiles: Moisture and Open Porosity Influence in Tile/Mortar Interfaces

2015  Framework for Coupling Flow and Deformation of a Porous Solid

2014  Effects of Firing Conditions on the Properties of Calcareous Clay Roofing Tiles

2014  Effects of Step Pool Porosity upon Flow Aeration and Energy Dissipation on Pooled Stepped Spillways

2014  Evolution of Pore Orientation in Granular Media under Biaxial Compression

2014  Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport in Saturated Fractured Rock Using a Dual-Porosity Approach

2014  Placement Test, Porosity, and Randomness of Cube and Cubipod Armor Layers

2014  Pneumatic Permeameter for Transient Tests on Coarse Gravel

2014  Role of Filler Effect and Pozzolanic Reaction of Biomass Ashes on Hydrated Phase and Pore Size Distribution of Blended Cement Paste

2013  Adsorption-Induced Breathing Transitions in Metal-Organic Frameworks

2013  Analytical Approach to the Creep and Hydromechanical Couplings Around Underground Cavities

2013  Applicability of Enzymatic Calcium Carbonate Precipitation as a Soil-Strengthening Technique

2013  Assessment of the Lacunar-Canalicular Permeability Using Harmonic Loading

2013  Burial Diagenesis of Deep Sea Chalk as Reflected in Biot’s Coefficient

2013  Change in Biot’s Effective Stress Coefficient of Chalk During Pore Collapse

2013  The Counteracting Effects of Capillary Porosity and of Unhydrated Clinker Grains on the Macroscopic Strength of Hydrating Cement Paste–A Multiscale Model

2013  Determination of Porosity and Thickness of Biofilm Attached on Irregular-Shaped Media

2013  Direct and Simultaneous Measurements of Sandstone Porosity, Permeability, and Electrical Conductivity at Elevated Pressures

2013  A Dual Porosity Model for Ionic Solute Transport in Swelling Clays Incorporating Ion-Ion Correlation Effects

2013  Effect of Porosity on the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Porous Materials

2013  The Effects of Porosity Changes on Aging Cortical Bone Mechanics Using an Evolutionary Monte Carlo Algorithm

2013  Enhanced Continuum Poromechanics to Account for Adsorption Induced Swelling of Saturated Isotropic Nanoporous Materials

2013  Episodic Slip and Waves of Fluid-Filled Porosity

2013  Experimental Results on the Combined Effects of Frequency, Pressure and Pore Fluid on the Dispersion of Elastic Waves in Porous Rock

2013  Found in Translation: from Adsorption Thermodynamics to Poromechanics of Nanostructured Solids

2013  Freezing of Water in Cylindrical Nanopores

2013  Front Matter

2013  High-Resolution Neutron and X-Ray Imaging of Granular Materials

2013  Homogenization-Based Poroplasticity Damage Formulations for Cohesive-Frictional Geomaterials

2013  Homogenizing the Ultrasonic Response of Wet Cortical Bone

2013  How do Porous Interfacial Transition Zones (ITZ) Trigger Elastic Limits of Concrete? - Micromechanics of ITZ Failure and ITZ-Aggregate Separation

2013  Influence of Fungus on Properties of Concrete Made with Waste Foundry Sand

2013  Linear and Nonlinear Waves in Porous Media Filled with Electrolyte

2013  Mechanical Properties of Deteriorated Hardened Cement Paste

2013  Microstructural Evaluation of the Water Sensitivity of Clayey Rocks

2013  A Microstructural Model on the Link Between Change in Pore Size Distribution and Wetting Induced Deformation in a Compacted Silt

2013  Mix Design Method of Concrete Permeable Brick

2013  A Multiscale Anisotropic Poroplasticity Damage Model for Cracked Solids

2013  A Multiscale Poromicromechanical Approach to Wave Propagation and Attenuation in Bone

2013  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Sound Velocity Measurements of Chalk Saturated with Magnesium Rich Brine

2013  Parameters Controlling Tensile and Compressive Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Cemented Soil

2013  Poroelasticity of High Porosity Chalk under Depletion

2013  A Poromechanics Approach to Predict the Effective Swelling Behavior of Cellular Materials

2013  Poromechanics Axisymmetric Mandel-Type Solutions and Pore Pressure Intricate Behaviors in Dual-Porosity Dual-Permeability Shale

2013  Poromechanics of Swelling in Nanoporous Materials: Motivations and Introduction of Strain Effects on Adsorption

2013  Poromechanics V, Proceedings of the Fifth Biot Conference on Poromechanics

2013  Porosity and Permeability Change under Stress and Correlation to Rock Texture

2013  Porosity Development in a Numerical Model for Concrete Shrinkage

2013  Porosity Distribution and Flow Rate of Granular Materials

2013  Porosity, Flow, and Filtration Characteristics of Frustum-Shaped Ceramic Water Filters

2013  The Pressure Dependence of Permeability as a Function of Stiff and Compliant Porosities

2013  Pressure Effects in Phases Confined in Pores: Application to In-Pore Freezing and Mechanical Enhancement of Porous Materials

2013  Pressure from Crystallization in Pore Channels

2013  Quantifying the Effect of Squirt Flow Dispersion from Compliant Clay Porosity in Clay-Bearing Sandstones

2013  Reactive Transport of scCO2 within Cement Paste

2013  Rock Physics Templates in Heterogeneous Gas Reservoir: An Application of the Biot-Rayleigh Theory

2013  Rock Stiffness and Permeability During Crack Opening and Closure: A Planar Transverse Isotropic (PTI) Model Using Pore Size Distributions (PSD)

2013  Specific Surface and Hydraulic Conductivity of Fine-Grained Soils

2013  Spent Brewery Grains for Improvement of Thermal Insulation of Ceramic Bricks

2013  Strength Evolution of Hydrating Cement Pastes: the Counteracting Effects of Capillary Porosity and Unhydrated Clinker Reinforcements

2013  Supersaturation in Porous Media

2013  Swelling/Shrinkage Induced by Shear in Narrow Pores

2013  Upscaling Permeation Properties in Porous Materials from Pore Size Distributions

2013  Wave Propagation in Residual Saturated Porous Rocks - A Multiscale Approach

2012  Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Dispersion with Time-Dependent Source Concentration along Uniform Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Porous Formation

2012  Effect of the Porosity/Cement Ratio on the Compression of Cemented Soil

2012  Improved Solutions for Porosity and Specific Surface of a Uniform Porous Medium with Attached Film

2012  Investigation into the Structural Performance of Pervious Concrete

2012  Mapping Surface Vesicles of a Cylindrical Basalt Specimen Using Laser Scanning

2012  Pore Directivity of Soils Subjected to Shearing: Numerical Simulation and Image Processing

2012  Poroelastoplastic Modeling of Borehole Stability

2012  Thermal Conductivity of Compacted Snow

2012  X-Ray Computed Tomography and Nondestructive Evaluation of Clogging in Porous Concrete Field Samples

2011  Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Permeability Data Using Representative Pore Size

2011  Classification and Comparison of Snow Fences for the Protection of Transport Infrastructures

2011  Estimating Hydraulic and Thermal Conductivities of Crushed Granite Using Porosity and Equivalent Particle Size

2011  Improvement of Properties of Portland Blast Furnace Cement Type B Concrete by Internal Curing Using Ceramic Roof Material Waste

2011  Microscopic Modeling of Air Migration during Air Sparging

2011  Porosity-Cement Ratio Controlling Strength of Artificially Cemented Clays

2011  Sensitivity to Formation Porosity of Contaminant Transport from Nevada Test Site to Yucca Mountain

2011  Variables Controlling Strength of Artificially Cemented Sand: Influence of Curing Time

2011  Void Ratio Estimation of Soft Soils Using Electrical Resistivity Cone Probe

2011  Voids/Cement Ratio Controlling Tensile Strength of Cement-Treated Soils

2010  Algorithm to Generate a Discrete Element Specimen with Predefined Properties

2010  Application of Results of Nondestructive Testing Methods in the Investigation of Microstructure of Refractory Concretes

2010  Effective Porosity Measurement of a Marine Clay

2010  Effects of Crumb Rubber Amendments on the Porosity, Water Holding Capacity, and Bulk Density of Three Green Roof Substrates

2010  Effects of Design Mix and Porosity of Waste-Derived Paste as Landfill Daily Covers on Lead Retardation

2010  Influence of Ionic Concentration and Internal Porosity on the Behavior of Diatom-Clay Mixtures

2010  Microporosity Structure of Coarse Granular Soils

2010  Permeability Reduction in Pervious Concretes due to Clogging: Experiments and Modeling

2010  Proposed Behavioral Model for Deicer Scaling Resistance of Slag Cement Concrete

2010  Simplified versus Detailed Two-Dimensional Approaches to Transient Flow Modeling in Urban Areas

2010  Use of Impedance Probe for Estimation of Porosity Changes in Saturated Granular Filters under Cyclic Loading: Calibration and Application

2009  Airborne Acoustic Method to Determine the Volumetric Water Content of Unsaturated Sands

2009  Application of GEM Equation in Microstructure Characterization of Cement-Based Materials

2009  Porosity of the Dominant Aggregate Size Range to Evaluate Coarse Aggregate Structure of Asphalt Mixtures

2009  Relationship between the Storage Coefficient and the Soil-Water Retention Curve in Subsurface Agricultural Drainage Systems: Water Table Drawdown

2009  Resistance of Scoria-Based Blended Cement Concrete against Deterioration and Corrosion in Mixed Sulfate Environment

2009  Theoretical Soil-Water Characteristic Curves Based on Adsorption, Cavitation, and a Double Porosity Model