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2015  Motivations of Program Partners for Environmental Sustainability and Persistence of Benefits

2015  Slurry Phase Biological Treatment of Latosol Contaminated with Phthalates, Adipate, and Alcohols

2014  Expo 2010: Strategic Transformation of Former Industrial Areas by Means of International Events

2014  Titanium Manufacturer Enters Consent Decree Addressing Alleged PCB Contamination

2013  Case Study of Simulation of Heat Export by Rainfall Runoff from a Small Urban Watershed Using MINUHET

2013  Researchers Test Passive System for Treating Mine Contamination in Bolivia

2013  Synthesis and Characterization of Biomodified Rubber Asphalt: Sustainable Waste Management Solution for Scrap Tire and Swine Manure

2012  Bio-Modified Rubber: A Sustainable Alternative for Use in Asphalt Pavements

2012  Composite of Pre-Reservoir Technology for the Removal of Pollutants of Rural Non-Point Sources Pollution in Tangma Reservoir Area

2012  Electrokinetic Migration of Nickel [Ni(II)] in Contaminated Sludge

2012  Environmental Impacts Assessment on Construction Sites

2012  Impact of Engine Idling on Fuel Use and CO2 Emissions of Nonroad Diesel Construction Equipment

2012  Preliminary Analysis of the Influencing Factors of Highway Runoff

2012  Social Cost Analysis of Urban Underground Expressway in Construction

2011  Experimental Studies on Heavy Metal Extraction from Contaminated Soil Using Ammonium Citrate as Alkaline Chelate during the Electrokinetic Process

2011  NewsBriefs: DOD Seeks to Repurpose Satellite Components (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

2010  Developing and Teaching a Course in "Applied Sustainability and Public Health in Civil Engineering Design" at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada

2010  Observation on Particulate Matter over a Period of 3 Years at Kaikhali (22.022°N and 88.614°E) inside a Special Mangrove Ecosystem: Sundarbans

2009  Applications of Nanomaterials in Environmental Science and Engineering: Review

2009  Associations of PAHs with Size Fractionated Sediment Particles

2009  Experimental Investigations of Colloidal Silica Grouting in Porous Media

2009  Integrated Two-Dimensional Surface and Three-Dimensional Subsurface Contaminant Transport Model Considering Soil Erosion and Sorption

2009  NewsBriefs: Light Pollution Overwhelms Wildlife’s Navigational Abilities

2009  Segregation of the PAH-Contaminated Fraction of Hydraulically Dredged Sediment

2009  Solute Mixing in the Surf Zone

2009  Study on Numerical Simulation of Contaminated Volume for Shutdown Batching Pipeline

2008  Aggregation of Water Distribution Systems for Contamination Detection

2008  Apex Oil Must Help Remediate Major Petroleum Contamination in Illinois

2008  Bioremediation of Military Area Contaminated by Petroleum Products

2008  Determining Cost Effective Pollution Reduction BMP Scenarios for Low Impact Redevelopment and a Watershed Plan Using WinSLAMM

2008  Electroremediation of Naphthalene in Aqueous Solution Using Alternating and Direct Currents

2008  Fixture-Level Human Exposure Calculation Model

2008  Flume Test Section Length and Sediment Erodibility

2008  Heuristic Method for the Battle of the Water Network Sensors: Demand Based Approach

2008  How Well Do We Know "Particle Size" in Urban Runoff Pollution Control?

2008  Optimization of Operational Response to Contamination in Water Networks

2008  Optimization of Settling Tank Design to Remove Particles and Metals

2008  Preparing a Pollution Loading Analysis for Land Development Projects

2008  Scheduling Manual Sampling for Contamination Detection in Municipal Water Networks

2008  Sediment Contaminants inside New Orleans, LA Homes Following Hurricane Katrina

2008  Uncertainty Representation in Health Risk Assessment of Contaminated Sites

2007  Biological Assimilation and Degradation

2007  Characteristic Wind Speed Distributions and Reliability of the Logarithmic Wind Profile

2007  Comparison of Two Techniques to Measure Sediment Erodibility in the Fox River, Wisconsin

2007  Contamination Source Detection with Fuzzy Sensors Data

2007  Couples of Precipitation-Dissolution and Reduction-Oxidation Reactions

2007  Drinking Water: EPA’s Groundwater Rule Targets Fecal Contamination

2007  Efficient Contamination Events Sampling for Sensors Layout Design

2007  An Electronic Nose-Membrane Interface Probe for Sniffing Subsurface Contaminants

2007  Front Matter

2007  Index

2007  In-Situ Capping of Contaminated Sediments with Reactive Materials

2007  Introduction

2007  Land Acquisition Study at Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant Site Using MODFLOWT Modeling

2007  Lime Treatment for Containment of Source Zone Energetics Contamination: Mesocosm Study

2007  Natural Processes and Systems for Hazardous Waste Treatment

2007  Numerical Method to Elucidate Likely Target Positions of Chlorine Removal in Anaerobic Sediments Undergoing Polychlorinated Biphenyl Dechlorination

2007  Optimal Resource Allocation for the Cleanup of Petroleum Contaminated Sites

2007  Performance Monitoring of Remediation Technologies for Soil and Groundwater Contamination: Review

2007  Photolysis and Photocatalytic Degradation

2007  Physical Processes and Natural Attenuation

2007  Phytoprocesses

2007  Rare Events Monte Carlo Sampling for Contamination Warning Systems (CWS) Evaluation

2007  Sorption, Sequestration and Binding of Containments to Soils

2007  Tropical Soils — Acid Mine Drainage Interactions: Breakthrough Curves and Some Transport Parameters

2007  Uncertainty of Contamination Source Characterization within Water Distribution Systems

2007  Wet/Dry Cycling Effects on Soil Contaminant Stabilization with Apatite and Fe(O)

2007  Wetlands

2006  Asymptotic Solutions for One-Dimensional Dispersion in Rivers

2006  Attachment of Fecal Indicator Bacteria to Particles in the Neuse River Estuary, N.C.

2006  Bayesian Belief Networks to Integrate Monitoring Evidence of Water Distribution System Contamination

2006  Behavior of an Air Curtain Subjected to Transversal Pressure Variations

2006  Behavior of High Performance Concrete Exposed to Internal Sulfate Attack (Gypsum-Contaminated Aggregate)

2006  Bioremediation of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil using Composting

2006  Charged Dust Dynamics near the Lunar Surface

2006  Chemically Induced Redox Reactions in Water Treatment: A Summary of Advanced and Direct Technologies

2006  Comparison of Crop Contamination by Microorganisms during Subsurface Drip and Furrow Irrigation

2006  Comparison of Hydraulic Conductivity Test Methods for Landfill Clay Liners

2006  Comparison of Physical Sampling and Real-Time Monitoring Strategies for Designing a Contamination Warning System in a Drinking Water Distribution System

2006  Contamination Warning in Water Networks: General Mixed-Integer Linear Models for Sensor Location Design

2006  Control of PAHs from Incineration by Activated Carbon Fibers

2006  Development of a University Laboratory Chemical Inventory and Exchange Program

2006  Dynamic Characteristics of Particle Size Distribution in Highway Runoff: Implications for Settling Tank Design

2006  Enhancement of Remediation of NAPL Contaminated Fractured Permeable Formations — Modeling Study

2006  Evaluating Ozone as a Remedial Treatment for Removing RDX from Unsaturated Soils

2006  Evaluation of Contaminant Resuspension Potential during Cap Placement at Two Dissimilar Sites

2006  Experimental Data and Theoretical Analysis of Particle Removal Efficiency in a Novel Hydraulic Separation Unit

2006  A Framework for the Removal of Bacterial Contamination from UASBR Effluent

2006  Health Risk Assessment for a Contaminated Site: A Case Study

2006  How to Take a Truly Representative Environmental Sample

2006  Hydrocarbon Residuals and Containment in Microfine Cement Grouted Sand

2006  Identification of Contaminant Sources in Water Distribution Systems using Simulation – Optimization Method: Case Study

2006  Locating Monitors in Water Distribution Systems: Red Team-Blue Team Exercise

2006  Metals Contamination in Stormwater from Common Roofing Materials

2006  Mixed-Integer Approach for Obtaining Unique Solutions in Source Inversion of Water Networks

2006  Modeling Substrate Interactions during Aerobic Biodegradation of Mixtures of Vinyl Chloride and Ethene

2006  Porosity Fluctuations in Desiccating Samples of Grout-Stabilized Soil

2006  Rainwater Harvesting, Low Impact Development Strategies, and Meeting the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Stormwater Discharge Standards

2006  Recent Progress in the Modeling of Corrosion of Structural Steel Immersed in Seawaters

2006  Removal of Lead from Contaminated Water and Clay Soil using a Biosurfactant