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Found 47 Records with the keyword term of "Plunging flow"

2010  Energy Dissipative Plunging Flows

2007  Note on the Analysis of Plunging of Density Flows

2004  Modeling a Plunging Underflow

2001  Numerical Simulation of the Flow Generated by a Plunging Breaker

2001  A Study of Plunging Breaker Mechanics by PIV Measurements and a Navier-Stokes Solver

2000  Experiments on Deposition Behavior of Fine Sediment in a Reservoir

1999  Numerical Investigation of Plunging Density Current

1998  Plunge Pool Recirculation at Dam Toes

1998  Plunging Jet Measurement Improvements Using ADV

1998  Predicting Plunge Pool Velocity Decay of Free Falling, Rectangular Jet

1998  A Study of Plunging Wave Impact Pressures on Placed Block Revetments

1998  Toward a Better Understanding of Swash Zone Sediment Transport

1997  Cause and Characteristics of Impact Pressure Exerted by Spilling and Plunging Breakers on a Vertical Wall

1997  Dam Foundation Erosion: Behavior of a Free-Trajectory Jet in a Plunge Basin

1997  Experimental Study of Reservoir Turbidity Current

1997  Mechanism of Energy Dissipation and Hydraulic Design for Plunge Pools Downstream of Large Dams

1996  The Modelling of Plunging Breakers by the Introduction of a K-I Turbulence Closure Model

1995  Breaking-Wave Loads on Vertical Walls Suspended above Mean Sea Level

1995  Development of a Juvenile Fish Outfall Structure

1995  Oxidation-Ditch Process Using Falling Water as Aerator

1995  Simulation of Sand in Plunging Breakers

1995  Wave Action On and In Permeable Structures

1994  Air Entrainment and Bubble Behavior in Plunge Pools

1994  Comparison of Headcut Advance Testing and Soil Test Results

1994  Estimation of Spillway Free Jet Trajectory Lengths

1994  Force and Pressure Measurements in Spillway Plunge Pools

1994  High-Resolution Measurements of Sand Suspension by Plunging Breakers in a Large Wave Channel

1994  Hydraulic Design of Spillway Plunge Pool Linings

1994  Plunge-Pool Scour by Inclined Jets

1994  Sediment Concentration below Free Overfall

1993  Energetic Bubble Plumes in Arbitrary Stratification

1993  A Flexible Curtain Structure for Control of Vertical Reservoir Mixing Generated by Plunging Inflows

1992  Density Currents Entering Lakes and Reservoirs

1992  Use of Density Current to Modify Thermal Structure of TVA Reservoirs

1991  Full-Scale Measurements of Wave Run-Up at Sea Dykes

1991  Pipe Plunge Pool Energy Dissipator

1991  Scale Effects in Breaking Waves

1990  Sediment Concentration Measurements Below Small Headcuts

1989  Laboratory Experiments on the Influence of Wind on Nearshore Wave Breaking

1989  Negatively Buoyant Flow in a Diverging Channel. III: Onset of Plunging Underflow

1989  On the Partition of Horizontal Momentum Between Velocity and Pressure Components Through the Transition Region of Breaking Waves

1988  Hydraulic Model Studies and Design of Plunge-Flow Drop Structures

1988  Tarbela Dam Project Model-Proto Comparison of Scour in Plunge Pool

1987  Negatively Buoyant Flow in a Diverging Channel, Part 1: Flow Regimes

1987  Negatively Buoyant Flow in a Diverging Channel, Part 2: 3-D Flow Field Descriptions

1987  Onset of Underflow in Slightly Diverging Channels

1984  Plunging Flow into a Reservoir: Theory