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Found 40 Records with the keyword term of "Plumbing"

2014  Modification of Hunter’s Curve in the Perspective of Water Conservation

2014  Tracking the Built Status of MEP Works: Assessing the Value of a Scan-vs-BIM System

2012  Application of EIO-LCA and LCIA to Premise Plumbing Materials

2012  Interpreting Continuous v. Repeated Water Damage

2009  Case Study: Homeowner’s Preference Trade-Offs towards Plumbing Systems in Pipe Failure Prone Area

2009  Case Study: Preference Trade-Offs toward Home Plumbing Attributes and Materials

2009  Copper Pinhole Failures: Plumbing Susceptibility and Management

2009  Identification of Data Items Needed for Automatic Clash Detection in MEP Design Coordination

2009  Rules and Guidelines for Improving the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Coordination Process for Buildings

2008  Consumer Concerns and Preference-Tradeoffs in Home Plumbing Systems

2008  Effect of Nitrification and GAC Filtration on Copper and Lead Leaching in Home Plumbing Systems

2008  The Extent of Non-Compliant Plumbing Components and On-Site Leakage in South Africa

2008  Innovative Products for Curtain Walls: Investigation of Anti-Reflective Glass Coating

2008  Using Building Information Modeling to Improve the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Coordination Process for Buildings

2007  Criteria for Plumbing System Replacement

2007  An Investigation of Copper Pitting Corrosion and Pinhole Leaks

2007  Plumb Line System for Double Arch Dams

2006  Preference Trade-Offs in Choosing Domestic Plumbing Materials

2006  Using Construction, Operations, and Maintenance Knowledge to Better Coordinate Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems in Buildings

2005  Benefit-Cost Metrics for Design Coordination of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems in Multistory Buildings

2005  Case Study of Constructability Reasoning in MEP Coordination

2005  Interstitial Space Design in Modern Laboratories

2005  Operational Life-Cycle Assessment and Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Water Use in Multioccupant Buildings

2003  Knowledge and Reasoning for MEP Coordination

2003  Plumbing Appliance Noise—It Can Now Be Measured

2000  Computer Tool for Coordinating MEP Systems

2000  Coordination and Production Planning for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Construction

2000  Impact of Household Plumbing Materials on Trace Metal Levels in Drinking Water in Regina, Canada

1998  Nonstructural Considerations in Design of Blast-Resistant Buildings

1997  Space Planning for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Trades in Multi-story Building Construction

1996  Plumbing the Hydraulic Secrets of Ancient Inca City Holds Great Fascination for Denver Civil Engineer

1996  Plumbing the Quality of a Sewer System

1995  Leaking Plumbing Fixtures and Water Conservation

1994  Effectiveness of Retrofit in Multi-Family Apartments

1994  Water Chemistry of Lead Corrosion Control

1993  Low Flush Plumbing Fixtures and Wastewater Systems

1993  Residential Water Conservation and Reuse Demonstration: Casa Del Agua and Desert House

1993  The Water and Waste Water Savings Achieved by Ultra Low Flush Toilets in Santa Monica, California

1979  Structural Out-of-Plumbs

1959  Model-Prototype Study of a Plumbing Drainage System